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Discover your hidden talents when you start creating projects on the Singer heavy-duty sewing machine 4452. We will look at the most frequently asked questions in Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews and also the main features of the machine.

The machine has a sturdy metal frame, powerful motor and stainless steel bed plate, making it suitable for sewing all types of fabrics, from sheer lightweight fabrics to heavy-duty denim and upholstery textiles. The motor is sixty percent stronger and is a perfect workhorse. Singer 4452 Sewing Machine reviews

You can sew basically anything with this machine, from denim to sheer organza and even leather, look not further than the Singer 4452 sewing machine to fulfill all your needs.

Both beginners or experienced crafters alike will find this machine suitable for all their needs. The machine can be used for a variety of projects ranging from fashion garments to craft projects, quilting and home furnishings, and more.

Singer is one of the world’s leading sewing machine manufacturers and was founded in 1851. It is a trusted and reliable brand that has a long history of innovation. If you are wondering about choosing between a mechanical or computerized sewing machine, then look at this comparison.

We will first look at the main features, (which should answer many of your questions).

Main Features of the Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 4452:

  • 32 built in stitches including 6 basic stitches, 7 stretch stitches, 18 decorative stitches a 1 buttonhole stitch.
  • Easy stitch selection dial displays the built in stitch selection. Simply turn the dial to select the stitch you want to sew.
  • Adjustable stitch length and stitch width.Buttonhole foot Singer Sewing Machine
  • Fully automatic one step buttonhole. Place the button in the buttonhole foot to get perfectly sized buttonholes every time.
  • The machine has a top speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.
  • Top drop in bobbin is convenient and easy to insert and remove the bobbin. The clear view cover makes it easy to monitor the amount of thread that is in the bobbin, so you will not run out of the bottom thread when you are halfway through sewing a buttonhole or doing top stitching.
  • An automatic needle threader means you can easily and without any effort or strain on your eyes, thread the needle.
  • The path or steps to thread the machine is printed on the machine, so it is easy to follow.
  • It has a motor that is 60% stronger so it is much more powerful to sew through thick seams.
  • It has a heavy-duty metal interior skeleton and a stainless steel bed frame.
  • Drop feed allows the feed teeth to be lowered for free motion sewing and sewing buttons. Slide it back and turn the hand wheel one full turn to raise the feed teeth again.
  • Adjustable pressure on the presser foot. By the adjusting the pressure on the presser foot, fabrics from lightweight silks and cottons, to heavyweight canvas and denim, can be sewn.
  • Free arm – just slide of the removable accessories storage compartment, making it easy to sew tubular sections like cuffs, collars and trouser hems.
  • Automatic reverse is simple, just press the button and sew in reverse and reinforce stitches.Reverse lever Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews
  • Variable 3 different needle positions with 6 mm stitch width.
  • Extra high presser foot lifter is ideal for when you are sewing very thick fabric or many layers.
  • Presser foot has an easy snaps on and off action to change them.
  • Built in LED light

The Singer 4452 has been designed with your heavy-duty projects in mind, but is also suitable for sheer and lightweight projects. The combination of the strong powerful motor and high sewing speed means the machine can effortlessly sew through a variety of thick fabrics. From fixing your boat cover to making a new garment, the Singer heavy-duty sewing machine 4452 is your perfect choice.

This is a real workhorse, so check the price and availability on Amazon here, and if you are in the UK or EU, this is you best price.

Standard Accessories

When you buy the Heavy duty Singer 4452 sewing machine, you get a variety of accessories that are included

  • All purpose foot for general sewing and decorative and stretch stitches.
  • zipper foot for putting in zippers, piping and cording.
  • buttonhole foot with a slot to put the button to automatically sew the required size. It also has slots for ribbons and more.
  • button sewing foot makes sewing on buttons a doddle.
  • seam ripper
  • lint brush
  • edge quilting guide
  • extra needles, bobbins and screwdriver
  • auxiliary spool spin and spool pin felt

Bonus Accessories

There are four bonuses included with the Singer 4452: Even feed foot singer sewing machine reviews

  • Even Feed / Walking Foot feeds multiple layers of fabric through evenly without slipping or puckering.
  • Non-stick foot has a slick underside which is perfect for sewing leather, vinyl, plastic or other tricky fabric.
  • Clearance Plate helps to balance the height of the presser foot when sewing over heavy seams. When sewing buttons, it also helps to create a thread shank.
  • Heavy duty needles are essential when sewing heavy or thick fabrics like suede, corduroy, denim or leather. A pack of five 100/16 needles are included.

It is all conveniently stored in the accessory tray. Included in the packaging is also a soft dust cover, a manual, power cord and foot controller.

Optional accessories can be purchased separately and these would include:

  • satin stitch foot
  • overcasting foot
  • hemming foot
  • cording foot
  • blind hem foot
  • quilting / straight stitch foot
  • gathering foot
  • darning / embroidery foot
  • even feed foot
  • twin needle

Let’s look at the most commonly asked questions that people have with Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews and show you why you want to own this versatile workhorse.

Can you adjust the length and width of the stitches?

Yes, with the adjustable stitch length you can customize the appearance of a stitch by increasing and decreasing the distance between the stitches. Adjusting stitch length Singer 4452Adjust the length of the stitch according to the thickness of the fabric that you are sewing. When sewing lightweight fabrics, a shorter stitch and a thinner needle is used, and a longer stitch and a thicker needle is used when sewing heavier weight fabrics.

When doing zig zag stitching and decorative stitches, stitch length and width are important. The shorter the stitch, the denser the stitch will be. Dense zig zag stitches are called satin stitch.

To make the stitch wider or narrower and change the width from 0 mm to 6mm, just simply turn the dial to adjust it. The look of the inbuilt decorative stitches will also change according to the stitch length and width that you choose. Being able to adjust the dials allows you to be more creative.

Make sure you select the right needle for the thickness of the fabric, as sewing denim and canvas will require a thicker and stronger needle than silk and chiffon. When you are sewing leather items it is best to use a special leather needle.

Check the price and availability on Amazon here, and if you are the UK check it here.

Which fabrics can I sew?

The possibilities of what you can sew with the Singer 4452 are endless.Heavy fabric on Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews The even feed foot and non-stick foot allow you to sew more layers of fabrics and even leather and vinyls. You can sew practically everything with this machine, from silks to cotton, denim and corduroy, to suede or upholstery fabrics.

The adjustable presser foot allows you to increase or decrease the pressure to help the machine to feed the fabric through the machine according to the thickness and weight of the fabric. So you have the ability to adjust the feed of the fabric through the machine.

It is crucial that you change the stitch width and length when you work with different textiles.

Can I adjust the Thread Tension?

Yes you can, the tension of the thread can be adjusted according to the thickness of the fabric that you are sewing. The bobbin tension for the lower thread is set at the factory, so this is not something that you normally need to adjust.

The tension for the top thread is easy to adjust. By moving the dial, you can set the tension for the best sewing results.

How fast is the machine?

The speed of 1,100 stitches per minute is nearly double the speed of most machines in the range. The average speed of most sewing machines in the mid range is only 400 to 600 stitches per minute, so the Singer 4452 is much faster.

The pedal has variable speed so you can go very slow with a little foot control. You can also use the hand crank to start slowly. The foot pedal to control the speed is quite sensitive, so you can be gentle on the foot pedal as it does not take heavy pressing to achieve high speed. You will learn how much pressure to exert on the pedal after using it for a while, that it doesn’t fly away with you.

How easy is it to use the machine?

There are many features of the Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine 4452 that make it very easy and convenient to use.

  • Automatic needle threader Automatic needle threader Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews
  • Top drop in bobbin is easy to insert and remove.
  • Easily and quickly snap the presser feet on and off to change feet.
  • Extra high presser foot lifter.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure control.
  • Reverse stitching by pushing the built in lever.
  • Control speed through foot control pedal.
  • Removable accessories storage tray.
  • 3 needle position from left to center to right, to match your requirements when doing top stitching or putting in zippers, piping or cording.
  • Button foot makes sewing on a button a breeze. Use the drop feed so fabric stays stationary.
  • Free arm
  • Adjustable stitch length and width

Can I program the machine?

The Singer 4452 is a versatile mechanical sewing machine with manual dials and buttons. Stitch length and width need to be adjusted manually and the type of stitch needs to be selection manually. So there is no selection of programs required.

There are no complicated computerized features, but automatic needle stop position would be useful, specially when doing buttonholes. Get started faster with the Singer 4452. Stitch options for Singer heavy duty sewing machine 4452

How many standard stitches does it have?

The machine comes with 32 built in stitches, which include 6 basic stitches, 7 stretch stitches, 18 decorative stitches and 1 buttonhole stitch. More stitch options are available on different models, so check out the other possibilities here.

Is the presser foot flexible?

The pressure of the presser foot is set at the factory, so it should not need any adjustments. If it does need to be adjusted, the screw to change the pressure can be turned with a coin.

How many feet are included as standard accessories?

There are four feet included with the standard accessories, and these are all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot and button sewing foot.

In the bonus pack you also get two additional feet namely the Even Feed / Walking Foot and the Non-stick Foot, so a total of six feet come with the machine.

Additional presser feet can by purchased separately and there are another nine available. (please see the available list above)

How heavy is the machine to carry it around?

The machine weighs 14.6 pounds and has a shipping weight of 17.55 pounds, so if you do not have a permanent work station, it is easy enough to carry it around the house.

The machine comes with a soft dust cover, but not a solid carrying case. You have the option when you buy your sewing machine, to get the sturdy carrying case at the same time. If you take the machine in a car to go to sewing classes or to visit students, you would be better off with a sturdy carrying case to protect the machine against knocks.

Is it built to be really heavy-duty?

The internal metal skeleton is far better than a plastic frame, Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews metal framegiving it long-lasting durability and less wear and tear than plastic ones. The heavy metal structure makes the machine stable and it will not move around on the table when you start sewing very quickly.

The stainless steel bed plate provides a smooth surface for fabric to glide over.

The motor is 60% stronger than similar standard models, which means better piercing through the fabric. It also means the machine has far more power to sew through thick fabrics. The overall reviews indicate many happy customers.

Is the machine noisy?

Like with all electrical appliances, there will be a certain amount of noise when you operate them The machine is surprising quiet for a heavy-duty fast machine. There has not been complaints of excessive noise.

Is the light bright enough?

The machine has an inbuilt LED light that is bright enough that you should not need additional light so see the sewing area.

What are the Pros and Cons?

  • The main Pros of the Singer 4452
    • Both beginners and experienced sewists can use the machine. Top bobbin drop in on Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews
    • Quality stitches are achieved on any thickness of fabric.
    • It has many time saving features, like automatic needle threading, top drop in bobbin and snap on and off presser feet .
    • With a speed of 1,100 stitched per minute you will be completing your projects quicker.
    • The metal frame makes the machine sturdy while sewing, even at high speed.
    • The stronger motor means you have a more robust machine.
  • The main Cons of the Singer 4452
    • The one step buttonhole does not stop automatically after it has finished making a buttonhole. So you will have to watch and stop the machine when the buttonhole is completed, to avoid bunching at the end. To make another buttonhole or subsequent ones, reset the machine each time to start the next buttonhole.
    • It is very important that you put the machine through its paces and try to test all the functions when you receive the machine, as the defective warranty is only valid for 90 days.
    • It is a manual machine, so stitch length and width is not automatically selected with different stitches. If you prefer a computerized model, you can compare the differences here.
    • The machine doesn’t have a very big range of decorative stitches so a larger model would give you more options.

Is there a Training Manual?

Yes, you will be provided you with an extensive Singer heavy-duty sewing machine 4452 manual,Sewing app for Singer heavy duty sewing machine 4452 which will take you through all the steps of setting up the machine. Singer has their own training video that will take your through all the steps.

You will be guided through all the steps from how to thread the machine, how to load the bobbin and all the way to troubleshooting. Diagrams on the machine will also show you the steps to thread the machine and prepare the bobbin.

Singer also has a Sewing Assistant App that you can download to help you along. It has tutorials, new sewing techniques and frequently asked questions, ready for you to access. An online owner’s class is available online whenever you are.

If you need more help, there are many YouTube videos available.

Is there a warranty?

The machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty, and as with most electrical products these days, you need to make sure you understand what is covered and when it expires.

  1. Limited 90 days for adjustments, belts, bulbs and rings. A manufacturing defect will only be covered for free parts and labor for 90 days, after 90 days you will have to pay for the labor.
  2. A limited 2-year warranty for motors, light assembly, electronic components, wiring, stitches and speed control.
  3. A limited 25 years warranty for the sewing machine head.

The warranty will only cover household use, not commercial use, so if you are undertaking commercial assignments or employ somebody to sew for you, you need to be aware of that.

If you are considering buying a second hand machine, the warranty is not transferable, so will not be valid. Only buy a second-hand machine if the price is a real bargain.

My Verdict

The heavy-duty Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine 4452 is a very good versatile model that is suitable for beginners or more experienced sewists. It has an adequate range of stitches and quality stitches are achieved on all weights of fabric. Tap into your hidden creativity when you purchase this machine.

It is very similar to another machine, the Singer heavy-duty 4423 sewing machine, which has less stitch options, but you might be interested in looking at the review.

Where can I buy the Singer 4452? Your local sewing machine dealer might have it, but it is one of the top selling sewing machines on Amazon and at the best prices. Please use this link if you are in the UK.

If you have any comments or questions about Heavy Duty Singer 4452 sewing machine reviews, please leave them below and I will get back to you.

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    thanks for sharing, have a great day and stay safe

    • Hi there, Some people do find computerized sewing machines confusing, whereas others prefer that they are all pre-programmed. The Singer 4452 has some great features and will certainly handle heavy fabrics and multiple layers very well. Enjoy your sewing, Liné

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    • Hi Sheddy, Great to know that your mum is finding the Heavy Duty Singer 4452 sewing machine to be reliable. I’m sure it will give her many happy sewing hours. 

  8. I am glad to see that Singer still offers a Plain Jane sewing machine. While I will admit that I have enjoyed using my computerizes models, I have found that sewing heavier fabrics are not as easy as with the metal Singer I have borrowed from my friend.  I would be reluctant to loan my computerized as I know they can be easily “messed up” should someone try to use them for sewing project they are not designed for.  My quilting and some crafting are OK, but heavy denim and upholstery fabric are not recommended.  

    Like most people who have been sewing for years, I really trust the Singer product and the reputation they have for quality products.  Have you used one that is computerized from Singer?  As I am not doing as much sewing of clothing, but like to regularly replace cushions and pillow covers, am interested in another machine.  

    I noticed that there is a 20-year warranty, what is a realistic life for one of these machines?

    • Hi Sami, Singer is certainly a reliable brand. I have a computerized Singer sewing machine that I have been using for more than 25 years, and I never had problems with it. I do also have a mechanical machine, so I use both of them, depending on the project, I tend to use the mechanical machine for heavier projects and the computerized model for maing clothes.

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    This is obviously a premium machine.  I wanted to ask you, is there a model you could recommend that provides the best value?  I am a ‘bank-for-your-buck’ kind of guy, and we won’t be sewing super heavy fabrics.

    We just need something for normal repairs and Halloween costumes once a year.



    • Hi Michael, the motor is 60% stronger than similar machines in that range. It allows the machine to sew through thicker layers of fabric at a faster speed. 

      Please have a look at this post on Beginners Sewing machines and specifically the Brother CS6000i sewing machine which is very good value for money. Hope that answers your question but plase let me know if you need more help in making a selection. 


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