Women Leisure Wear Clothing: Vitamin A Review

Vitamin A, one of the sustainable women clothing brands, was founded by Amahlia Stevens, a California native, in 2000. They are based in Laguna Beach, California. They are one of the luxury bikini brands that produce women sexy swimwear, one piece swimwear for women over 50 and now also sustainable women leisure wear clothing.

The range of sustainable swimwear for women and bodysuits are locally designed and produced in California, with exceptional attention to detail. Their style is all about being effortless, while also naturally sexy, and has the laid back West Coast vibe that is part of their DNA.

Vitamin A combines feminine design with sustainable innovation, so sustainability and being sexy is possible with Vitamin A. The flawless fits and beautiful designs inspire women to feel confident and sexy.

All the collections are designed using plant based and recycled materials and they incorporate other sustainable materials like linen, organic and recycled cotton, Tencel viscose and recycled polyester fibers in their beachwear and women leisure wear clothing collections.

What makes Vitamin A Sustainable?

The luxury bikini brands Vitamin A follows and incorporates many sustainable and ethical practices and these are the main ones: Vitamin A sustainably made swimwear

  • They use the EcoLux fabric, an environmentally and technically superior fabric, which is made from recycled nylon. So far they have already saved: Vitamin A women leisure wear clothing and one of the luxury bikini brands
    • more than 2.5 million liters of water saved.
    • nearly thirty-five thousand kilograms of waste diverted.
    • almost 324,000 kg of emissions avoided.
    • more than one million kWh of energy saved
  • They are a member of 1% For the Planet, who helps to protect our oceans.
  • More than 95% of their items are made locally in California, including their textiles. They work with vertically integrated facilities whenever possible, so that all the processes from spinning to dyeing to knitting takes place in one location.
  • Because garments are locally made and sourced, it also dramatically reduce their carbon footprint with shipping and transportation.
  • Fair Trade artisans ethically produce their collections, while providing jobs with a safe working environment and getting paid a fair wage.
  • They are geared to reduce waste and energy.
  • Vitamin A gives back a portion of their proceeds directly to environmental organizations who help to protect our oceans.
  • They host beach clean-ups.

They have a commitment to the environment. Style and sustainability must go hand in hand and cannot be separated. This means eco consciousness is at the heart of everything they do, including fabric innovation and manufacturing, to packaging and partnerships. Vitamin A wants to reduce impact and raise awareness to generate change.

Vit. A Sustainable Textiles

Vitamin A uses some beautiful fabrics to produce the designer swimwear for women and women leisure wear clothing. Luxury bikini brands like Vit.A use eco textiles and fabricsMany of the eco textiles and fabrics are sustainably made in California.

  • BioSculpt is a plant based fiber and the raw material is sourced from castor beans. It is an organic alternative to synthetic nylon, which is derived from fossil fuels. It contains extra nylon for strategic support.
  • EcoCotton is a blend of recycled cotton and Tencel viscose, a cellulose fiber. It is a lightweight and super soft knit.
  • EcoLinen is made from 100% linen, which is breathable, eco friendly and biodegradable.
  • EcoLux is a blend of recycled nylon and Lycra. It is a superfine matte jersey with superior stretch.
  • EcoTex is made from a blend of nylon and Lycra. It has a superfine and scrunchie texture and is sustainably made in California.
  • EcoRib is made from a blend of organic cotton and Tencel viscose with a touch of stretch. It is sustainably made in California.
  • Organic Rib is blend of Tencel viscose, organic cotton and spandex. It is used for textured ribbed beachwear and is super soft. GOTS certified organic cotton is used, and it is OEKO-TEX certified, which is non-toxic and uses low impact dyes. It is sustainably made in California.
  • Variegated Rib is made from recycled nylon scraps. The ribbed stretch fabric is sexy, flatters the body and is lightweight and breathable. Every meter of fabric that is produced, saves 33 liters of water. It is sustainably made in California.
  • Metallic is made from a blend of nylon, spandex and metallized polyester. The jersey stretch is silky soft.

Latest Fabrics Additions

The latest two eco textiles and fabrics that have been incorporated into the Vit. A sustainable women clothing brands range, are EcoSoft and Clean Cashmere. Vit. A one of the sustainable women clothing brands uses recycled cashmere yarn

1. EcoSoft: Vitamin A has just launched a new range of lounge wear, called Eco-soft, made from hemp and organic cotton. EcoSoft is a plant based fabric made from hemp and organic cotton, which is lightweight, breathable and plastic free. EcoSoft is used to make jumpers, crew necks, fleece hoodies and jogging pants.

2. Vitamin A Clean Cashmere is a fresh take on cashmere and is sustainably made in California from recycled Italian yarn. It is using a closed loop water saving process and it consists of 95% recycled cashmere plus 5% wool. Clean Cashmere is three times warmer than virgin wool, and is biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

Recycled clean cashmere is super soft. The soft wide rib fabric is used in a V-neck sweater and pants and is priced at $225 and $250 respectively. It has a boxy, slightly over sized fit and is available in grey or cream and in sizes XS to L.

Clean cashmere garments should only be dry-cleaned.

Vitamin A Women Leisure Wear Clothing Collections

Vitamin A originally started as one of the luxury bikini brands that only produced swimwear, but over the more than twenty years since they were founded, the range has been expanded. It is one of the sustainable women clothing brands that also includes accessories and women leisure wear clothing.

Vit. A collections include sustainably produced luxury bikinis and swimwear and a range of lounge wear. All the swimwear is manufactured in the USA, using recycled nylon and water conservation efforts.

Vit. A Designer Swimwear for Women

EcoLux, a superfine matte jersey swimwear fabric that is locally produced in California, is used by luxury bikini brandsVit A luxury bikini brands to produce one piece swimwear for women over 50. It uses recycled nylon fiber and Lycra Xtra Life fiber to extend the life of each swimsuit far beyond that of traditional spandex products.

Sustainable swimwear for women are made with 84% EcoLux recycled nylon and 16% Lycra. The factories use water and electricity conservation technologies and prints use waterless digital technology.

The swimwear product range comprises bikinis, one piece swimsuits, beach wear, cover-ups, wraps and accessories, including hats and tote bags. With the bottoms you can choose from full coverage, cheeky bottoms or classic bottoms.

Swimwear sizes run on the small side and as it is smaller than expected, it is best to go for a bigger size. I am a 34B and would normally buy a small, but as I do not like a body that feels as if it is too short, I went for the Medium, which is perfect for me.

The designer swimwear for women over 50 pairs well with an eco linen shirt. The rating for swimwear: 4.5 / 5.

Vitamin A sustainably made swimsuits are on the higher end of the price range with most bikini tops and bottoms priced at around $100 to $110 and one piece swimsuit from $180 and more for the coolest models in luxury bikini brands.

Vit. A Women Loungewear

Women leisure wear clothing range includes dresses, bodysuits, jumpsuits and rompers, pants and shorts, Vit. A Biosculpt women leisure wear clothingtops and tunics, and different textiles are used for different styles and designs.

Lounge wear is made with plant based BioSculpt fabric that provides support and shaping. It has good stretch and is soft. Tank tops, shorts, leggings, bottoms and are available in several colors and styles with tops from $135, shorts from $125 and leggings from $160. Sizes 4/XS to 14/DD.

The BioSculpt leggings are soft and stretchy, with very few seams, making them great for working out, or dress them up with a sweater or shirt.

EcoLinen is used to make shirts, skirts and dresses with shirts starting at $120, skirts at $130 and dresses in EcoLinen from $150.

EcoSoft is used for crew necks, hoodies, joggers and jumpers and are available in sizes 4/XS to 12/D/XL. Women leisure wear clothing in EcoSoftIt is made up of 60% organic hemp and 40% organic cotton, which will shrink when it is washed. Although it has a medium fit, it is best to size up if you want to have a relaxed fit.

The plant based EcoSoft fleece blend is compostable and biodegradable. It absorbs carbon dioxide though photosynthesis, thus making it carbon negative. The production requires half as much land and water as conventional cotton production, and no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used.

The EcoSoft women leisure wear clothing is available in black, ecru and sunkissed pink. Crew necks are priced at $95, joggers at $110, hoodies at $115 and the jumpsuits at $150.

You can also shop Vitamin A by fit or collection, which would be clean cashmere, EcoSoft lounge, plant based Sculpt and Organic Rib lounge, which makes it very easy to find your perfect Vitamin A women leisure wear clothing.

Caring for Vitamin A Swimwear

The best way to care for your Vitamin A sustainable swimwear for women from one of the best luxury bikini brands, is to rinse it in cold water after you have been swimming, or wearing it. Use an eco friendly bikini cleaner and hand washing it, is best to make it last many years. If you do wash it in the washing machine, slip it into a Guppyfriend washing bag.

When you wash anything made from synthetics, it unfortunately sheds microfibers, even if it is made from recycled fibers or plastic waste. Using a Guppyfriend washing bag will prevent micro particles from entering the waste water and ending up in our seas and oceans.

Final Thoughts

Discover more sustainable swimwear for women in this post on 9 Swimwear Brands that are swimming towards Sustainability. You might also be interested in the Best Ethical Swimwear for Women.

If you are looking for swimwear for men, explore the options in Best Swimwear for Men from Ocean Plastic Waste. More related reading: 6 Fashion Brands that Produce Clothing from Recycled Plastic.

If you have any questions or suggestions about luxury bikini brands and women leisure wear clothing from Vitamin A, then please leave your comments below and I will get back to you.

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  1. This is great! It’s awesome that more and more companies are becoming more eco-friendly and blogs like yours are promoting sustainability. I’ve been learning a lot about eco-friendly materials for clothing recently, for example, materials made from hemp plants. I watched a video about knitting clothing from shedded Samoyed fur just the other day and found it very interesting. Do you know of any companies that make products from waste dog fur?

    • It is indeed great that so many more brands are becoming sustainable. Hemp is indeed an eco friendly fiber and can be used for several products, from shoes to bags to garments and even household linen. I have not done any research on the use of waste dog fur, so it could be interesting.

  2. This clothing brand Vitamin A is an amazing sustainable swimsuit clothing line! With recyclable nylon they have saved over 2.5 million liters of water! That is amazing! Buying these clothes would be a step to helping the planet not harming it. The bikinis are super sexy and elegant with really delicate and intricate designs. Bonus; the bikinis look like they will actually stay on your body when swimming or surfing. 

    • Supporting sustainable brands like Vitamin A will certainly help to look after the planet. The sexy swimwear will stay up when swimming or surfing, so you can relax knowing you will look good and feel good about looking after Mother Earth. .

  3. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I have never heard of them before, I am all for sustainability and recycling, I am very impressed what the importance, they are contributing to the environment. I love how you go through each informing us on what the fabric consists of. I will be looking into this company and their products, very detailed information thanks again.

  4. Vitamin A seems like quite a different name for a clothing brand, I almost thought it was some sort of health pill.

    But anyways this leisure wear brand for me sounds great! I absolutely love the idea of it being created as eco-friendly, I haven’t come across a sustainable clothing brand. And the addition of organic materials attracts me even more to this new brand.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • There are indeed several brands that produce sustainable and eco friendly clothing and Vitamin A is one of the best brands for women leisure wear clothing.

  5. Thank you for a wonderful article. I will definately look at the Vitamin A line of leisure clothing.You get a lot of satisfaction knowing that you are purchasing from a company that gives back and participates in clean up campaigns. No only is the line of clothing remarkable they us recycled material. Saving our enviroment is great 

  6. I haven’t heard of Vitamin A, one of the sustainable women’s clothing brands, but after all I’ve read, I can honestly say I’m excited.
    I like that they use materials that are environmentally friendly, plant-based and recycled.
    Amazing is their responsible attitude towards the environment and people. If you are aware, you just have to love them.
    When I look for any swimwear or leisure clothes in the future, I will definitely visit their site and will be happy to supplement my wardrobe with their products.
    Thanks for this presentation and review.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Vitamin A does produce some beautiful and sexy swimwear and women leisure wear clothing using sustainable practices and materials. It is great that they have our planet at the centre of their thinking.

  7. Liné

    This is the second site of yours that I have commented on today. Good for you in having more that one site. For me right now I am just getting started so one is more that enough.

    I really like how you added so many different opportunities to products on your site

    Great Job

    All the best

    Phearless Phil

  8. Great Article! but I thought it was going to be all about vitamins A supplements for women, LOL! it is great to see that there are still organizations out there such as Vitamin A who are not just about profit, but are also passionate about preserving our environment for us and for future generations. The following quote from your article is what I believe to be one of the best business mission and vision statement: “Style and sustainability must go hand in hand and cannot be separated” if every company in the world can adapt this great passion for our environment as they run and grow their companies I believe the earth will be a much cleaner and healthier place to live in! 

    • Thank you for your kind comment, it is indeed great that there are companies that are passionate about preserving our planet, and does not only think about their profit margin. 

  9. Hi, I just love the way that Vitamin A is eco-friendly especially in fashion! With the fashion industry being so diverse sustainable bikini’s are definitely eye-catching  and I look forward to purchasing! I also like the way they are worked in one location and are not  traveled all over the world to be made. Definitely an eye-catching company. 

  10. I have been a fan of ecocotton for a while (my gosh, so comfortable to wear and not itchy!) but I didn’t know how good it actually was for the environment to buy these ones over regular. You wouldn’t think of it as a recycled product when wearing. More companies should take this direction. The world needs to understand this more for it to be fully appreciated.

    • I fully agree with you that wearing organic cotton and eco materials are very comfortable. There are more companies that are taking looking after the environment seriously, and we as consumers should also support those brands that are looking after our planet. 

  11. Vitamin A, what a name! I would never have guessed that it produces sexy swimwear. After reading your post I have a lot of respect for the team behind this brand. To think of the environment and not only profits is something that I find amazing, and that should be adopted by more brands around the world.

    • I agree with you that more brands should put our planet first and not only think about the profits that they can make. Vitamin A does produce some very sexy swimwear, as well as women leisure wear clothing that considers the wearer and the environment. 

  12. The outfits are so cute! I love how it’s kinda long but easy to understand what your talking about. 

    I think my fav thing on your site is the swimwear! they look great to be in during the summer. Thanks for writing this post, I will look back at this very soon to learn more. 

  13. I have to say that when I came across this article I was compelled to click because I thought, “What does vitmain A have to do with clothing?”  Haha!  Having clicked, though, I was please to read all about how this company is doing what they can to make clothing from sustanable and eco-friendly materials.  I love their use of hemp, recycled nylon and recycled Italian yarn.  I am definitely a fan and soon-to-be new customer!  Thank you for this informative review!

    • Vitamin A is indeed doing a lot to help the environment by using eco friendly and recycled materials in their sustainable swimwear for women and also women leisure wear clothing. 

  14. Amazing product! I love products that are well thought out and create here in the USA to help out the economy and also to insure a product made by people that actually care about world issues. Out of curiosity where do you get your recycled fabric? Where did you get the inspiration for the garments?

    • Recycled fabrics are available from different suppliers and Econyl, which is a recycled yarn created from ghost fishing nets and post consumer waste, is made by an Italian company. Designers get their inspiration and ideas from different sources

  15. hi there, I am excited to see American products made in America. Thank you for providing the review. I did not know about all the different eco-friendly materials that have been produced. It appears this company has the planet in mind with everything they produce. Great article I will be sharing with my friends

    • Vitamin A certainly considers the wearer, as well as the environment in their range of sustainable swimwear for women and women leisure wear clothing. And great that it is locally produced to reduce their carbon footprint. 

  16. I haven’t heard of them, now I have. I will definitely check them out. I have focused on one brand since I discovered them in 2016 because of my body size. I am now thinking of ‘ECO’ for the benefit of the environment. I will check them out and buy loungewear, I like lounge wears because they are comfortable, and now I get to choose one made with eco-friendly materials, awesome. thank you for this post. I wish more companies will genuinely go eco for their products, especially clothing brands particularly for children, at least that is a start. thanks again. 

    • It is important to consider the planet when choosing clothing and it is indeed awesome that more brands like Vitamin A, is using eco materials to produce their range of sustainable and athletic swimwear for women. 

  17. Hello there! When I saw Vitamin A, my first instinct was the nutrient found in foods. Was not expecting it to be a sustainable woman clothing brand. That’s really awesome that there is a lot of variety for women to choose from that matches their preferences and body type. I’ll be sharing this with a few friends. Thanks for this.

    • Oh I fully agree with you and it is indeed awesome that women have the choice to wear clothing that looks after the planet, as well as cater for their body types. 

  18. I have just recently started to take an interest in environmentally friendly products, but I have not really gotten into research on fabrics and clothing. I like what i am seeing about the sustainable textiles as I am a lover of cotton and 100% linen. I would love to wear an outfit in the eco soft fabrics. I am impressed because this company is not only interested in making clothes for profit but it is also giving back to promote awareness of the effort. Thank you for introducing me to this line of products.

    • It is indeed awesome that Vitamin A is not only using sustainable materials to make women leisure wear clothing, but also looking after the environment at the same time. 


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