Best Natural Rubber flip flop sandals

Maximize your summer fun with natural rubber flip flop sandals and thongs. Spring is here which means that summer is just around the corner, so it is time to get the summer clothes and shoes out. There is no better time than now, to update your summer wardrobe with an eco friendly pair of flip flop thongs.

The smart choice for flip-flops is natural rubber and you are sure to find a true treat for your feet amongst these brands.

What are the Properties of Natural Rubber that make them Perfect for Footwear?

Natural rubber comes from the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis and harvesting the latex through a process called tapping, does not harm the tree. Discover more about the process in this post on latex vs rubber is it the same thing.

  • Natural rubber is biodegradable,
  • Rubber trees are sustainable and environmentally friendly, Fair Rubber
  • Because it is a natural product, it can be completely recycled.
  • Natural rubber is strong and flexible.
  • The natural elasticity of rubber means that flip flops mold to the contours of your feet, making them extremely comfortable.
  • It conforms to the unique curves of your foot, so you get targeted support where your feet need it.
  • Natural rubber has long-lasting durability.
  • It is water resistant and flip-flops can be washed and will dry quickly.
  • Natural rubber is much softer and more comfortable than synthetic rubber.
  • It is naturally non-slip.
  • Rubber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.
  • Non hazardous natural product.

Synthetic rubber on the other hand comes from petrochemicals and is not sustainable. It does not degrade and is harmful to the environment. So make sure you choose flip flop thongs that will not only look after your feet, but are also kind to the planet and the people that make them.

Look out for these brands that produce natural rubber flip-flop sandals:

1. Havaianas

We cannot talk about rubber flip flops without including the much loved brand which is hand made in Brazil from natural rubber gum. Havaianas St Tropez flip flops sandalsHavaianas was started in 1962 and the name is a Portuguese word which means Hawaiians. The Japanese zori sandal, which has soles made of rice straw, was the inspiration for Havaianas. Hence, the texture pattern of the Havaianas foot bed that looks like rice grains.

The rice grain texture of the rubber sole is still one of the unmistakable design details of Havaianas footwear.

The shape of the sole was patented when competitors started copying the popular flip-flops. Originally Havaianas was only available in blue and white, but gradually different colors were added to the range.

They started producing floral prints on the inside of the sole and gradually added more colors and designs to the range.

Today Havaianas are sold in more than sixty countries around the world and the range includes a slim platform, slip-ons, flip-flop thongs and flip-flop sandals. Havaianas rubber flip flopsThere is a more feminine line with a slimmer sole and thinner thong straps. The rubber flip flop sandals also have a strap around the back of the foot.

The Havaianas St Tropez model that is pictured above is a dressier option than the traditional flip flop thongs that are synonymous with summer spirit around the world.

Casual sneakers and espadrilles with the sole of the traditional rubber flip-flop, was launched in 2010, and in 2015 a range of clothing was added to the Brazilian product range. You can get a pair of the popular Havaianas on Amazon.

They support projects for the conservation of biodiversity through collaboration with Conservation International. It is an environmentally and socially responsible company

2. Waves

Waves is inspired by the ocean, so it is very important to them not to leave a negative footprint. Waves rubber flip flopsTheir flip-flops are made from real natural rubber that is tapped in Sri Lanka.

They work with expert rubber tappers and master artisans and ensure that each pair of flip-flops are ethically made. Employees are provided with equal opportunities and fair wages.

The Waves  flip flops have durable thong straps and anti slip soles and are available in about forty different styles. Collections include essentials, favorites, tapered and two folds for men, women and unisex models.

The flip-flop thongs are fully recyclable and is recycled in Sri Lanka where the flip-flops are made. You can return your flip-flops to Waves in the USA and they will send it to Sri Lanka to be recycled.

At less than $20 a pair, they are very affordable. You can browse the range of Waves rubber flip flop sandals here .

3. Olli

Olli was started by two sisters who didn’t want flip flops made from Styrofoam and harmful chemicals. Olli natural rubber flip flop thongsThey use one hundred percent natural rubber that was harvested on fair terms and where workers are paid a fair wage.

This is another brand that uses natural rubber that was tapped in Sri Lanka. Olli is a member of the Fair Rubber Association and partnered with the Sri Lanka branch to provide education and safe working conditions to the workers. Their flip-flops are safe for the people that make them, as well as for the environment.

Olli is a very affordable brand and is available on Amazon for less than $ 20 a pair. After originally only offering flip-flops, they have added organic cotton drawstring bags and grocery tote bags to their product range.

4. Musewear

Musewear is an American company that makes rubber flip flops thongs from 100% soft Brazilian rubber, which is super soft, high quality rubber. Funkie Musewear flip flps thongsThe funky unisex flip-flops have super thick soles with lots of cushioning. They are recyclable and are a hundred percent ethically made.

They work with an ethical factory in Brasil that recycles the materials that are left over from the manufacturing process, into new flip-flops.

The company describes them as “a real thinking person’s flip flop”. A pair of Musewear flip-flops certainly looks unique in that they feature inspirational quotes and all twelve Zodiac star signs. The SunSignSoles range has very original artwork and each pair depicts a different Zodiac star sign.

Musewear encourages the users to recycle their flip flops through Uniqueco.

They donate fifteen percent of their profits to charitable causes that help the planet and its people.

5. Planet Flops

Planet Flops was founded by a chiropodist in Berverley Hills, California in 2008, after discovering FLOPS, that are made in Brazil. They are made from natural Brazilian rubber and is one of the most comfortable flip-flop sandals available. Planet flops flip flops

Natural rubber construction provides a firm but comfortable platform and has increased flexibility and cushioning for your feet.

Flops are available in sizes for men, women and kids and an array of beautiful colors.

A tree is planted for every pair of flip-flops that is sold. You can recycle their flip-flops and they will give you a 10% discount voucher if your return your flip flops to be recycled with them.

6. Feelgoodz

Feelgoodz produces artisan crafted rubber flip flop sandals and slippers and it uses sustainably produced, all natural rubber from Thailand. The products all start life at a rubber farm in Thailand, which provides fair trade and vital economic opportunities for the local workers. Feelgodz flip flop sandals

Natural rubber is harvested in Thailand and Vietnam. The natural latex that is derived from the rubber, has incredible cushioning properties, making the flip-flop sandals extremely comfortable. Latex is blended with cushioning materials and natural links. Classicz is the original rubber flip-flop hand crafted in Thailand.

Natural products include vegetable tanned leather upper and natural rubber mid sole and out sole. Woven textiles are used for slippers and flip-flops.

They practice conscious sourcing to help the craftsmanship of global artisans. Artisans in communities around the world produce hand woven textiles, using hand dyed yarns, that are woven on traditional looms. This is a very important economic activity for the rural communities.

Vegan leather, made from long-lasting polyurethane, is replacing the real leather, to make completely vegan flip-flop sandals, but I would avoid the Topics model as it has a virgin polyester strap which is not sustainable.

Feelgoodz contributes a portion of their proceeds to environmental efforts. Each pair supports the rural rubber farmers and artisan weavers. You can buy your pair on Amazon at the best prices.

More brands that incorporate recycled rubber in their flip-flops.

We have discussed brands like Indosole, Ecoalf, Subs, Gumbies and Solé that make flip flop sandals from recycled rubber and brands like Etiko, Rothy’s and Veja that produce footwear from recycled materials, but here are some more brands that incorporate recycled rubber in their flip flop sandals.

7. Guardians of Our Future

Guardians of Our Future is based in New South Wales, Australia and was started by a lady that had been working in the fashion industry and was also helping youngsters that were at risk and disadvantaged women.

A combination of part FSC certified natural rubber and part recycled rubber is used to make the blended recycled rubber flip-flops. Sustainably harvested materials are used and a Fair Trade facility in Sri Lanka produces them.

They will re-recycle your flip-flops into furniture if you return it to them.

8. Sole Rebels

Sole Rebels was started in 2005 with the aim to use ecological materials and provide employment for local people. Sole Rebels artisinal flip flopsThe Sole Rebels flip-flop thongs are one hundred percent hand crafted by artisans in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

They use discarded vehicle tyres to cut the soles for flip-flop sandals and shoes that they make.

For the uppers they use a combination of sustainable materials, including organic, recycled and bio-based materials.

9. Whaletreads

The Whale Company is a registered charity in the UK with a mission to conserve and protect the environment. They encourage innovative solutions to problems, such as plastic pollution, to lead us to Whalethreads recycled rubber flip flops thongsa more sustainable world.

Whaletreads are their flip-flops, which are hand made in Kenya, from recycled vehicle tyres. Inspiration came from the Masai warriors that have been making footwear from old tyres for many years. The tyre tread soles are combined with either a plain hemp fabric or soft, stripy kikoy fabric for the top, that gives them their stylish appeal.

Hemp is an extremely sustainable and durable fabric, so the fabrics are hard wearing and most importantly, environmentally friendly. Kikoy is the attractive cotton fabric that is used to make Kenyan sarongs. The flip flop thongs have a soft material between the toes for comfort.

The Whaletreads for women have a thinner strap than the men’s, but otherwise they are unisex. Every pair is unique so each pair will look slightly different, especially the stripy kikoy ones.

10. Chaco

Chaco is an American brand, based in Michigan, that was started in 1989. They make flip flop sandals and hiking sandals that provide good foot support for all your outdoor activities.Chaco recycled rubber soles They are available in a variety of fits, styles and colors, suitable for the entire family.

Recycled rubber compound makes up twenty-five percent of the “Eco Tread” sole. Since August 2019 Chaco is replacing the Eco Tread with Playa Pro, which is more robust and uses a new tread called ChacoGrip Plus. It has a mid sole which is a bio-based polyurethane made with 22 percent soybean oil.

Eight simple pieces make up the sandal, with the z-type strap that is fully adjustable. The iconic sustainable sandal now uses e.dye, which is an ecologically conscious dyeing method which is completely water less, thus saving thousands of liters of water. Amazon offers a wide choice of the different styles.

ReChaco repair service will do whatever is required to keep your pair of Chacos for longer. They will resole them, or shorten and fix the straps, replace buckles, anything to repair them and keep them going for a few more years.

11. Rider

Rider was founded in Brazil more than 20 years ago. Rider flip flopsTheir flip flop thongs has a rubber sole combined with EVA soft dry foam technology and is water friendly.

Rider uses between fifteen and thirty percent recycled materials to make their flip-flops. Nine hundred and sixty tons of waste material is recycled every month and 99% of the industrial waste that is produced by Rider, is either reused or recycled.

Amazon has a range of Rider flip-flops at good prices.

Their products are 100% recyclable and they will also accept your old flip-flop sandals and thongs and will recycle it. It is used in applications like flooring for kiddies playgrounds.

12. Reef

I will mention Reef flip-flops here because they are a popular brand, Reef flip flopsbut they don’t tell us enough about the materials that they use. The flip flop sandals have a rubber out sole, but with that it has a synthetic EVA construction and many of the models have virgin polyester thong straps.

There is no indication whether the rubber sole is natural or synthetic, which often means it is not natural rubber.

The brand embraces spirit of freedom and a love and lifestyle of beach living. This can be seen in the bottle opening technology that is incorporated in the sole of the men Fanning sandal.

Reef is the only brand that has a bottle opener embedded in the sole of a sandal. They are available on Amazon.

Discover the best brands for flip-flop sandals that use recycled rubber and look after our oceans by keeping waste from our waterways in this post.

I hope you will find your favorite pair of rubber flip flop sandals amongst these brands that use natural rubber, but if you do have any comments or questions, leave them below and I will get back to you.



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    • Hi Yolanda, thank you for reaching out. We do not promote, support or distribute any products made from unsustainable materials like PVC and PU. These chemical synthetic products are bad for the environment, and bad for your health. All the best, Liné

  2. Thanks for giving us these names! I bought a pair of sandals from Feelgoodz. They are nice but looking at their site there seems to be no verifications of what they say and no way I can see to ask them for clarification. There is a lot of what they call Greenwashing on these sites.
    I know my mattress is the real deal because it’s GOLS certified. The Global Organic Latex Standard. None of these companies have any certifications I can see. It’s also impossible to find a list of companies that have this certification as far as I can see.

    • Thank you for contacting us and I agree that there is a lot of greenwashing. When you go on the Feelgoodz website and scroll to the bottom, you have the opportunity to contact them through customer support or by sending them an email.
      The Global Organic Latex Standard certifies that ORGANIC rubber is used, whereas the best natural rubber flip flop sandals brands discussed here, are about NATURAL rubber, rather than SYNTHETIC rubber. So natural rubber, that is not organic, will not qualify for the GOLS certification. I hope that helps but please let me know if you have any further questions.

  3. I like how you pointed out the advantages of wearing flip-flops made of rubber and how they can form a unique form on your foot.

    We plan to buy flip-flops for our beach party next week, and I’m glad I came across your article and read its benefits.

    I will share this with my husband and see how this can help me choose the right slipper or flip-flops to buy for our weekend getaway.

  4. Hi and thanks for sharing this. It makes the task of comparing eco-sensitive natural rubber flip flops that much easier. It is also very interesting to compare all the different approaches taken by each of these companies to being environmentally and socially responsible. Havaianas mention that they work with Conservation International and Olli is a member of the Fair Rubber Association. The others seem to have their own environment and socially responsible initiatives. I guess we choose for ourselves which initiatives we want to support, assuming we like that style of the flip flop. Thanks again. This is very useful. Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy, it is great to find that many more brands are including environmentally and socially responsible initiatives in their production processes. All the best, Liné

  5. I loved the article but a. few of the links seem to not take you to the footwear so maybe they are not selling on amazon anymore and all the Havaianas on amazon are synthetic versus natural rubber which is such a bummer because their sole is better shaped for my wide toe box than many of the other companies who have the weird pointy front to them. I don’t want my toes hanging off. So sad about Havaianas.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have checked the links to Amazon and they are all working and available, including Havaianas with rubber soles. I hope it helps.

  6. This article is well written and I believe something that this article doesn’t cover and might e a good topic is where can Rubber flip-flops be outsourced or purchased in bulk. And provide alternatives to top brands in Rubber flip-flops market.

    If you see rubber flip-flops with PVC strap or plastic strap all the flip-flops loses its value of being eco-friendly mostly in case of the flip-flops that are being sold.

    My two cents go after rubber flip-flops with rubber strap.

  7. Summer beach, these are things that will immediately come to mind in a comprehensive article. Honestly, I had so many choices that I would take one of each pair and try it. I especially liked the fact that you explained the eco-friendliness very thoroughly and the reuse of these brands, and the design solutions for some of these brands were as superb and colorful as summer. Thanks, I guess I’ll check out some flip-flops for the summer.

    • These natural rubber flip flop sandals would be perfect for summer and beach trips, but are also sturdy enough to be used all year round. 

  8. Hi there,

     I was searching on the net for natural rubber flip-flops for the whole family, and that’s how I found your website. We are planning a trip to Italy soon, so we need to organize things. The waves are awesome for my children, but for me, I need supportive flip-flops as I have plantar fasciitis. If you don’t mind, can you tell me which of these flip-flops is the most appropriate for my feet? I use flip flops a lot on vacation, so I need to take care of my feet:)

    Thanks a lot!

    • Plantar fasciitis can be very painful, so it is important that you have good support for your feet. Natural rubber will cushion your heel and if you look at the Chaco brand, they also make hiking sandals that will give you support. I hope this helps. 

  9. This is a terrific post on flip flops. I never thought once about buying flip flops with natural rubber. I just see a pair and if they looked okay I’d buy them, but after reading this I’ll certainly be shopping for flip flops with a whole new perspective now. I was sold on the idea that natural rubber conforms to the curves of your foot. That just sounds like pure comfort. Thank you sharing this. This article is very informative.

    • Natural rubber flip flop sandals are not just better for your feet, they are also better for the environment. I am sure you will love wearing natural rubber footwear. 

  10. I am a very satified customer already. I have been wearing Waves flip flops for a about a year now. The difference between Waves and other flip flops I have tried is like night and day. After you wear them for about two weeks they kinda mold to your sole and you feel the difference right away.

  11. Personally, I love wearing this rubber flipflop because they give so much ease and that is essential to me whenever I’m inside the house and to help with mobility around inside my house. I love the various designers that you have shared and the fact that they are all natural makes this much more. Worthy. Personally, I like the muse wears products the most in here

    • Hi there, Natural rubber footwear is indeed comfy and also better for the environment. The Musewear flip flops are very funky and different to many of the other brands and I am sure you will enjoy them. Liné

  12. I love these sustainable flip flops. I do have a question though. I’m allergic to standard latex. Is natural rubber more hypoallergenic? I hope so because these sound really comfortable and more environmentally responsible. Great article and site you have here. I want to check out the natural fibers section too. 

    • Hi Paula, A latex allergy is normally a reaction to certain proteins that are found in natural latex. But latex can also be artificially produced. So without knowing you, I am not sure if you are allergic to the natural latex or to the chemicals that are used when synthetic latex is produced. I have published a post on latex vs rubber that you might find useful as it outlines the differences and similarities. 

      I hope that helps but please let me know if you need more help. Liné

  13. I totally LOVE Feelgoodz sandals, they are very comfortable and super cute! I didn’t know some brands in fact, they were a pleasant discovery! 

    We really like the Sole Rebels flip-flops, my partner is here next to me, and he fell in love at first sight, haha, after we go to see them better for sure!

    • Hi Katie, great to hear that you love Feelgoodz, there are some awesome natural rubber flip flop sandals available these days.

  14. Wow, these are nice designs.. I know my lady would love these as she most times prefer them as they help aid her movements around the house and also with the neighbourhood, I like the feelgoodz they really have a nice design and looks solid too and for that price on amazon I think its a good buy..although it’s currently unavailable i would keep watch

  15. Hi Liné,

    I’m going to sound very dumb here, but I’ve always wondered by those flip flops (Havaianas as I now know they have a name) came with the Brazilian flag on them. I also never knew there was a thing called ‘thong straps’, which probably shows my complete incompetency on the subject!

    All in all, I found it very interesting read, definitely learning a few things along the way.

    I read a book, I think it was called Tsunami Kids, about 2 young lads that lost their parents in the tsunami of boxing day 2004, they went on to create the ‘Gandhi flip flop’, I don’t entirely remember, but I’m pretty sure that their flops were ecological, and also donated money to charities, I thought you might find it an interesting read if you wasn’t already aware of it, I’m sure that there’s plenty of information on the internet.

    All the best,


    • Hi Robert, Flip flop sandals are called flip flops in many English speaking countries, but in Australia they are called thongs, which has a different meaning in other countries. So it can be confusing. I prefer wearing natural fibers as it is more comfortable and also better for our planet. The alternative is to look for brands that use recycled materials and recycled plastic that help to keep waste out of our oceans and waterways. 

      There are smaller brands that work with local materials to create brilliant articles that are not always available on the international market, so I will look out for “Tsunami Kids”.

  16. Wow! So many different options to chose from! I did wear flip flops when I was younger but now I tend to wear shoes most of the time. Although, at the beach or lake flip flops are always a great choice!

    I am happy to see you focusing on flip flops made from rubber, they may be slightly more expansive but are comfortable and will last a along time!

    • Hi Justin, natural rubber flip flops are surprisingly affordable and will not only make your feet feel better than when wearing plastic flip flops, they will also last a lot longer.

  17. Very interesting articles about flip flops. I was looking to get a pair of flip flop sandals for the coming summer. This is the information I am looking for. Now I know more about natural rubber flip flop and its benefits. This will be one of my selection criteria.

    I like the Havaianas flip flops with floral design, they are pretty :).

    Thank you for the information.

    • Hi Christine, I personally like the styles that are more than just the flip flop that you will use at the beach, but can also be worn away from the beach and pool. Thank fully we have several options here.

  18. Hi

    Your article has come at the most opportune time as we dare to bare our feet to the summer weather. I also love to wear flip flop as they are comfortable  to my feet and it allows my toes and feet to breathe. I also worry about  the environmental impact my flip flops have and do not mind playing more if the flip flops do not cause extra harm. I must say that flip flops have progress over the years and certainly  have become more colourful. I think I need to think about what  choice to make in the near future. Does natural rubber flip flops last as long as other types of flip flops?



    • Hi Antonio, natural rubber flip flops are very durable and certainly more so than your plastic alternatives that break and disintegrate very quickly. Natural rubber also allows your feet to breathe and not “sweat” the way they do in plastics. You will not regret buying natural rubber flip flops.

    • Mine lasted much longer. Hardly any wear on the sole. Also they didn’t pull apart the strap from the sole, a common problem for me. I bought Planet Flops because I found them in a small natural food store in Wyoming at a time during a vacation when I needed a replacement shower shoe. Now would always buy fair trade natural rubber. Is sooo comfortable.

  19. Such a great post on flip flops.  Who knew there was this many styles, designs and products used to make them.  I don’t even know that ever knew you could buy real natural rubber flip flops.  Very cool idea. 

    I love the Musewear flip flops that are made from Brazilian rubber and are super flashy and color full.  I also really like the Sole rebel flip flops that also include Hemp.  I love Hemp and combining recycled tires and Hemp together is genius.

    Is there one flip flop that is the most comfortable?

    Great job and thanks for the information.

    • Natural rubber flip flops are just soo comfy, compared to the synthetic stuff, and when you combine it with other natural fibers, you simply cannot go wrong.


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