5 Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands

Are you looking for unique organic baby clothes, but at the same time it needs to be affordable organic cotton clothing? Then look no further than these 5 best organic baby clothes brands.

But before we look at what you need for an eco sustainable baby, you might be wondering why organic? What is organic cotton? So lets first have a look at some of the basics of natural organic cotton.

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What is Organic Cotton?

The difference between organic cotton and non-organic cotton lies in the way the cotton is grown and produced. To be able to grow organic cotton, the land that is used, has to be detoxified first and for a minimum of 3 years prior to planting organic cotton, no harmful chemicals must be used on the land. organic cotton plant

Organic cotton is grown from plants and seeds that have not been genetically modified. No toxic or harmful chemicals, like pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, are used during the growing and production cycle. Because no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are used, organic soil matter can be built through crop rotation, inter cropping and composting.

To manage pests, bio-controlling of beneficial insects are used and weeds are controlled through physical removal and inter cropping. Crop rotation is practiced to ensure and maintain the quality of the soil.

Organic farming methods use natural fertilizers like animal manure or compost, which recycles the nitrogen that is already in the soil, rather than adding more. It reduces both pollution and N2O emissions, and because of the organic matter, the soil has a higher water retention capacity.

Growing organic cotton is better for the environment than non-organic cotton and organic cotton farming is in some ways synonymous with sustainable farming.

Organic cotton is used widely in textiles and clothing, footwear, home furnishings (like sheets, towels and bedding), kids and baby products (like nappies, clothes and toys), personal care and hygiene (like sanitary products, make-up removal pads and cotton wool) and even stationary.

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Although production of organic cotton has dramatically increased over the past 15 years and annual growth is now in double digits, it is still less than 1% of overall worldwide cotton production. India, USA, Turkey, China, Egypt, Syria, Uganda, Peru, Tanzania and West Africa are the main cotton producing countries.

Properties of Organic Cotton

Affordable organic cotton clothing is made from cotton fibers that were organically grown. There are many properties of organic cotton that make it perfect for use in baby clothing and kids clothing and anything that is worn close to the skin.

Why is organic cotton important when it comes to baby and children clothing? The advantages of organic cotton are numerous

  • Organic cotton is a natural fiber that is 100% plant derived.
  • It is naturally hypoallergenic and allergies are kept at bay as no toxic or harmful chemicals are used in the production of organic cotton.
  • Comfortable natural material that is soft and smooth.
  • Non-irritant as there are no chemicals involved.
  • Soothing and comforting on the skin.
  • It has high absorbency properties which makes it suitable for a wide range of uses.

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The Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing for Your Baby

  • No harmful and toxic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and insecticides are used during the growing and production of organic cotton.Best organic cotton clothes brands make unique organic baby clothes
  • Organic cotton will wick moisture away from your baby’s skin, keeping them comfortable.
  • There is no damage to the soil.
  • Organic cotton is a natural fiber that is soothing and harmless to your skin.
  • The quality of organic cotton is better than non-organic or conventional cotton.
  • Growing organic cotton uses 88% less water and 62% less energy, than production of non-organic cotton.
  • It is a safer environment for farmers and their families growing organic cotton as they are not exposed to toxins in the field or through food and water.
  • Growing organic cotton prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity.
  • There is less pollution caused by pesticides, so the air is cleaner.
  • Organic cotton is a sustainable crop.
  • You can reduce your carbon footprint by using organic cotton products.
  • Organic cotton seed oil is a byproduct that is widely used in snacks and animal feed.

It is more expensive to produce organic cotton than non-organic cotton, because it is more labor intensive and the yield is lower than conventional cotton. This unfortunately means that organic cotton products are often more expensive than non-organic cotton, but affordable organic cotton clothing is possible.

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Certification of Organic Fabrics

When buying organic cotton products, do look for certification labels. There are currently 2 independent Global organic textile standard for organic cotton and fabricsorganic certifications for organic cotton:

  • Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and
  • Organic Content Standards (OCS).

Certification tracks the identity and use of organic cotton through a series of certificates.

  • A Farm certificate ensures that the cotton was produced using organic farming methods.
  • A Transaction certificates tracks the organic cotton when it is passed from one hand to another. For instance if the organic cotton is moved from the spinning company to the weaving company, a transaction certificate will be issued. So it tracks the organic cotton through all the stages of production.
  • A Scope certificate ensures that the company is qualified to produce organic cotton.

So certification is done on a local, region and global basis.

Best Affordable Organic Baby Clothes Brands

These are the five best organic baby clothes brands that offer safe and unique organic baby clothes.

1. Art & Eden

Art & Eden make unique organic baby clothes, using GOTS certified organic cotton and low impact dyes, that are safer for kids and the environment. Prints are fun and whimsical and the products are responsible and sustainably made. These are the features that make them ethical:Art and Eden organic clothes for babies and kids

  • They partner with sustainable apparel factories that use sustainable practices.
  • Organic certified fabrics.
  • Low impact, safe dyes.
  • Use recycled packaging.
  • Full transparency about textiles used and production processes.
  • All workers receive fair wages and safe, enjoyable working conditions.
  • Price is affordable without sacrificing quality and originality.
  • Entire girls line is made using organic cotton and boys line are made from organic cotton, or a mix of organic cotton and recycled or upcycled polyester.
  • Support local artists from around the world to make artful and unique prints for the fabrics.
  • Contribute to community projects like the Camden Street School mentorship program.
  • Take part in the Clothes for Cure initiative where every Art & Eden garment that is sold, helps to nourish an under-resourced child.
  • Official member of the Kidizen REWEAR Collective, supporting the creation and reuse of quality goods.
  • You can earn reward points if you resell Art & Eden products on Kidizen.

Their mission is to make remarkable kids products that are responsibly made and is best for the world. They only use organic fabrics from GOTS certified mills and manufacturers to make their affordable organic clothing.

Shop stylish and affordable organic baby clothes at Amazon here.

2. Soul Flower

Soul Flower is a chemical free, natural clothing brand that incorporate several ethical practices in their production of affordable organic cotton clothing. Apart from using organic cotton, they also use hemp, recycled plastic and recycled paper.

Part of the process in which Soul Flower helps you build your ethical wardrobe, include these: Soul Flower organic cotton baby onesie

  • Eco friendly clothing includes organic cotton, hemp and recycled fibers.
  • They only use GOTS certified organic cotton, which means all dyes, inputs and processes are independently certified by a third party, using the highest standards available.
  • Use green practices when screen printing, including low impact inks and toxic free dyes, citrus solvents for cleaning up and printing in small batches to reduce waste.
  • Fair Trade certified and ethically made.
  • Includes upcycled and hand made items.
  • Soul Flower runs a green office, so recycle and use recycled products.
  • Reducing wast by reusing packaging materials they receive like enveloped, paper and boxes.
  • Less printing of wholesales catalogues and use soy-based inks on 100% post consumer recycled paper.
  • To offset their carbon footprint, they use UPS carbon neutral for their shipments.
  • Soul Flower works very hard to make affordable organic baby clothes available to everyone.
  • They donate to Carbon Fund, who support renewable energy and reforestation projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Start your baby young with positive organic vibes and unique organic baby clothes and boho kids clothing at Soul Flower.

Get affordable organic baby clothes from Soul Flower at this link.

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3. Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts, previously known as i play.inc, was founded in 1982 by Becky Connor. The women owned company is based in Ashvill, North Carolina The unique organic baby clothes range include long sleeve and short sleeve bodysuits and onesies, yoga pants, swaddle blankets and reusable swim diapers.

These are some of the sustainable and ethical practices that they use: Green Sprouts onesie with extender to adjust length

  • All Green Sprouts products are free of chemicals and substances that can pose a health risk to babies and kids.
  • Materials have a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Adjustable bodysuits, with a built-in extender, can grow with your baby.
  • Use low impact dyes.
  • The seams on the bodysuits and onesies are on the outside for comfort and to ensure no irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Strive to maximize the life of their products.
  • Products are made in factories that comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) standards, which means it meets international labor practices that protect the rights of workers.

To shop one of the best organic baby clothes brands, click on this link for Green Sprouts affordable organic baby clothes.

Green Sprouts baby products support natural parenting and you can read more about Green Sprouts and their philosophy in this post on What is reusable swim diapers.

4. Beaumont Organics

Beaumont Organics is a British based company that was started in 2008. They produce organic and ethical clothes for the eco conscious shopper and have recently added a baby wear to their range. These are some of the ethical and sustainable practices they use: Beaumont organics unique organic baby clothes

  • They only use Got certified organic cotton which can be traced to exactly where it was grown and produced.
  • No harmful chemicals or GMO seeds are used.
  • They only work with factories in the EU that pay their workers a fair wage and provide good working conditions.
  • They follow ethical production practices throughout the production line.
  • Customer reviews have given them an excellent rating of 4.92/5.00 for being an eco sustainable fashion company.

Beaumont baby range includes a range of organic cotton muslins, sleeping bags and quilted blankets, as well as clothing like rompers, knickers and bibs.

The range of contemporary products for the modern woman includes clothing, underwear, nightwear, home ware and accessories. Discover more about Beaumont in this post on How to build your green wardrobe: 5 eco sustainable fashion companies.

Shop Beaumont Unique Organic baby clothes when you click on this link.

5. Pact

Pact is an ethical clothing company that is based in Colorado, who makes an organic and Fair Trade clothing range for the entire family. The affordable organic baby clothes range include short sleeve and long sleeve bodysuits, Unique organic baby clothes from Pactsleep wear, tops, bottoms, hoodies and more. These are some of the features of their unique organic baby clothes:

  • They only use organic textiles that are soft and breathable.
  • Non toxic dyes.
  • Source organic cotton from family run renewable farms.
  • Snap tab at the neck of the sleep suits to protect the top of the zip from irritating and rubbing your baby’s neck.
  • No tags in the neck that will rub and irritate.

Their mission is to make affordable organic cotton clothing available for everybody. Fabrics used in their products are healthy for you, also for your little ones and good for the earth.

Shop for Pact, one of the best organic baby clothes brands, by clicking on this link.

Discover more ethical fashion brands in this post on 6 Ethical Fashion brands to enhance your green wardrobe.

Affordable Organic Baby Clothes From Hanna Anderson 

Hanna Anderson, the iconic children’s brand, has been a leader in the organic clothing space since 1983. They have recently launched a brand Moon & Back, which is exclusive to Amazon.  OEKO-Tex certified cotton, which is free from harmful chemicals and toxins, are used.

The products are affordable and they have free returns, thus making it easy to shop affordable organic baby clothing. The collection includes bodysuits, 2-piece sets, day wear, sleeper gowns, blankets, accessories and more.

Shop the Moon & Back range on Amazon here.

Final Thoughts On Best Organic Baby Clothes

Choosing organic cotton over conventional cotton, means you will be helping in getting to get rid of harmful chemicals in our water, air and soil. Caring as much as possible for people and farmers and the environment, is the way I believe that things should be done, and that includes supporting the best organic baby clothes brands.

Your baby will not breath chemicals or have toxins touching their delicate skin. All that remains is to let your baby be tempted by the softness that pampers their skin. Related post: Cloth Diaper Review – the Better Choice for Baby’s Skin.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the unique organic baby clothes that you can get from the best organic baby clothes brands, then please leave your comments below and I will get back to you.


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  1. Mariebebe shop was created after my second baby Marie was born! Our mission is to provide you with a selection of adorable and supercute baby clothes for your little one!In order to fulfil this mission we hand select beautiful products from suppliers in Europe, US and Asia (Korea, China and Singapore) who will ship your items to you directly.

    • Thank you for this. You mention that you hand select your items, are they eco-friendly and sustainable though? Do you use organic fabrics? It would be good to know.

  2. I always wondered why organic was so much more expensive than other types of cotton, but reading about how much more work is needed to grow it, I can understand why. It must be difficult to get rid of the pests without the conventional methods of using insecticides, but I suppose as we get more into this green living it will get easier.

    I always try and support green and organic products, but sometimes due to the high prices it is just not possible. 

  3. Hello very interesting article. I know when my son was a baby, I wanted him to have the best stuff, like baby OshGosh clothing, baby Gap etc; But I soon found out that the quality of the clothing didn’t necessarily match the brand name. I have found baby Walmart clothing that lasted longer than the Gap clothing. My question is, how do you know that the cotton , is in fact, organic and has no other chemicals or impurities and how can you tell? I would very much be interested in your experience and suggestions. Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks for your comment. As mentioned in the post, the best is to look at the certifications and the labels int the garments. That will indicate the fiber content of the product. I hope it helps.

  4. Hi. This is a hugely important subject. This was something we had to be very cognizant of when our daughter was very young. Both my wife and my daughter are highly sensitive to chemicals, dust, and pollen, so we have had to make sure that we only have organic clothes and fabrics in the house. This is also very important for bedding, towels, and all other household fabrics including carpets and rugs. Equally as important are the products we use for cleaning both the household and linens. These days we are only buying baby clothes as gifts for friends and family but you have provided some excellent sources, so I have bookmarked this post for future reference. Thanks and best regards, Andy

    • I agree that all the products that one uses, should be considered. This applies to clothing and accessories, household linens, furniture, floor coverings, and very importantly also cleaning materials. 

  5. Sustainable practices certainly need to be promoted and used if at all possible. It is better for all of the players involved up and down the supply chain. How do the prices with these companies compare to say, buying baby clothes at Walmart. I can say I shop a lot more sustainably now that I am more established in my career. However, when my kids were little we really could not afford much and Walmart was where we bought pretty much everything. For the young couple that is really pinching pennies are these options affordable for them?

    • I agree that everybody in the supply chain benefits from eco friendly and sustainable practices. Remember to compare apples with apples and what is on offer at a huge American superstore, is often mass produced with no consideration to the workers and the environment. (although it is not always for everything). Even for those that have to turn over their pennies, there are sustainable organic choices, that are also affordable. 

      You buy clothes that are full of chemicals, and you might end with eczema or other skin conditions, for which you then need expensive treatment. Each individual should decide what is most important for them. These brands are all affordable. 

  6. Although Beaumont Organics is pretty far down on your list I would like to highlight it. I recently got my order: a few dresses and a skirt for my little daughter. Wow! what a quality: so soft! Shipping was fast and all came in protected packaging! It is one of the best organic cotton garments I have bought her. I will be shopping more!

    • Hi Ann, the list is not in any particular order, but it is great to hear that you are very happy with your purchases from Beaumont Organics. 

  7. Hi Line. Thank you for another great article. There are more and more organic products available, but sometimes its still challenging to find common things in decent price. I haven’t heard about most of brands you are reviewing, but they products are just stunning and definitely Im planning to check them in practice. I like especially Soul Flower, they are not only extra cute but also 100% eco friendly which will for sure be good for child skin.

  8. Thank you for sharing 5 great options for brands of organic baby clothes! It’s very helpful to know trusted brands that can ease the mind and concerns about inadvertently exposing a baby to harmful chemicals. These links and helpful details about each brand make it so much easier to shop for the safest baby clothes to start them off right!

    • Organic clothing and products are definitely much better for your baby and also for the planet. I’m pleased to hear that you found the post to be helpful. 

  9. Nice list, Liné! I love that people are switching over to healthier and more environmentally sustainable options for all levels of their lives. Some things I always wondered about are the problems with allergies. Do you think switching over to organic cotton clothing will lessen the number and severity of allergies children have?

    • Choosing organic clothing will certainly reduce skin reactions and allergies, in babies and kids and also adults. Organic farming and methods require that no harsh chemicals or pesticides are used, and therefore the organic fabrics are softer and kinder to your skin, as well as to the planet. 

  10. I’ve thought a lot about the value of organic foods, but have never really considered the importance of organic clothing.  Your article did a great job of doing as the title indicates listing brands that do this well, but I found the explanation of the process to become certified organic and its importance very interesting.  When it comes to clothing for infants, we only want the best.  While I’m past the infant stage in my own kids, I just became a grandpa this year and you’ve provided me some great places to look for gifts.  As a father of 8, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to gift shop as grandchildren arrive. 

    • Organic clothing for babies and infants are very important to protect their new skin from harmful chemicals. I am sure you will enjoy shopping for organic clothing for your grandchildren. 

  11. I read this article 5 Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands with great interest, as I myself am constantly looking for an offer of affordable organic cotton clothing. I swear by products that are made from natural materials, and these must of course be organic.
    We only afford children, and especially babies whose skin is still very sensitive, the best and healthiest products.
    Thanks for the great description of why organic cotton is great, and the presentation of these five brands that are already familiar to me and I am a satisfied customer of the product from Soul Flower, and I will try the rest.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Great to hear Nina that you are very happy with the clothing from Soul Flower. Finding affordable organic clothing is indeed possible with these brands that also look after the planet.

  12. Wow, I am so glad that I found your article. I am trying in as much aspekts of life as I can to watch what I am using and doing that doesn’t affect negative on environment. This clothes that are eco friendly are excellent. I also buy for myself clothes that are organic. Great article.

    • It is very important that one uses organic products for baby clothes and anything that will be in touch with their delicate skins.

  13. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on organic baby clothes brand. I’ve gone through it and I must commend you for a job well done. It’s very detailed and contains valuable information. Using organic cotton would stop my baby from having any form of chemical reaction and keep my baby comfortable at all times. This is the reason I get organic clothes for my baby. The problem I had was with the brand to get it from, I didn’t know if where I got it from was authentic. With this list provided, I am sure mu baby would always be in perfect health. Thank you 

  14. I have never thought that cotton could be organic or not organic. I’d thought all baby clothes were safe but apparently, producers do not care about safety but rather about their profits. Nowadays it’s really important more than any time to do research before buying anything to stay on the safe end.
    From now on I’m not gonna buy any conventional cotton but only organic cotton. Do you prefer any of the brands over the other ones?

    • Organic is really important for a baby’s skin and these unique organic baby clothes brands are all fantastic, it just depends on the designs and colors you prefer. I love all of them, and each has a unique place in the baby’s wardrobe. I hope this helps.

  15. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information that is really helpful for me to get the best organic clothes brands for my baby, i really appreciate your efforts on this review, thanks

  16. Hello Liné, 

    I have never thought there was a particular type of clothing for kids that would be organic and although I know what an organic cloth is I have never bought it before. I am really concerned about the wellness of my baby and that’s why I feel drawn to this article. I am very familiar with the Green Sprouts and so far, they have had some good clothing. 

    • Chemicals used in clothing can be harmful to our skin and health, and even more so with the sensitive skin of a baby. Using unique organic baby clothes mean your baby will not be exposed to toxic chemicals. 

  17. Wow. thanks for this information. Great text for new moms. I almost gave birth and I am still not completely familiar with everything. This text will definitely help me. Baby skin is very sensitive, so a good selection of clothes is extremely important in order to prevent irritation and rashes. I definitely want the best for my baby and this will definitely help me in the future.

    • Baby skin is indeed very sensitive, so what we put on them is extremely important and unique organic baby clothes will be kind and gentle to your baby’s skin

  18. Thank you for your review on the earth friendly on baby clothes! I think that they are not only good for the earth but they are also great for out loved ones as well. My sister just had a baby and I just want to introduce eco friendly baby clothes to her. Beaumont Organics caught my attention. The design is just so adorable and so stylish for the baby. Green sprouts is also another perfect choice.

    • These organic baby clothes brands are all awesome when it comes to not only looking after your baby’s skin, but also the environment. And they have some unique organic baby clothes in the range.

  19. With a new grandson in our lives, this article was very timely.  I had never thought about the difference between organic and non-organic cotton.  I appreciated the explanation.   We try to be environmentally aware so I am glad that I now know that organic cotton supports the environment.  I am going to look at the styles of each clothing line you have listed.  This is an informative and practical article.

    • Organic fibers are just so much better for our health, and specially a baby with such delicate skin. Not to mention the environmental benefits or organically grown products. 

  20. I love Soul Flower and what they stand for. Not only are their baby clothes the best in my opinion they always fit perfectly. I love thier Hug me tree onsies I just purchased for my grandson. They are very soft and they fit very well with no defects.I believe in thier mission statement about reduces our carbon footprint I wish more comapnies were like them. I will have to check out your other recommendations as well.

    • It is great to hear that you can also recommend Soul Flower. I agree with you that we need more organic baby clothes brands that want to reduce their carbon footprint, and of course being chemical free is better for your health and your children. 

  21. I think anything organic for our babies and children is great.  There are a lot of chemicals and harmful substances out there.  It is important to protect our children!  My only problem is how expensive it is, so I appreciate seeing some reasonably priced organic companies here!

    Which one would you personally recommend?

    Thanks for doing the research and sharing with us!

    • Hi Brendon, these brands all make affordable organic cotton clothing, and some cater for the entire family, so it all depends on the style that you prefer. From boho hippy to simplistic and unique organic baby clothes, it is all available from the best organic baby clothes brands. Hope that helps you. Liné

  22. Hallo Liné,

    Thanks very much for a very interesting and well articulated lesson! 

    I never thought the issue of organic products would be taken beyond products we ingest i.e. food! But it is an exciting prospect if materials like cotton could be produced perfectly naturally.

    I agree that “growing organic cotton is better for the environment than non-organic cotton” Could this be the main or only driving force behind organic cotton, and not the safety of the babies who are the end consumers of the clothes?

    Warmest regards!

    • Hi there, Growing organic products that are better for the environment, is not the only driving force, but also the health issues associated with toxic chemicals. From the farm workers and growers, to the factory workers and end users, exposure to chemicals have safety and health implications. 

      I think the health and safety of everybody in the supply chain, is the main driving force. And then of course, organically produced products are also better for the environment. 

  23. I am so glad I came across your article.  I have a new grandbaby, and with the skin allergies in our family, I have been looking for organic baby clothes to make sure our new baby is safe from any harmful chemicals that may be in other baby clothes.  So thankyou so much for a great article.  I will be ordering some clothing today for the baby.

    • I am sure your grandchild will benefit from wearing organic baby clothes and these brands all make affordable organic cotton clothing. 

  24. This was a great read and good information. Things that we just never pay attention to. I am embarrassed to admit I am one of those who just think about how the clothes look and maybe secondary to that the cost. I love natural and organic but I have only thought of it in line with food , skin products and cleaning products just never thought of clothes. Thank you for opening my eyes.

    • I think with more consumers becoming aware of harmful chemicals that are used in the textile industry, there has been an increase in organic textiles being produced. Organically produced products are now more widely available and these organic baby clothes brands all produce affordable organic baby clothes. 

  25. Thank you for sharing this article on the best organic materials for baby clothes and the 5 brands that sell them. The benefits of organic cotton that you mentioned in your article made it understandable to know why it is ideal for baby’s clothes as it would provide the maximum comfort for them. Thank you for sharing this article. 

    • Using organic products mean that your baby, and you, will not be exposed to toxic chemicals that are harmful to them and the environment. The benefits are numerous and thankfully affordable organic cotton clothing is now available. 

  26. Hello there, As we all know Babies take in a lot more of the chemicals and toxins in anything – especially if they’re covered in it all day. Organic cotton baby clothes limit this exposure and helps keep your little one healthy and happy! Increases Comfort – The feel of organic cotton is much better than conventional cotton. I really like you selection of cloth brands…thanks a lot for writing this awesome article as this a very vital knowledge that must be passed to the public.

    • Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton and is certainly much better for your baby and the environment. Affordable organic cotton clothing is now possible and these organic baby clothes brands are all striving to making products that are better for our health and our environment. 

  27. It’s very important that we consider using organic products that are of natural background and making in order to ensure quality and safety, this means that these organic baby clothes brands  are very valuable and they’ll be of great benefits to nursing mothers. This is a nice article to read through, I’ll share it around.

    • Baby skin can easily be irritated by chemicals that are in clothes and diapers or swaddle cloths and blankets, so it is important to use organic products to prevent toxic chemicals from harming your baby.


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