What Is The Best Sleep Aid For Insomnia? CBD & Sleep Disorder

Is insomnia preventing you from living life to the full? Getting deep restful sleep can be difficult to achieve when you have infants or small children, have financial worries or are stressed about work. Many people successfully use CBD products to improve their night’s sleep.

CBD is a safe and natural alternative to conventional pharmaceutical products. So, wondering what is the best sleep aid for insomnia, that is also natural? Or what is the best organic CBD for insomnia?

With so many brands that have entered the market with CBD and sleep disorder aids, the choice can be overwhelming. We have narrowed down the choice to make is easier for you to find what is the best CBD for sleep.

What Is CBD Oil For Insomnia?

CBD is a popular natural sleep aid, with early research suggesting that CBD can help you to get a better night’s rest. A number of studies have shown that CBD products have the potential to be a very effective sleep aid. What is CBD oil for insomnia

So, if you spend the night tossing and turning, try what is the best organic CBD for insomnia. A good night’s sleep can help you to feel productive and happy.

CBD oil is often regarded as the best way to take CBD as it is the quickest way to have an effect. Taken sublingually, absorption is through the blood vessels under your tongue and in your gums.

This is more efficient than ingesting it when it passes through your digestive system. CBD oil is relatively easy to control the serving.

CBD capsules and gummies are another way to use what is the best CBD for sleep. If you don’t like the earthy taste of hemp oil, then softgel capsules or gummies make for a pleasant experience.

Capsules and gummies have to pass through your digestive track before reaching the bloodstream. This means a lot of the CBD gets lost along the way. Because it takes longer to have an effect, you will need to take it at least an hour before you go to bed.

What is insomnia and what causes it?

The term insomnia is often used quite casually to refer to a night when sleep is difficult. There are four criteria to define insomnia as a sleep disorder:

  • When you have difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep or getting only non-restorative sleep. what is the best sleep aid for insomnia
  • Persisting difficulty to sleep, even when you have the perfect conditions and opportunity.
  • Sleep disturbance occurring at least 3 times per week and continue for at least a month.
  • Lack of sleep affecting your ability to function properly during the day.

Stress and anxiety, or changes in your schedule or environment, like jet lag, can cause short-term insomnia. Insomnia can affect your concentration and memory and make you feel sleepy and unrested during the day.

The root of bad sleep is often other causes, like joint pain and inflammation, that keeps you awake.

Chronic insomnia can cause health problems, like high blood pressure and heart disease. Sometimes the cause of insomnia can be difficult to find, but many habits of a modern lifestyle can leave your mind racing around at bedtime.

Overworking, lack of exercise, too much screen time and blue light at night and other stimulants can make it difficult to switch off and settle down at night. Limiting stimulants like caffeine, sugar and alcohol may have a positive effect.

However, it can be more difficult to pin down the cause of chronic insomnia. Doctors often recommend a combination of healthy lifestyle changes, counseling, meditation and medication to help manage and treat it.

Certain natural products can help to counteract the effects of our modern lifestyle, and that is where CBD and sleep disorder can play a role.

What Is The Best Sleep Aid For Insomnia?

Everybody is trying to get a better night’s sleep and there are no shortage of products that claim to help you. From what is the best sleep aid for insomnia is CBD oil with essential oilsweighted blankets, to soothing music, the choice is endless. Relaxing herbs and essential oils like chamomile, lavender and lemon balm, can also help to provide a full restful night.

A racing mind, preventing you from falling asleep, can be very frustrating. It may be worth meditating as an antidote to your overactive mind and thereby relax your body.

A study has suggested that mindfulness meditation may be effective in treating some aspects of sleep disturbance. But, some people might find that meditation alone is not enough to induce sleep.

A warm bath before bedtime can also help to relax the body and reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. Many brands are now making bath bombs for sleep.

More people are adding CBD as an all-natural remedy to their list of sleep aids.

So How Does CBD Help You Sleep Better?

Research suggests that CBD can help with insomnia and other sleep disorders, by helping with underlying causes. CBD may be helpful with: What is the best sleep aid for insomnia from Joy Organics

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and be a potential treatment for specific anxiety disorders. What is CBD oil for insomnia can help you unwind by addressing some of the root causes of anxiety and stress.
  • Reducing pain, as CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It may have therapeutic potential in treating neuropsychiatric conditions like depression.

Many of the beneficial effects of CBD is by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors in the body. CBD supports the network of receptors in the body. The ECS is known to help regulate energy, mood, sleep, appetite and more.

If you are looking for a natural alternative to help you sleep, studies suggest CBD may be a valuable option. CBD brings balance to the endocannabinoid system and doesn’t induce grogginess.

If your cortisol levels are elevated, it can keep you awake. CBD is thought to lower your cortisol levels and keep your body in a homeostasis state.

The CBD compound positively affects the adenosine receptors in your body. Adenosine receptors regulate the quality and depth of your sleep. It also activates serotonin receptors, thus making you feel relaxed.

What Is The Best CBD For Sleep?

Sleep deprivation is like torture and can result in irritability, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, poor decision-making and memory lapses.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has risen in popularity over the past few years.What is the best sleep aid for insomnia CBD and sleep disorder products are specifically formulated to help with insomnia.

CBD has a relaxing effect on the body, and combining it with melatonin, can be an awesome natural sleep aid for some people. Melatonin is a popular natural sleep aid that is safe for most people to use. It is a hormone released by the pineal gland and helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle.

Stress and anxiety can be a barrier to getting a good night’s rest. Although more research is required, a study has found that CBD can help with anxiety, and therefore help to improve sleep.

Essential oils like lavender and chamomile, can also promote calmness and help you get a deeper sleep. CBD bundles with more than one product to help you, can be used separately or combined as part of your bedtime routine.

So what is the best sleep aid for insomnia? How effective is CBD at treating sleep disorders and insomnia?

What Is The Best Organic CBD For Insomnia?

So, is insomnia leaving you feeling too tired to enjoy your daily activities? Want what is the best CBD for sleep? Find relief the natural way with CBD for insomnia and sleep disorders.

From tinctures and capsules, to gummies and calming bath bombs, more people are using CBD as a natural sleep aid. All the products on the list have gone through independent 3rd-party testing for safety and quality.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a reputable brand known for their USDA certified organic CBD products, and complete transparency. What is the best organic CBD for insomnia from Joy OrganicsThey specialize in broad spectrum CBD products, which contain all the beneficial components of hemp, but without the THC.

So, if you want to avoid THC, but still utilize all the beneficial components of CBD, then Joy Organics is a great choice. Joy Organics uses an extraction method that has 0% THC.

The range of products include CBD oil tinctures, softgel capsules, gummies, creams and CBD for pets.

Their best-selling CBD and sleep disorder product is broad spectrum CBD softgel capsules, with melatonin and CBN for sleep. The 25mg serving of CBD oil has 3mg of melatonin and 3mg CBN added.

Nano emulsion technology is used to produce softgel capsules. This allows for better bio-availability and the capsules have 4 times the absorption rate, thus requiring less intake for full effectiveness.

They have comprehensive 3rd party testing and free shipping in the USA. Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch, is available on the company website.

So you are guaranteed that you are buying a quality product that is safe and contains the correct amount of CBD. It is also free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or any toxic substances.

Unwind and sleep like a baby with Joy Organics CBD oil for insomnia. view what is the best sleep aid for insomnia from Joy Organics

Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is a high quality brand that consumers trust. Since 2014, their commitment has been to offer customers the highest grade organic cannabinoid products. They source domestically grown organic hemp and are best known for consistently high quality, reliable CBD products. CBD & sleep disorder CBN from Nuleaf Naturals

They make some of the fastest acting and most straight-forward CBD products on the market. Formulas are easy to take and promise to help calm your mind and prepare your body for sleep.

Extraction is through a combination of subcritical and supercritical CO2. Oil is carefully filtered to remove any plant material.

CBN, one of the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, is believed to have sleep benefits. Nuleaf Naturals CBN oil can be used as a natural sedative, to ease you into a restful sleep.

A bottle of Nuleaf Naturals full spectrum CBN oil contains 60 servings of 30mg CBN oil per dropper and contains:

  • Full spectrum hemp.
  • Organic virgin hemp seed oil.

Available in 300mg, 900mg or 1800mg bottles.

To ensure safe, consistent and effective products, all products are independently tested by 3rd party test labs. Test results for each batch is available on the company website.

Test results confirm the potency of the products, as well as confirm the products are free of herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, fungi, mold and mycotoxins.

If you cannot use CBD, then a CBN-only product, like CBN softgel capsules and CBN oil, could be perfect for you. CBN softgel capsules have an exact 15mg premeasured serving. This is what one customer has to say about CBN oil. Review for Nuleaf Naturals CBN oil as what is the best sleep aid for insomniaGet what is the best sleep aid for insomnia from Nuleaf Naturals, in the form of CBN oil.

View what is the best sleep aid for insomnia from Nuleaf Naturals

Equilibria CBD

Equilibria was started in 2019. It is a women owned CBD company that focuses on high-quality, full spectrum CBD products for women. The best natural sleep aid is designed for maximum therapeutic benefits.

Their mission is to bring balance to the lives of women through their premium, full-spectrum CBD.

Sleep gummies are specially formulated to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Formulated with the best CBD for Sleep gummies from Equilibria CBD for womeninsomnia, together with a botanical blend of chamomile and L-theanine. L-Theanine influences the chemicals in the brain that play key roles in our sleep patterns. 2 Gummies contain:

  • 25 mg of full spectrum CBD,
  • 5 mg of CBN,
  • 25 mg of L-Theanine.
  • 25 mg of Chamomile.
  • Bordeaux cherry flavor from natural flavoring, as well as fruit and vegetable juice for color.

Start by taking one gummy at night, and after 5 – 7 night increase to the full serving of 2 gummies if needed.

Best reasons to choose Equilibria CBD products:

  • Equilibria uses organic, non-GMO, specially formulated hemp oil, which has 9 cannabinoids and 21 terpenes. They do not use any fillers, fluff, stalks or stems.
  • Equilibria offers 1:1 dosage consultations to all of their customers, to make sure you are set up with the right routine for you.
  • CBD is hand harvested and fully traceable from their organic farm in Colorado.
  • A Certificate of Analysis (COA) for all their products are available online.

Equilibria CBD has a wide range of products to cover all your needs. So, Equilibria has something for everyone. Discover more about Equilibria CBD in this complete review What is CBD for women? Equilibria CBD Reviews.

Curated bundles will save you money and a monthly subscription will save you even more.

view bundles of Equilibria CBD for women

Mission Farms CBD

Mission Farms Rest CBD products are specifically crafted to address restlessness, insomnia and other sleep difficulties. Rest CBD oil will calm your nervous system from the inside, while Rest CBD bath soak will relax your body from the outside.

Essential oils are combined with full spectrum CBD, to enhance the sleep-inducing effects of CBD. Rest CBD oil contains the following ingredients:Mission Farms CBD rest bundle for what is the best sleep aid for insomnia

  • Organic MCT coconut oil has many health benefits, including a high percent of medium-chain triglycerides. These specialize in delivering CBD and its benefits to your mind and body.
  • Whole hemp extract comes from premium, organic hemp grown on their own farms. Full spectrum CBD contains a variety of terpenes, that make CBD more bio-available to your mind and body.
  • Organic lavender essential oil is known to relax and calm the brain. It contains the terpene Linalool, which enhances the ability of CBD to relieve stress and combat insomnia.
  • Organic bergamot essential oil is known to calm emotions. Contains the terpene Limonene, which improves the ability of CBD to elevate mood and relieve stress.
  • Organic chamomile essential oil, which is known to relieve insomnia and restlessness. It contains the terpene Myrcene, which has a relaxing and sedating effect.
  • Organic orange essential oil is known to lift the mood. Contains the terpene Limonene, which enhances CBD’s ability to elevate mood and relieve stress.
  • Organic vanilla flavoring for taste and to make it yummy.

So say goodbye to sleeping pills that make you feel groggy in the morning, and try the natural solution of the best CBD oil for insomnia.

Rest CBD oil has 50 mg / 0.75 ml of CBD per serving. Available in 3 sizes from 250 mg (10 servings) for $25 to 2000 mg (40 servings) at $109.View what is CBD oil for insomnia from Mission Farms CBD

Max CBD Wellness

Max CBD Wellness was founded in 2019 and is a reputable and trustworthy brand. Organic farming methods are used to grow the hemp in Oregon and the production facility is in Colorado.

Choose between full spectrum and broad spectrum products as well as THC free isolates.best CBD for insomnia from MaxCBD

Max CBD products are formulated for maximum bio-availability. It is available in a range of potencies and 0% THC free formulations are included.

Max CBD Wellness offers CBD oil, tinctures, softgel capsules and gummies.

Best reasons to choose Max CBD Wellness Products:

  • To confirm what is in CBD products from Max CBD, a COA for all their products is available online.
  • Organic and all natural ingredients.
  • Free consultation with a CBD experts to help you choose the best products for your needs,
  • Use purest, cleanest and most natural extraction methods.
  • Organic hemp is domestically grown in the USA
  • Provide full 30-day money back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet your expectations, even if the container is empty when you return it.

Save money with bundles. If you are not sure where to start with CBD and what is the best CBD for sleep, then the CBE experts at Max CBD will guide you.

Discover more about Max CBD Wellness products in this complete review of Max CBD Wellness World: What is in CBD? 

view the best collagen cream for skin from Max CBD

Word Of Caution

Although CBD is generally regarded as safe, keep in mind that both CBD and THC may have side effects.

  • CBD may cause side effects like nausea, diarrhea, fluctuation in appetite and weight loss.
  • THC is psychoactive and some people might experience a dry mouth, slow reaction times, fatigue, short-term memory loss and anxiety.

Immediately stop taking CBD if you experience any side effects.

If you are interested in trying what is CBD oil for insomnia, but don’t want to take THC, then look for broad spectrum or isolate CBD products, as these don’t contain THC. As always, start low and go slow.

Depending on your body weight and genetics, and the severity of your sleep disorder, serving size and method will vary. If you do not see the desired effect, gradually increase the amount you are taking until you find your optimum level.

You can smoke or vape it if that is your preferred method, although I do not recommend it as a healthy option.

Takeaway On What Is CBD Oil For Insomnia

We live in an overstimulating world where overexposure to stimulants can make falling and staying asleep difficult. Fortunately we do have access to natural products to help us.

Research into what is the best sleep aid for insomnia is still ongoing. The strong case for CBD and sleep disorder products, is that CBD is a natural remedy.

Chronic insomnia has repercussions for your health and can spill over into the day with feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. Always consult your medical professional before using CBD products to aid sleep. CBD can interact with other medications, like blood thinners.

If you have any experience of questions about what is the best organic CBD for insomnia, please leave your comments below.

36 thoughts on “What Is The Best Sleep Aid For Insomnia? CBD & Sleep Disorder”

  1. My mom has been suffering from insomnia for a couple of years already. No matter how early she goes to bed, it would take her a long time to fall asleep. I didn’t know this until I and my family went to visit her and decided to stay for a week. Every night I hear her radio on from 7 PM til 11:30 PM when the radio station has already signed off. So, I asked her about it and she said she couldn’t sleep and leaving the radio on helps a little bit. 

    My mom told me that she couldn’t sleep because there are so many things running through her head. I guess you can say that she is stressed and in need of something to help her have a goodnight’s sleep. I do not want to get her sleeping pills but I’ve been reading a lot about how CBD can help with insomnia and sleep disorder. 

    I would really like my mom to try CBD oil instead of anything that is taken orally like pills or capsules because I am afraid of the side effects. You said some of the side effects include fluctuation in appetite and weight loss. The last thing I want for my mom is to lose her appetite and eventually lose weight because she is already losing weight due to her insomnia.

    What about CBD oil, are there negative side effects as well?

    • As mentioned in the post, some people might experience side effects, but the percentage is very low. It is best to discuss your mom’s condition with a medical professional. I hope it helps. 

  2. wow, I didn’t know that CDB was so effective to fight against insomnia! I have a friend of mine who used to have these huge insomnia crises. He couldn’t sleep and tried everything: masks, sleeping pills, gummies…basically everything. One day he went to the Netherlands and someone recommended CBD to him. Since, he told me that his life has changed for the better. I don’t use CBD personally, but if I had to choose among all the products you presented, that would be Joy Naturals (no THC!!!)

  3. Thank you for this post who sums everything up so perfectly! 

    I am very sensitive to stress and do often have trouble sleeping, which one would YOU recommend?

    Mission Farms CBD would be my choice : I love that it has all these essential oils, especially lavender and bergamote. I usually use lavender spray, but I don’t thinks that is enough

  4. Thank you for this very informative and easy to read post. A short introduction to problems with insomnia and its possible causes is interesting. The suggestions of numerous CBD brands are very helpful.
    It is only up to us to choose which one suits us best.

    • With so many people struggling with insomnia and disturbed sleep, more are looking at using CBD as a solution. Having a choice of CBD and sleep disorder products, is always helpful.

  5. Hi there,

    Its quite rare to find natural remedies for insomnia. I like the fact that the CBD has not a toxic substances. It is healthy. I like the fact also that you mentioned side effects, and what one must do Incase the experience these.

    The different types, like oil and gummies are quite better for different people who like to use different medications. It helps to know. Nice product.

    Thank you,

  6. Thanks for sharing this informative article. Sleep is so important for one’s health and wellness. I have been dealing with sleep issues for a while now and everything I have tried has worked for me. I am highly aware of CBD and the benefits it has. Sadly it’s illegal where I live. So getting a hold of it be really hard. However once it is legal I will for sure be looking into this. As I believe it will help me. 

    • It is good to hear that the things you have tried for sleep issues, has worked for you. I am sure that if you could have access to CBD, it would also benefit you. 

  7. This article is so timely. My daughter has been complaining of insomnia for several months now. We tried a lot of remedies but none seemed effective. You got me curious about the CBD for insomnia. Honestly, this is my first time knowing of such. 

    I’ve read your reviews on several CBD oil products, and I am drawn towards Equilibria CBD. I will be researching more on how and where to buy this product that will not cause any shipping or transport problems. I really hope Equilibia CBD can help my daughter fight sleeplessness. 

    Thank you so much for this valuable article.

    God bless you,


  8. Thanks immensely for this didactic article. Indeed a lot of distractions, buzzing and over-stimulatory activities around us currently make sleep a bit difficult for some people these days. Hence, the need of trying various relaxation and sleep-aiding approaches. Having learnt the role CBD plays in sleep disorders is quite encouraging. Hope to find it helpful someday. 

    • CBD is a natural product that can help with various health related issues, including sleep disorders and insomnia. I find it a better sleep aid than over the counter drugs. All the best, Liné

  9. Just shared this to a friend who’s having a hard time falling asleep. One of the reasons is, he’s worried and fearful of his Diabetes problem, he experienced sudden rise in blood pressure caused by high blood sugar in the bloodstream. And because of fear, he doesn’t want to sleep as he’s afraid one day he won’t wake up to life again.

    Now, after sharing this article to him, his question now is, how long should he take this CBD and will he take this for as long as he is living? If one of the CBD products for insomnia that are listed here is able to help him bot with his insomnia as as well Diabetes problem, what can happen if he someday decide to stop taking the CBD product? Will the same problem resurface again? 

    • CBD has several health benefits, but as I am not a medical professional, it is best to discuss health issues with your doctor to get advise on using CBD for diabetes. 

  10. Fantastic post, chalk full of useful information, thank you..I have suffered with insomnia for years. I have an overactive mind, doesn’t want to shut down at night. As a result I have been using Nytol, which is essentially an antihistamine. It is the drowsy side effects that helps me stay sleeping at night. Whenever I have run out I find myself waking up during the night and not able to go back to sleep. I have never considered using CBD to help, and I am uncertain as to whether it will or not. I know my wife would not want me to do or take anything related to cannabis. It is an attitude in our home. Bit, that being said, as a result of the information you provide, I will certainly look into it further.

    • There is still a lot of confusion surrounding CBD products and cannabis, with many people associating CBD with the psychotic effects of cannabis that is full of THC. CBD is a natural product and the holistic benefits are far greater than pharmaceutical drugs. 

      I am sure you will find that using CBD for insomnia, is far better than an antihistamine with side-effects, All the best.

  11. I am going to try some of the Joy Organics products that you recommend and see if my sleep patterns improve. I have the problem of waking up early hours of the morning and not being able to fall asleep again, leaving me tired and irritable every day. It is time to try and find a solution before these 5 hours of sleep a night starts to affect my health. I have read many times that using CBD products can help you get a better night’s sleep.

    • CBD products have many health benefits, including being the best sleep aid for insomnia. Joy Organics is the only USDA certified organic CBD, so I am sure you will find that the products are efficient and pure. All the best, Liné

  12. Thanks for the great guidance on sleep disorders, as this has affected me for a long time.  I particularly liked the section on CBD oils that, if taken sublingually, will not lose any potency.  The one I liked best from your reviews was the Mission Farms, which I am going to order.  If we can conquer the sleeplessness issues we have, I believe a lot of the other health related issues will cut down drastically.  Thanks again.  Warren

    • The quality of sleep affects our daily lives. Without proper sleep, other health issues can arise and what is CBD oil for insomnia, can indeed help you to get a good night’s sleep. 

  13. Wow, that’s a really cool thought. I haven’t thought about CBD being a potent help when it comes to insomnia. But it does make perfect sense. To that end, I do really appreciate you spelling that out for me.

    I think that the article contained a ton of useful information. I for a fact did not know that CBD oil absorbs best sublingually. As far as my experience goes with CBD, I’ve always simply just ingested it.

    I loved that you also managed to touch upon other potential solutions for insomnia. To that end, I think, indeed, meditation feels like a great approach when dealing with it. And that’s fascinating that they’ve even done a study on that. I wonder how did they exactly measure it?

    Also, I appreciate the product suggestions. I will be looking more into them. Thank you. 🙂

    • CBD is a very versatile natural remedy that can be used for several conditions, like stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation, and also insomnia and sleep disorders. CBD can also be combined with other sleep aids to help with insomnia. 

  14. I am glad I came across your post. I suffer from insominia and ruins my work day. I do take alot of over the counter sleeping pills at night, but worry that I may become addicted.

    I have heard of this CBD oil before, but thought that it was for pain relief, so will take a look at this CBD oil for sleep aid, but not sure if it’s quite within my budget and will depend on how long it lasts me.

    It’s definately something I am interested in though to get a good nights sleep

    • Using a natural product like CBD is better than pharmaceutical drugs, and you will most probably find that once you add up the cost of the sleeping pills, that CBD is more affordable than the pharmaceutical drugs. Nuleaf Naturals actually have a program where large discounts are available to several groups of people, including low income households and early responders, so I would suggest you have a look at what is Nuleaf Naturals. I hope it helps. All the best, Liné

  15. I like this article because it’s data-based and there are links to show the proof. A lot of posts I read about CBD or CBD/THC mixed products (available in some states) seem like the person just telling me their opinion, but no real reasons to accept what they’re saying is true. Not the case here. As an insomniac, I’ve tried almost everything and it’s the only thing that comes close to working.

    It’s crazy how readily available it is now, as opposed to 5 or 10 years ago. Especially, because of its illegality across the USA prior to that. A couple of these brands are unfamiliar, so I’ll have to try some of them out.

  16. Sleep is definitely an important component for good health. Generally when I’m having trouble sleeping, it’s due to stress or anxiety and I generally use camomile, lavender and other herbal remedies. But I had no idea there were different CBD products for insomnia. You’ve done a really great job discussing some different options along with their possible side effects. Something to consider. Thanks for sharing all this information!

    • A good night’s sleep is very important for overall well-being and health. Using natural and herbal remedies are far better than pharmaceutical drugs, and CBD can play a role in bringing calmness to induce sleep. CBD is also available with essential oils, like lavender, to further enhance the benefits of the CBD. All the best, Liné

  17. This was a really informative article. Although I am aware that CBD is becoming popular and in some countries legal I didn’t really know a lot about it. You explained well how it can be used as a liquid, gel capsules, or gummies versions for insomnia (which I have). 

    I really hope that it becomes more available in Australia soon as I would like to check out the products that you showed here 

    • Hi there, each country has their own legal requirements for CBD products. Nuleaf Naturals makes some of the fastest acting and most straight-forward CBD products on the market, and they do ship internationally to 40 countries. So, if you want what is the best sleep aid for insomnia, I suggest you look at their CBN oil. I hope it helps. 

  18. Sleep is so very important for our overall health, especially our immune system. Doubly important in this time of global health issues.
    I love that you give many options and organic choices of CBD.
    My wife has used CBD for both insomnia and anxiety, with success.
    Keep promoting good health for both ourselves and our planet!
    Stay well and thrive!

    • Hi Al, I know how sleep deprived I was with my babies who didn’t sleep. CBD and sleep disorder can make a difference, so it is good to know your wife has found relief with what is CBD for insomnia. All the best, Liné


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