7 Best Rated Cloth Face Masks: Stylish Reusable Face Covers

The best rated cloth face masks would be reusable, washable breathable face masks. A breathable organic face mask is made from natural and eco friendly fibers. Stylish reusable face covers that match your outfit, are awesome.

The incorrect disposal of protective clothing such as masks and gloves, means that an estimated 1.5 billion disposable masks will end up in the ocean this year. Masks, together with plastic gloves and PPE, is suffocating the ocean floor. So, we have to look at better alternatives than disposable face masks.

Nature is being treated as a giant garbage bag and the amount of disposable face masks that end up in our waterways, just prove that. The best reusable face covers, and 100% cotton washable face masks, are far more sustainable choices.

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Key Considerations For The Best Rated Cloth Face Masks

Reusable cloth face masks are available in a wide range of materials. The tighter the weave of the fabric, the more protection it provides. But, you also want a mask that is breathable, so that it is comfortable to wear.


  • Cotton is the most popular choice for a cloth face mask. It can be fairly thick. Organic face masks kids sizes and adult sizes to protect the familybut still breathable. You can often tell how protective 100% cotton washable face masks are, by looking at the thread count. The higher the thread count, the less porous the fabric is, and therefore more protective. Cotton and natural fibers are the most breathable options.
  • Silk is a good fabric for stylish reusable face covers. It is good at repelling water, so helps to prevent droplets from penetrating the mask.
  • Hemp material is anti-microbial and naturally resistant to mold and mildew. It is breathable and moisture wicking. This is especially important when you are wearing something covering your nose and mouth.
  • Recycled polyester is widely used in active and workout wear because it is lightweight and breathable. It also repels water, so it is good for the outer layer of a face mask.

Generally speaking, avoid fabrics that are too stretchy, as it can be too porous. You want an eco friendly face mask that is kind to your face, and the planet.

Layers and Filters

The more layers a mask has, the better it can contain droplets. For a mask to be effective, it should have at least 2 layers.

Some cloth masks have a filter layer between the fabric layers. Cloth masks can come with a filter, or you can buy filters separately. Common household products that can be used as filters are coffee filters, unused vacuum cleaner bags and a paper towel.

The World Health Organization recommends 3 layers for the best reusable face covers.

  • The inner layer touching your face, should absorb droplets. Good fabrics are cotton or natural fibers.
  • The middle layer can be non-woven fabric or a filter.
  • The outer layer should repel droplets, so recycled polyester or nylon, or silk.

Measurement guide for reusable washable breathable face masks made USAFit

Washable breathable face masks must fit properly to provide adequate protection. It must cover your nose and mouth completely, and extend past your mouth by at least an inch / 2.5cm. It should hook under you chin to keep it in position.

The mask should be fitting close to your face, but not so tight that it makes breathing difficult. There should not be any gaps along the side of you face.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has guidelines for the correct ways of wearing face coverings.

Tip: when you first receive your new face mask, wash it before use as it will sanitize it.

Features Of Washable Breathable Face Masks

Reusable face masks encourages healthy hygiene, to keep hands away from your face, while in public spaces. And that goes for kids too.


For the masks to stay on your face, it needs to have a fastener. Most masks have elastic loops that go over the ears. These are easy to put on and pull off and offer a comfortable fit.

Tie closures that fasten behind the head, can also work. Although they are more difficult to fasten, especially if you are in a hurry, it can provide a good fit.

Metal Nose Strips

A flexible metal strip in the top edge, enables you to shape the mask to conform to the top of your nose. It prevents the mask from slipping down, and also prevents droplets from escaping.

If you wear glasses, this can be a very important feature, as it helps to prevent your lenses from fogging up.Filters for washable breathable face masks made USA

Filter Pocket

A filter offers an additional layer of protection to keep droplets from escaping. Some cloth masks have a built in pocket where a filter can be inserted between the cloth layers.

So, it is a good idea to select a mask that has the option to add a filter. This is especially handy with masks that only have 2 fabric layers.

Price Range

The best reusable face covers vary in price, according to the features and layers of fabric.

  • Cheap masks are priced between $1 and $3 and only have 1 layer. This is very ineffective.
  • Mid range masks are priced between $3 and $10 and typically have at least 2 fabric layers. Many masks in the mid range, will have a pocket for a filter. Some will also have a bendable metal nose strip for a better fit.
  • Masks priced over $10, will have at least 3 layers of fabric. It will have a pocket for a filter and many will also include the filter. Most will also have a bendable nose strip.

Best Stylish Reusable Face Covers

Washable reusable face masks save resources and reduce waste. With so many cloth face masks to pick from, choosing the right option can be a challenge.

To encourage little ones to wear masks while in public places, organic face masks kids sizes come in cute prints. By making designs more “tempting”, we can protect them with imagination.

Here we have selected the best eco friendly, washable breathable face masks, so that you can stay safe in style, while also protecting the planet.


PrAna is a North American brand that only uses sustainable fabrics and ethical practices to produce their clothing and accessories. They do the full range from underwear and active wear, to recycled wool sweaters and outdoor gear.

PrAna uses deadstock fabric to produce cool cloth face masks. The breathable organic face mask is made as per the CDC’s recommendations, using eco friendly fabrics. Washable breathable face masks from prAna

  • The best rated cloth face masks are reversible.
  • It has adjustable straps with soft plush elastic for additional comfort.
  • Straps can be adjusted by tying a knot at the required length.
  • Masks are washable and reusable.
  • Fabric content vary from organic cotton, Tencell lyocell, and blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester.
  • Available in S/M or L/XL.
  • The stylish reusable face covers are made by their partners in Fair Trade Certified factories.
  • 3 pack at $20 is a super deal. Each pack contains an assortment of colors that are all different.

The best rated cloth face masks are a sustainable and comfortable way to protect yourself and others. Shop washable breathable face masks made USA from prAna

Made Trade

Made Trade is a woman-owned, family-run company based in Carrboro, NC. The stylish reusable face covers are made from recycled hemp and GOTS certified organic cotton. Made Trade is climate neutral certified.

These are the features of the breathable organic face mask: Stylish reusable face covers from Made Trade

  • The 2-layer fabric face mask has an interior filter pocket (filter not included, but coffee filters work very well)
  • Outer layer is a blend of recycled hemp and GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • Interior layer that touches your face, is made from soft organic cotton undyed poplin.
  • Comfortable elastic ear loops make it easy and quick to put it on and take it off.
  • Elastic is OEKO-TEX certified.
  • The weight is breathable and feels great against your skin.
  • Pleats will expand to form to your face.
  • Organic face masks kids sizes are available, as well as adult small/youth and adult sizes.
  • Face masks adhere to the guidelines for face covering of CDC and Kaiser Permanente.

Made Trade is a member of 1% for the Planet. So, 1% of every purchase is donated to an environmental non-profit cause.

Face masks are hand made in Portland, Oregon, providing employment for people affected by the pandemic. So if you want washable breathable face masks made USA, then Made Trade fits the bill. Shop best reusable face covers with Made Trade


Thought is an all-natural company that produces timeless fashion using organic cotton and sustainable fabrics. The stylish reusable face covers are made from signature Thought prints, using production off-cuts. Thus, it helps to reduce fabric waste when garments are made. Stylish reusable face covers from Thought

It also means you can select 100% cotton washable face masks to match your outfit. Features of the breathable organic face mask include these:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Double layer with a pocket to fit PM2.5 filter (filter not included)
  • Boned so that you can adjust it for a perfect fit.
  • One size suitable for teenagers and adults.
  • Elasticated straps over the ears.
  • Machine washable.
  • Very affordably priced at £5.95 each.

The masks do not make any claims of anti-viral protection, anti-microbial protection or infection prevention or control.

Using production waste is a great way to prevent textile waste of going into landfill, thus helping the environment further.

Shop stylish reusable face covers from ThoughtSoul Flower

Soul Flower is an eco friendly and sustainable brand that is best known for their boho styles and yoga clothing. They are based in Minneapolis, USA and only use sustainable and ethical materials and practices. cool cloth face masks from Soul Flower

The cool cloth face masks are reversible and include neck gaiters, ear masks and boho headbands. These can all be worn over the mouth and nose.

These are the features of the breathable organic face mask.

  • Consists of 2 layers of breathable fabric.
  • The eco friendly moisture wicking fabric is a blend of 30% recycled cotton, 30% cotton and 40% recycled polyester. .
  • Ear straps gently loops around the ears.
  • Reversible: one side has a hand screen printed design and the other side is blank.
  • One size fits most.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Priced at $6 each make these best rated cloth face masks very affordable. Shop cool cloth face masks with Soul Flower

Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts is an American brand that is well known for their reusable swim diapers and eco friendly tableware for kids. They provide a full range of healthy, trusted and proven everyday baby essentials that support the development of kids.

Green Sprouts also makes adjustable reusable face masks for kids and adults. organic face masks kids sizes are available

These are the features of the washable breathable face masks.

  • The stylish reusable face covers consist of 2 fabric layers and a middle layer:
    • Outer layer is water resistant polyester.
    • Middle layer is activated charcoal for additional coverage.
    • Inner layer is moisture wicking polyester that wicks moisture away from the skin. This provides added comfort.
  • Elastic ear loop straps stretches comfortable around the ears.
  • The best reusable face covers are designed to position around the nose and face for a snug and smooth fit.
  • Available in 4 different sizes: child, youth/adult small, adult medium and adult large.
  • The cool cloth face masks are available in multiple colors.
  • Save money and buy a pack of 3.

10% of all Green Sprouts washable breathable face masks sold, are donated to groups and organizations that are helping those in need.

Shop organic face masks kids from Green SproutsRoseward Silk Face Masks

Silk is perfect for stylish reusable face covers that can be worn for any occasion. Available for men and women, silk is ideal for sensitive skin and maskne. Best rated cloth face masks made from Silk

These are the features of the breathable organic face mask:

  • 100% mulberry silk, not satin.
  • Natural organic fabric.
  • Handmade with an interior filter pocket for optional filter inserts.
  • Adjustable ear loops for a custom fit.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Perfect for summer use.
  • Available in a wide selection of colors, to match any outfit.
  • Filters are not included.

Optional services that are offered include: Customization for small faces, youth and teens and a nose wire can be added for those that wear glasses.

shop stylish reusable face covers in silkWeddingstar

Weddingstar makes 100% cotton washable face masks for kids and adults. 100% cotton washable face masks from Weddingstar

Features of the cool cloth face masks include these:

  • Reusable cloth face masks are made from breathable 100% cotton fabric.
  • Some designs are made with a combination of cotton and rayon.
  • 3 layers with a middle layer to insert a PM25 filter cloth face masks.
  • Filter is not included.
  • Adjustable ear straps for maximum comfort.
  • Flexible nose band wire for best fit.
  • Organic face masks kids sizes are available, as well as adult sizes.
  • The stylish reusable face covers come in more than 150 fun designs.
  • Buy the best rated cloth face masks individually, or to save money, get them in packs of 3 or 5.

Check on Amazon for the best deal for Weddingstar. shop 100% cotton washable face masks from Weddingstar


  • How do I wash face masks? Washable breathable face masks can be washed in the washing machine with your normal laundry. Refer to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and use the highest temperature setting recommended for the fabric.
  • How many masks do I need? You need a minimum of 2 face masks, as they need washing on a regular basis. If you don’t do laundry on a daily basis, you would need enough to last between laundry days, So 5 or more could be required.
  • How should I store my face masks? Fold you face masks so that the interior is not exposed to contaminants. Carry additional masks in a cloth or plastic wallet to protect them. Store them in a cool, dry spot where no mold or mildew can develop.

Reusable cloth face masks are not medical grade masks. Due to sanitary reasons, reusable face masks are non-returnable products.

Final Thoughts On Best Reusable Face Covers

If your cloth face masks has an insert pocket for a filter, you can buy filters on Amazon.

Milton 2.5 PM activated carbon filters have 5 layers of airborne contaminant filtering and measure 4.7 inches by 3.1 inches. They are effective at capturing particles that are up to 2.5 micrometers.

The best rated cloth face masks save resources and reduce waste. Washable breathable face masks can be worn multiple times. They are machine washable, so can be sanitized on a regular basis.

Masks made with only synthetic materials, will not allow your face to breathe, causing uncomfortable sweating.

If you have any questions or comments about 100% cotton face masks, please leave them below and I will get back to you.


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  1. I love your website. I learned more about face masks than I knew during these 2 years of needing to wear them. Breathe ability is definitely important for those of us who must wear them for extended periods of time. Hemp and silk are important materials to consider when purchasing a face mask. I have heard of using cotton for quite awhile.
    It makes me sad to see face masks carelessly tossed to the ground after they have been used. We need to take better care of this planet we live on.

    • Breathability is certainly top of the list when it comes to a face mask. It is far better for the environment to be using a washable reusable face masks, than adding to the waste problem by using a disposable face masks. 

  2. Who knew there were so many different kinds and styles of face masks? We used to buy the cloth masks, but got lazy and started using the paperones. At least we are very conscious of where our trash ends up. The price on the masks you described are very affordable, so I will definitely be looking into some for the upcoming winter. 

    • One can reduce the amount of waste, by using the best reusable face covers. The best rated cloth face masks are washable breathable face masks. I am sure you will find that a breathable organic face mask is much nicer to wear, than a disposable one. All the best, Liné

  3. I want to let you know I’m bookmarking your site.  I want to share this with my family. This is good information.  I like the fact that you offer eco friendly masks as well on your site.  We want to be safe, but we need to consider our environment as well.  Thank you for such detail!

    • One can certainly be safe and look after the environment with stylish reusable face covers. The best rated cloth face masks are washable breathable face masks. All the best and stay safe, Liné

  4. I really like the overall design of the face cloth, especially with the adjustable string. My grandmother has very sensitive skin so the fabric may really work out for her. I love the fact that it has a pocket to insert a filter and that the face mask are washable. The flexible metal strip on the top edge will be ideal to maximize comfort.  I will definitely be checking the PrAna line of products.

    • A breathable organic face mask using a fabric like silk or organic cotton, is very kind to sensitive skin. To be able to add a filter, gives additional protection, so indeed great. 

  5. I was “scolded” recently by a friend who thinks I’m too careless and ill informed about these face masks.  I’ll take it as constructive criticism of a friendly nature, after all she did share this article with me in good faith.

    Well, what can I say?  My friend was right.  I had no idea about all of the different options or that they were made with so many details in mind. 

    I’m vaccinated and don’t really feel like I need super protection.  It’s nice that there are 3 layer masks available for those who want to feel extra safe, but a 2 layer mask will do for me.

    I like the ones that are made in the US, that for me is a plus.  Nothing against those made overseas, but I prefer to support our economy.  Also some are into worthy causes, that’s even better.

    Now I have two people to thank (my friend and you) for opening my eyes to all of this important information regarding face masks.

    • Washable breathable face masks made USA will indeed support your local economy, while also keeping you safe. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you are immune. A breathable organic face masks will protect yourself and those you encounter. 

  6. Hi Line.

    You are so right that nature is being treated as a giant garbage bag. People don’t care these days. All is just a business. When corona started, in my country everybody was sewing cotton masks at home for themselves. Even some celebrities were sewing for others. Suddenly like a year back these masks are not allowed here anymore. We have to use respirators. Disposable that destroy the environment and it is very hard to breathe in. The cotton masks are the best.

    • Disposable face masks are adding to the huge waste problem we already have. Stylish reusable face covers that are washable and breathable, are better for the planet. 

  7. We have been using disposable masks but it has been bothering me about them going into landfills and even getting into the oceans, that’s very bad. I was so pleased to see that there are 4 options available commercially now, Cotton, Silk, Hemp, and recycled polyester. I’m a huge fan of Hemp products although they do take a lot longer to dry. It’s great that they are anti-microbial and resistant to mold and mildew, which can make you very sick.

    A great list of suppliers which will make it easy to order, thanks.

    • To avoid adding to the huge waste problem, with disposable face masks exacerbating to problem, reusable, washable breathable face masks is the only sustainable choice. Breathable organic face masks made from natural fibers, are the best rated cloth face masks.

  8. Thank you for the article on face masks. I never knew that hemp was anti bacterial! That seems like the best choice in this pandemic era we are now living in! Did you happen to have any first hand experience wtih any of these products? I was working retail when the pandemic hit. Wearing that mask for 8 hours a day sure got old fast! Breathability was definitely an issue! 

    • Hemp and other natural fibers, are great for face masks. I personally use 100% cotton washable face masks that are great to wear. Several of my family members wear silk face masks and my one brother-in-law loves hemp face masks. I can imagine that wearing a face masks for 8 hours continuously, that breathability is very important. Using a breathable organic face mask is the only choice for me.

  9. We certainly live in an ever-changing world and I think wearing masks will be with us for a long time. I love the idea of wearing natural fibers and being able to wash them myself. I really like the silk masks by Rosewood and will be buying some soon. You’ve given me a great selection of mask companies to choose from. Brilliant!

    • I live in an area where wearing masks have been mandatory since the start of the pandemic. Having a reusable washable breathable masks is the only option for me. That way I can avoid disposable masks that add to our waste problem. A breathable organic face mask that I can wash myself, works perfectly well for me. I just put them in the normal laundry, and voila!

  10. Who would have thought that we would still be talking about facemasks today?  But for those times when they are necessary, it is nice to have a quality mask that is breathable and comfortable.  You have some great suggestions on this post and you have shared some great information about the many options.  I personally prefer cotton masks as they tend to be more breathable.  

    • Yes, who would have thought that face covers would become an essential accessory for going into public spaces. But here we are and we all need them on occasion. I like wearing cotton as it is very breathable, but silk is also very lightweight and nice on your skin. All the best.

  11. Hi! Pandemic not only changed our lives, but also our economy, reason by which this article regarding clothe masks is really something to take into consideration! Reusable masks rock! As informed in the article, clothe would be the most practical ones for us. Did not have notion about pockets in the Masks, so that´s new for me.

    Thanks for the information about Face Masks!

    • Reusable, washable breathable face masks are indeed the way to go. It will save you money in the long run, and they are far more sustainable and eco friendly than disposable face masks. Having a pocket for a filter is great for additional coverage. 


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