How to Build your Green Wardrobe: 5 Eco Sustainable Fashion Companies

Can fashion be sustainable? The fashion industry and designers are known for creating trends that are very quickly taken up and followed by consumers. The industry is starting to realize that consumers are looking for more eco-friendly fashion products, so the trend is towards eco sustainable fashion.

On the one hand the interest in sustainable products and brands are increasing, but on the other hand, there is no decrease in the production of fast fashion items. So can two apparently distant worlds support each other and coexist?

The vicious circle of most consumers is to buy, wear it sometimes, throw it away and then buy again. This is a circle that is not good for our planet at all.

The Basis of Eco Sustainable Fashion Companies

A very big part of sustainable fashion, is to choose clothing that you will wear again and again, reflecting not fast fashion trends, but timeless classics that can be loved for a long time. Contemporary and versatile designs, innovative and affordable fashion, that at the same time respect the planet and people.

Through Federal regulations the use of genetically modified seeds are prohibited for organic farming. Organic cottonOrganic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment, and without using harmful and toxic chemicals and additives.

Organic production systems maintain and replenish fertility of the soil, reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and build biological agriculture that is diverse. A third party organization verifies and certifies that organic producers adhere to approved methods and materials through the production process.

These are my favorite brands that support sustainable fashion and show that contemporary fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. I am sure these brands will help you find your way to a greener and more sustainable wardrobe.

1. People Tree

People Tree stands for sustainable and Fair Trade fashion. It was one of the very first sustainable fashion brands and was founded by Safia Minney in 1991. People Tree is certified by Fair Trade and is regarded as a Fair Trade fashion pioneer.

It invests very heavily in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, including organic farming. Their extensive range includes organic denim, yoga clothing, underwear, women’s clothing and much more.

They collaborate with BBC Earth to produce a collection that focuses on vulnerable species that are under threat. People Tree BBC Earth Collection

Only organic cotton is used, which is all GOTS certified cotton, natural fibers, sustainable wool and dyes that are free from harmful chemicals. They use responsible wool, which is renewable and sustainable. Wool grows on the back of sheep and can be cut from the animal without any harm. It has been used for thousands of years providing products and clothing that are warm, breathable and gives protection against weather. Biodegradable materials are sued as much as possible.

Only azo-free dyes are used in their fabrics. Natural fibers or fibers that follow a closed-loop system are used, and all their cotton is GOTS certified organic cotton. They also make use of TENCEL Lyocell, which is a cellulose fiber that is derived from wood pulp. The fabric is biodegradable and has a soft drape and absorbs moisture.

People Tree create employment in rural areas, where work is often scarce.People Tree sustainable denim Traditional artisinal skills such as hand weaving, hand block printing, hand knitting and hand embroidery, are incorporated in their collections.

So they promote the use of traditional crafts and handmade textiles.

In 2018 they launched their 100% organic cotton denim jeans, which uses 87.2% less water than what is used in the conventional production of denim.

They promote environmentally responsible initiatives for a sustainable future. Water supplies are protected through the use of rainwater that is collected, water recycling and using effluent water treatment plants.

2. Thought

Thought produces ethical clothing that only uses organic and sustainable fabrics,Thought Clothing including organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. It’s been thoughtfully designed and made in order to give back to the planet.

The brand was started by two friends in Australia in 995 and was originally called Braintree Clothing. They launched with a basic range of men’s shirts and beachwear, in sustainable ramie and hemp.

In 2002 one of the partners took the brand to the UK. A few years later they expanded their range to include women’s clothing and accessories. The name was changed from Braintree Clothing to Thought in 2017, which was a natural move to reflect the way in which the brand had grown and evolved.

Naturally grown cotton, hemp, bamboo and wool are all sustainable fibers that are used, as well as rayon from recycled tree pulp. Tencel and modal have recently been added to the range, and they also use recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

What is tencel?

Tencel is tree friendly cellulose fiber that comes from sustainably sourced wood, and this is the production process.

  • Raw material for Tencel is sourced from trees that are grown in sustainable plantations and on land that is not suitable for cultivating agricultural crops.
  • Wood is processed into chips, pulped and dried into sheets.
  • Sheets are then broken up, dissolved in a non-toxic amine oxide solution, which turns it into a clear, viscous liquid.
  • The liquid is forced through spinnerets with tiny holes, to create long fibers.
  • The fibers are set in a bath of diluted amine oxide solution.
  • Next the fibers are washed in demineralised water.
  • Fibers are then dried, lubricated and combed to untangle them.
  • After combing, the fibers go through a crimper, where the fibers are compressed, which give the fibers their texture and bulk.Thought clothing from tencel
  • The Tencel fibers are now ready to be dyed, spun and woven.

It takes two hours to produce Tencel fibers. Approximately 98% of the amine oxide solvent is recaptured and recycled back into the process, making it practically a “closed loop” system.

The manufacturing process has received the “European Award for the Environment” from the European Union. Tencel is silky soft, cool and absorbent and has a beautiful drape. It is strong when wet and is wrinkle resistant.

They work in an ethical manner to minimize their carbon footprint and proudly support slow fashion. I love their mantra of ” wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on”. Azo-free dyes are used and finishes conform to Oeko-tex standards.

Thought now has a collection of Fair trade, organic cotton t-shirts with short sleeves or long sleeves. Fair trade cotton is certified, traded, sourced and audited from Fair Trade producers. They also now have a range of vegan clothing.

From sourcing the raw materials from sustainable producers, to using “slow” transport, Thought takes the environment into consideration through every step. This keeps their carbon footprint to a minimum and this is where you can shop the beautiful range of Thought Clothing.

3.Beaumont Organics

Beaumont Organics is a British based Organic and Ethical clothing company that was started in 2008. They create contemporary conscious clothing for the modern woman. Their range includes, clothing, home ware, accessories, underwear and nightwear. Beaumont Organics Sustainable fashion company

Organic cotton and linen are at the center of their collection. They only use GOTS certified cotton, meaning one can trace exactly where it was grown and produced, ensuring that no GMO seeds, chemicals or pesticides were used. Their linen is hand spun, using traditional sustainable techniques.

The wool that is used in their range, is only sourced in the EU, where it is harvested according to non-mulesing practices and in line with recommendations from animal rights groups. Recycled yarn is also used to reduce waste.

Most factories have a huge amount of “end of roll” unused fabric rolls, which often end up in landfill sites. Beaumont organics will use these for some of their unique pieces, thereby reducing the amount of fabric waste.

They only work with factories in the EU that pay their workers a fair wage and provide good working conditions. They follow ethical production practices throughout the production line. Customer reviews have given them an excellent rating of 4.89/5.00 for being an eco sustainable fashion company.

4. Soul Flower

Soul Flower is an Organic Boho Hippy Clothing Range that is based in Minneapolis, USA. You can respect our planet while at the same time expressing your bohemian spirit. They call themselves an eco-friendly hippie shop with organic boho hippie clothes. Soul Flower Boho clothing

Their range includes clothing for men, women, accessories and a beautiful range of organic cotton clothing for babies and kids.

Fabrics used are:

  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Recycled : this consists of fifty percent organic cotton and fifty percent recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Organic + is their fabric where 5% spandex is added to organic cotton. This makes the fabric more stretchy and allows easier movement.
  • Hemp, another natural fiber, is used in a number of their fabrics.
  • Eco – the blends vary, but all the fabrics are made with a combination of organic cotton, recycled plastic, hemp and viscose.

Their Upcycled range comprises items that have been upcycled, meaning that garments or materials that would have been thrown away or wasted, are rescued or reclaimed.

So something different is created from an existing article, like for instance a headband made from dead stock fabric.

Items are made in the USA, using low impact dyes. It is ethically made, Fair trade certified and includes upcycled and hand made items. Shop your Soul Flower sustainable fashion here by clicking on this link.

5. Reformation

Reformation is a Los Angeles based brand that was launched in 2009, with the aim to prove that fashion and sustainability can coexist. They repurpose vintage pieces and use dead stock and eco friendly fabrics. The brand is generally geared at the younger generation, but their prices tend to be at the higher end of the scale, so if you are on a limited budget, it might be prohibitive. Reduce your carbon footprint

Since 2015, Reformation has been carbon neutral and helps to protect deforested areas in order to offset its manufacturing impact. All the items are made from upcycled and sustainable materials, in an ethical and fair wage environment.

The interesting touch that Reformation clothing has, is that each item from Reformation comes with a description, and also a score, of its environmental carbon footprint. This is to help customers understand what the impact of their clothing is. Customers can also sell their old clothing to Reformation and then earn credit for getting new pieces.

Environmentally minded practices are incorporated in every step of the Reformation production line, including investing in sustainable shipping materials.

More Eco Sustainable Brands to Build Your Green Wardrobe 

If you want sustainable footwear, then look at AllBirds. Allbirds produce sustainable footwear and apparel using only natural, sustainable fabrics and recycled materials.

To find trende, sexy sustainable swimwear, I suggest you have a look at these two brands:

  • Laara Swim, a Danish company, is one of the 100% sustainable designer bikinis brands. They use fabric made from regenerated plastic waste that is found in the North sea, Adriatic sea and Mediterranean.
  • Vitamin A  produce sustainably made swimwear and leisure wear clothing using recycled nylon and natural fibers.

For the best sustainable jeans, Nudie Jeans is the best brand. Nudie Jeans is an environmentally conscious Swedish fashion brand that uses organic cotton to produce sustainable denim jeans.

By shopping with my favorite eco sustainable fashion companies, your ethical wardrobe can cost you less and also reduce your carbon fashion footprint.

If you have any questions or comments on how to build a green wardrobe, then please leave them below and I will get back to you.

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  1. Hi Lin,

    I am a supporter of ecological campaigns in general, and the existence of sustainable ecological fashion companies, make an important contribution both for consumers and for the protection of the environment.

    I prefer organic cotton, and I’ve noticed that each of these companies use it. What caught my attention the most were People Tree and Reformation. I want to explore the People Tree products in more detail, especially since you specified that they have yoga clothing. 

    Thank you very much for sharing a great article, with a very good cause. Definitively I will come back for new updates.

    • Organic cotton feels soft and comfortable on the skin. People Tree is a great brand that has existed for more than 30 years and I am sure you will find their range very affordable.

  2. Hello, great article and organic cotton sounds worthwhile to wear and very fresh. All natural and it definitely provides comfort and tlc to your skin and overall health.

    Excellent companies there, that truly provides eco friendly fashion and products, you’ve done the hard work for me! I have shopped through Beaumont organics before and their wool material is super soft and clean – highly recommend! Will be checking out those other companies shortly.

    • It is great to hear that you have been very happy with your clothing from Beaumont Organics. I am sure you will also enjoy the clothing from the other brands. 

  3. Wow! Never thought about how clothing can be ECO friendly to the earth. Most people think of clothes being expendable. Not only will “ECO Friendly” clothes contribute to a green world, it would also help with saving money over time. Breathable material will be better for your overall health also.

    • Eco friendly clothes certainly are better for your health and also the environment, so we can all help by supporting eco sustainable fashion companies that are working towards a better future for workers and the environment. 

  4. What a fantastic resource you are sharing with some of these eco-friendly brands.  I am, unfortunately, just now getting into being more aware of my carbon footprint beyond simple recycling and am trying to expand my own thought processes.  Eco-friendly clothing for my wife and I is a fantastic idea to help reduce our footprint.  

    • Good to hear that you are now more aware of your carbon footprint and by supporting eco sustainable fashion companies, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

  5. What a great article, it was very interesting. I wouldn’t normally read it. I am glad I did, I am going to look int eco clothing it is a win win situation for everyone concerned. A well as reducing man made materials and using sustainable resources means we are helping poor economies

    • Synthetic fabrics are basically plastic, which is bad for our health and also the environment. Natural fibers and sustainable practices can help to reduce our carbon footprint, and that is what these companies are doing.

  6. helooo dear, wow thanks so much for sharing with us such great an beautiful article, it really is amazing love your teachings, i plan on savin it si as to come back for future referencing,What a great site this,I am looking forward to sharing your link with like-minded people as I know they will be interested in joining you here to interact and share stories about these unique post, and I am sure you will offer some really interesting articles along the way so thank you

  7. I support fashion a lot and also I believe in quality too. Nothing pains me more than purchasing a product that’s not durable and reliable. Have marketed some good fabric in the past I can say when you get a ggod product you don’t search fir buyers as the product sells itself. Your products are one of the best currently in the market. Thanks for sharing your review here 

  8. Hello dear  Wow what nice content you have here thank you for this post I learnt a lot and it has been valuable to me I  was actually doing some research online when I came across your post I  really appreciate your tips to help while we are at home I am thinking of starting a new business online and I your post really inspired me a lot and I believe this is the perfect time for such information thanks 

  9. Hi there! Thank you for dropping this wonderful and entertaining article. I couldn’t agree more with you, fashion has gotten a little out of control, people shop too much and bin their clothes too much. Thanks for recommending these fashion brands that are sustainable and more eco-friendly. You’ve done a commendable job, thank you very much…

    • Hi, Thank you for your comments and I agree that consumers need to stop chasing fast fashion. So it is good to find that there are brands that are producing eco friendly and sustainable clothing. Liné

  10. Of course I already know that fashion can be sustainable in more ways than one and you have carefully outlined all of this in this beautiful article. All of these fashion and clothing companies you have listed here are unique in their designs and their productions are timeless, not trendy but timeless and truly fashionable. Have clothes like these helps to save up on unnecessary spending on new and trendy outfits all the time. Thanks very much for this wonderful and insightful article. 

    • Hi there, It is good to now that there are brands that are using ethical and sustainable materials and practices to make products. Timeless garments are beautiful and better for your pocket and the planet. All the best, Liné

  11. Hello Cowley thanks for enlightening us on how to build our green wardrobe. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this article, I had no idea that there are clothes that are eco friendly this is quite refreshing  and these brands go well with fashion I’m impressed, my favorite should be ‘Soul Flower’ as Hemp clothing resists abrasion and holds its texture, still it gets softer Every time you wash.

    • Hi there, I am pleased to hear that you could learn from the post. Hemp clothing is certainly great and garments do get softer with wearing and washing them. All the best, Liné

  12. I couldn’t agree more with you, fashion has gotten a little out of control, people shop too much and bin their clothes too much. Thanks for recommending these fashion brands that are sustainable and more eco-friendly. These brands all sound amazing and they are definitely the way forward! We need to protect our planet and our wallets!

  13. Hi

    It is good to see that the fashion industry  is starting to take interest in environmentally friendly products. As long as the item of  clothing can be disposed off in a sustainable  way once it has reached its end of life, as often they do not realise that clothes will eventually need to be disposed of, as it cannot be reused or recycled forever. The balance of getting it right can be hard as growing crops for other things apart from food is contentious, as people already do not have another food to eat.

    Anything that help in reducing the carbon footprint  is important  and what does not have an environmental impact in its production  and disposal is important.  Do you think that in general the fashion industry  is too complacent  in its  dealings with its environment  impact?



    • Ciao Antonio, I certainly think that the fashion industry in general is too complacent and have for too long not cared about the planet. It seems that certain fashion companies, like People Tree, Thought and Soul Flower, have woken up to the fact that they need to be far more sustainable. It’s the consumer as well that needs to wake up

  14. Hi, Cowley .
    Thanks for sharing your views on how to build a green wardrobe. Fashion which is eco-sustainable is the buzz of the town. I was interested in the organic clothing and your article introduced me to various options with all the required details needed to make the decision. Adopting Green path for clothing made so simple by you.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • It is actually very easy to have a green wardrobe if you choose natural fibers for you clothing, and from there you build out to the eco sustainable fashion brands

  15. Wow🤩 Amazing! These brands are extremely good with fashion. My favorite amongst them is ‘Soul Flower’ as Hemp clothing resists abrasion and holds its shape, yet gets softer with every wash.also, Soul Flower hemp pants are strong but get softer and softer every time you wash them! It’s also naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and even UV rays! I love it!

    • Oh I love my hemp trousers as well and they are actualy far warmer than many people realise, certainly warmer than linen. I agree that they get softer with every wear and wash. You will find hemp clothing with Thought and the other brands as well, as they are all eco sustainable fashion companies.

  16. Hi and thanks for the post on how to build a green wardrobe. I was so glad to come across your article as I didn’t even know that eco friendly clothes exist. I am always happy to look after the environment and reduce waste and when I showed your post to my girlfriend she was also amazed. I think she might be doing some shopping for a new wardrobe.

    • Hi Marc, Great to hear that you can now help us spread the word that eco sustainable fashion is not only possible, but also trendy

  17. I love supporting companies with a good cause. I am so happy that in NYC, we finally banned all the plastic bags since March 1 🙂 I still see some of them flying around but I assume that the store is trying to get rid of them. 

    Anyways, I love Thought collection. It is very simple but yet elegant. People Tree is also nice. Thanks for sharing them! 

    • Thank you and yes, many eco sustainable fashion brands are not just looking at what they use for their textiles, but also incorporating sustainable packaging and shipping practices. Good to know that NYC has banned plastic bags

  18. The concept of this sustainability is where many of us get it wrong, rather than buy clothes that are durable we buy fashionable materials that is just for a short period. Thanks for introducing the concept of organic fabrics and sustainable wool, first time reading this. I go with soul flower and her 100% organic cotton. Thanks a million

    • The eco sustainable fashion companies that I discussed ALL use organic cotton and other sustainable textiles. The consumer still needs to be educated as well though


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