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9 Swimwear Brands that are Swimming towards Sustainability

With a climate crisis on the horizon, there has never been a more appropriate time to commit to sustainable fashion. In an industry where trends are always changing, bringing new styles and fabrics to the fore, can seem quite a challenge. Swimsuit shopping can be complicated if you want to be swimming towards sustainability. However, finding sustainably made swimsuits, is increasingly possible.

Whether you are searching for the perfect fit, looking for women’s plus size swimwear or mastectomy swimsuits, these brands have it all. Maximize your summer fun with these sustainably made swimsuits. Continue reading “9 Swimwear Brands that are Swimming towards Sustainability”

9 Best Eco-approved Windbreaker Jackets

When we are enjoying the outdoors, we want to make sure that we are not harming the environment, and that includes the outdoor clothing that we choose. You want your outdoor gear to be lightweight, yet warm and waterproof.

Whether you are looking for windbreaker jackets, winter jackets for women or a warm 3-in-1 parka jacket,Windbreaker jackets and winter jackets for women these brands all create sustainable outdoor gear. Everything we wear has an impact, so we need to lessen the negative impact as much as possible.

To embrace the concept of sustainability, production processes need to be adapted to look after the environment. Eco friendly fibers need to be incorporated and that includes the use of recycled plastic and recycled fabrics. Plastic is a huge global problem, so take the plastic that is already in circulation and turn it into a useful fabric.

This guide has eco friendly outdoor jackets for any weather conditions and the brands all incorporate recycled materials in their range. Whatever your need, there you will find jackets that are suitable for skiing and snowboarding, mountaineering and hiking and everyday living. Continue reading “9 Best Eco-approved Windbreaker Jackets”

6 Ethical Fashion Brands to Enhance your Green Warbrobe

After the Rana Plaza tragedy in April 2013 and the death of more than a thousand factory workers, more consumers started questioning the real environmental cost of their clothes. This has led to an ethical clothing movement with more ethical fashion brands emerging.

Choosing an ethical fashion brand when building your green wardrobe, can make you look good with a clear conscience.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Continue reading “6 Ethical Fashion Brands to Enhance your Green Warbrobe”

8 Best Green Jeans Denim Brands

Are your jeans polluting the planet? Eco friendly denim brands that are incorporating sustainable practices and thereby looking to the future of the environment, are helping blue jeans to go green. There are greener denim production processes for making blue jeans.

When it comes to fashion and style, jeans form part of the foundation of a modern wardrobe. Cheap jeans and sustainability unfortunately often doesn’t go hand in hand. If the denim gods could bring you the ideal pair of jeans, you are sure to find it amongst these brands. Sustainable jeans and levis 501These companies are making big strides towards producing sustainable denim, so look out for these brands to be, and feel green. From upcycling and re purposing vintage Levi jeans to recycling the water that is used during dyeing and production, these brands are all making a difference.

This is what you need to know about denim before you buy your next pair of denim jeans or denim jacket. Continue reading “8 Best Green Jeans Denim Brands”

10 Best Organic Cotton Jeans Brands

When you are talking about fashion and style, chic denim garments will invariably come into the frame, with organic cotton jeans high on the agenda.

There is no need to compromise on style while looking after the planet, these brands produce stylish and sexy jeans, using non-toxic denim. From traditional blue jeans to black jeans and denim jackets, these organic cotton denim brands have it all. Continue reading “10 Best Organic Cotton Jeans Brands”

How to Build your Green Wardrobe: 5 Eco Sustainable Fashion Companies

Can fashion be sustainable? The fashion industry and designers are known for creating trends that are very quickly taken up and followed by consumers. The industry is starting to realize that consumers are looking for more eco-friendly fashion products, so the trend is towards eco sustainable fashion.

On the one hand the interest in sustainable products and brands are increasing, but on the other hand, there is no decrease in the production of fast fashion items. So can two apparently distant worlds support each other and coexist?

The vicious circle of most consumers is to buy, wear it sometimes, throw it away and then buy again. This is a circle that is not good for our planet at all. Continue reading “How to Build your Green Wardrobe: 5 Eco Sustainable Fashion Companies”