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6 Ethical Fashion Brands to Enhance your Green Warbrobe

After the Rana Plaza tragedy in April 2013 and the death of more than a thousand factory workers, more consumers started questioning the real environmental cost of their clothes. This has led to an ethical clothing movement with more ethical fashion brands emerging.

Choosing an ethical fashion brand when building your green wardrobe, can make you look good with a clear conscience.

What is Ethical Fashion?

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Cork Flooring: More Green Flooring Options

If you are looking for green flooring options, you are in the right place. Whether you are looking at cork floor tiles or floating cork flooring, cork floors make an attractive addition to a “green” home. Cork productsGreen Flooring options are not just about being natural and using renewable resources, but it also looks at the following aspects:

  • The ability for the flooring to be recycled or reclaimed at the end of its life.
  • Responsible manufacturing processes need to be used.
  • Green flooring options need to come from renewable sources.
  • Toxicity to the environment.
  • The distance that the flooring needs to be transported, as very heavy materials might impact on the environment and add to pollution.
  • Maintenance of your eco friendly floors.
  • The life cycle of green flooring options.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Terms Definitions

Whether you are just starting out to learn how to sew, or have been sewing for a while, terms and phrases that are used in sewing can be confusing. In this comprehensive guide to sewing terms definitions, you will find all you need. There is never a better time than now, to learn a new skill.

Romper with frills Romper with frills

Starting any new project or learning a new skill, can be daunting and intimidating. You don’t need to get tripped up by sewing terms that you don’t know. In this guide, I will be covering explanation of stitches, sewing terms and jargon and some accessories and components that form part of your sewing machine.

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Directory of Knitting Abbreviations Meanings

Are you stuck at home because of the current global corona virus pandemic? Want to learn how to knit for beginners but confused by all the abbreviations and knitting jargon? Do you want to learn something new without leaving home? Are you learning a new skill or rekindling an old hobby? Are you following a pattern and don’t know the knitting abbreviations meanings?

These questions will all be answered in this directory of Knitting Abbreviation Meanings. If you need to order yarn or knitting needles, Knitpick has the full range, and you can have it delivered to your home.

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8 Best Green Jeans Denim Brands

Are your jeans polluting the planet? Eco friendly denim brands that are incorporating sustainable practices and thereby looking to the future of the environment, are helping blue jeans to go green. There are greener denim production processes for making blue jeans.

When it comes to fashion and style, jeans form part of the foundation of a modern wardrobe. Cheap jeans and sustainability unfortunately often doesn’t go hand in hand. If the denim gods could bring you the ideal pair of jeans, you are sure to find it amongst these brands. Sustainable jeans and levis 501These companies are making big strides towards producing sustainable denim, so look out for these brands to be, and feel green. From upcycling and re purposing vintage Levi jeans to recycling the water that is used during dyeing and production, these brands are all making a difference.

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10 Best Organic Cotton Jeans Brands

When you are talking about fashion and style, chic denim garments will invariably come into the frame, with organic cotton jeans high on the agenda.

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7 Flip flop sandals made of recycled materials

To best show off your feet in summer, make sure to choose one of these brands when selecting your flip flops sandals and thongs. Look no further, here you will find cool flip flop sandals that are also easy on the planet. In case you are confused, in Australia flip flops are called “thongs”, which has a different meaning in the USA and some other English-speaking countries.

Materials used in making eco friendly flip flops include upcycled vehicle tires, recycled plastic, upcycled industrial hoses, recycled cork and hemp. It is possible to choose footwear that will reduce your footprint.

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8 Best Sneakers made of Recycled Plastic

It used to be very difficult to find footwear made from recycled plastic and other waste materials, but with more brands supporting re purposing and recycling, there is now a much bigger choice.

Many of the big brands are now incorporating recycled plastic and other re purposed materials into their footwear. This makes it much easier to choose footwear that will leave a green footprint.

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Eco conscious shoes: Top Footwear Brands Made of Recycled Plastic

The eco conscious consumer is more critical than ever to know where her clothing and footwear comes from and how it was produced. The latest shoe trends are favoring the use of recycled materials. There is now a growing number of manufacturers that are using plastic sourced from our oceans, thereby reducing the amount of plastic waste.

Recycled plastic products now include shoes and accessories. This recycling revolution is coming at a perfect time for our planet. If it is important to you where you put your feet and watch your step, make sure to look at these eco conscious shoes, brands that are rethinking and re purposing plastic to save our oceans.

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6 Fashion Brands that Produce Clothing from Recycled Plastic

What is trending in fashion is to be eco sustainable and to increase the production of clothing from recycled plastic. With consumers becoming more demanding in their choice of eco friendly and sustainable clothing, fashion companies have to take action. Increasingly eco conscious fashion brands are using recycled plastic in their fabrics.

By using recycled plastic, the dependence on fossil fuels and petroleum as a raw material source, is reduced. It also reduces waste and toxic emissions from incinerators.

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