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Do you pay attention to what you expose your body to? Do you examine the materials used for underwear in the same way that you scrutinize food labels? Underwear needs to be comfortable and breathable. Because it is in contact with your private parts for many hours every day, it is super important that they are free of toxic chemicals.

The eco friendly underwear women collection from Organic Basics, fit that bill. They make underwear from organic cotton which is safe for your skin and body.

If you are searching for a sustainable underwear women range, that has been ethically produced, then Organic Basics is the way to go. They are one of the best women underwear brands and sustainability is at the core of their products.

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Overview of Organic Basics

Organic Basics is a Copenhagen based brand that was founded in 2015. The brand specializes in underwear, everyday basics and active wear for men and women. They are all produced with more sustainable methods. Logo for Organic Basics every essentialsday

Organic Basics is a carbon neutral brand that produces organic cotton underwear for women and also a sustainable underwear men range. The garments are ethically made in Europe, using organic, recycled and eco friendly materials. Sustainability is at the core of what Organic Basics do.

Materials and technology are two of the most important parts when it comes to the sustainability of products. Fabrics for the best organic cotton underwear are hand-picked by Organic Basics, on the basis of the environmental footprint and durability of the material.

They only use Class A and B fibers as they look for the most responsible technology and material available. That means only low impact textiles that are natural, recycled, renewable and biodegradable, are selected. The eco friendly underwear women selection is available in organic cotton, Tencel lyocell and recycled nylon.

Organic Basics are a certified B Corp company and a member of 1% for the planet. The sustainable underwear women collection include bralettes, invisible bras, workout bras, hipsters and more. Save on the underwear from organic cotton, when you buy them in packs.

Eco Friendly Materials Used

  • Organic cotton: only use GOTS certified organic cotton, which is ethically grown without the use of chemicals. Organic cotton is grown on the Aegean Sea coast. It is widely regarded as some of the most durable and softest cotton in the world. No genetically modified (GMO) seeds are used to make the best organic cotton underwear. Organic Basics organic cotton underwear women collection
  • Recycled cashmere is made in Italy from well-worn cashmere garments. Recycled cashmere yarn is made by shredding the old clothes, and then it is respun into new yarn. It prevents garments from going to landfill and is made without the use of chemicals and new dyes. It reduces CO2 emissions by 95%, compared with virgin cashmere. Recycled cashmere is GRS certified.
  • Recycled wool is made from pre-consumer textile waste. 100% recycled merino has a much smaller carbon footprint than new wool and carbon emissions are reduced by 95%.
  • Recycled nylon: Industrial plastic, fabric scraps, plastic ocean waste and ghost fishing nets are used for the recycled nylon. It takes 80% less water to make, than to produce virgin nylon, and creates 90% fewer CO2 emissions. It conforms to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The GRS certified nylon is made to last and prevents waste fiber from going to landfill.
  • Tencel Lyocell is an eco friendly fabric made from wood pulp. The trees in the forest are thinned out, rather than cut down, and then turned into wood pulp. Wood pulp is dissolved in a closed-loop process with an organic, not-toxic solvent. The solution is forced through spinnerets to create the biodegradable fiber. It takes 80% less water to grow the trees, than growing conventional cotton. Lyocell viscose fabric is lighter and softer than cotton and less prone to wrinkling. It is used in the sustainable underwear men collection and also for tees.

Eco Friendly Processes Used 

  • Silver Tech is a process that is used to make underwear, socks and tees that are soft, odor-controlling and heat regulating. It is quite technical, but basically the polymer fiber is completely covered in real, natural silver. It is then blended with organic cotton. Organic Basics do not use nano-silver particles, as nano-silver could be washed off the fabric over time. .
  • Polygiene is a permanent fabric treatment that is safe and Bluesign approved. It is made from recycled silver and keeps the fabric fresher for longer between washes. Basically it inhibits bacteria that causes odors, from growing. This allows you to wash the garments less, thus saving you time, water and energy. The polygiene finish is used on the Silver Tech active collection, keeping you fresh for longer. There are no nano-silvers in polygiene.
  • Seamless knitting reduces fabric waste during production. Using this knitting technique also provides better stretch and comfort and it means there are no weak points in the fabric.

Why Organic Cotton?

Growing conventional cotton, which is non organic, accounts for 25% of insecticides that are used around the world. Organic cotton is grown without toxic chemicals or GMO seedsSo it is an extremely chemical intensive crop. Residue of chemicals from pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, are left behind in the cotton fibers during manufacturing.

Exposure to even the smallest amount of chemicals, have been linked to brain damage, fetal damage and sterility in humans.

Some of the chemicals that are used during the production of fabrics and garments, include softeners, flame retardants, silicone waxes, heavy metals, formaldehyde and ammonia.

So organic cotton underwear for women, are far better for your skin. Related post: Beware of Toxic Chemicals in Clothes.

Growing and harvesting organic cotton uses 71% less water and 62% less energy, than conventional cotton. It conserves land biodiversity and is the more sustainable and eco friendly choice.

Why Recycled Materials?

It is a well known fact that when you use recycled materials, you save energy. This is because the recycling process reduces the amount of energy input that is required. Recycling converts waste materials into new materials and products. Logo for Global recycled StandardAnd you also save a lot of natural resources.

We need circularity in fashion, so that clothes can stay being used, shared and recycled for longer. The biggest benefit of using recycled materials, is that it prevents garments from ending up in landfill. It also reduces ocean plastic waste and has a lower carbon footprint, than virgin materials.

Recycling helps to conserve important raw materials and protects our natural habitat for the future. Eco friendly underwear women products are made using recycled nylon.

Organic Basics Sustainable Practices

Organic Basics care about the working conditions in the fashion industry. To reduce their environmental footprint, Organic Basics follow these practices:

  • They only work with trusted, certified factories that share their same sustainable vision.
  • These factories also ensure:
    • That the workplace is free of child labor and forced labor.
    • Workers are treated with respect.
    • All workers are paid a living wage.
    • Employees are offered perks like free lunch and childcare.

So they look at the entire supply chain, to see how and where they can reduce their carbon footprint, to produce the best sustainable cotton underwear.

Environmental Impact Tool

Organic Basics measure their carbon footprint with an environmental tool. They look at the life cycle of a single product, from raw material production, to textile manufacturing, through to the final consumer phase.

This compares their footprint, with traditional practices used in the fashion industry. Thereby they can show you the environmental savings when better practices are used. This is available for each product from Organic Basics, one of the best women underwear brands. Organic Basics index impact for each productThe environmental impact tool measures the true cost of fashion. It would for instance compare organic cotton vs regular cotton, or recycled wool vs traditional wool. They look at the entire production process and supply chain, and measure the savings of water, energy, chemicals, waste and CO2 emissions.

Organic Basics Fund

This fund has been set up to help fight climate change, restore biodiversity and protect Logo for World Wide Fund for Naturevulnerable communities. Direct funding is given to people, groups and projects that address social and environmental injustice at the root cause. Projects that have been supported in the past, include:

  • Rewilding Europe: making Europe a wilder and more biodiverse place.
  • Green Kayak that cleans up waste in local waterways.
  • WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) repairs our modern agricultural system.
  • Amazon Watch that support communities in the Amazon.

The Regenerative Cotton Pilot Project

Producing clothing and food contributes up to a third of global carbon emissions. It damages our eco system and there are better ways to produce things. Regenerative agriculture is a form of agriculture that supports healthy soil.

This enables our agricultural system to be converted into a force that fights against climate change.

In 2020, in partnership with WWF, Organic Basics raised enough funds to convert 62,500 m2 of conventional cotton fields, into regenerative cotton. This was done in the Buyuk Menderes Basin in Turkey.

Organic Basics Low Impact Website

Electricity is required to transfer data. This creates carbon emissions, which leads to climate change. Organic Basics sustainable underwear women productsSo Organic Basics have a low impact website. This means that the transfer of data is reduced by up to 70%, compared to a regular website. Images and videos are data heavy elements, so this is reduced during the purchase experience of sustainable cotton underwear.

So another perfect reason to shop one of the best women underwear brands, Organic Basics on their low impact website. Although they have a sustainable underwear men range, the bigger choice is in the eco friendly underwear women category. This includes briefs, bras, active leggings, bikinis, sports bras, bralettes and more.

Underwear, socks and denim are made in Turkey, while shirts and T-shirts are made in Portugal. Their knitting partner is in Scotland, while recycled yarns are made in Italy. Austria is home for the factory where Tencell lyocell is made.

Let’s have a closer look at the full range of organic and recycled garments that are available from one of the best women underwear brands.

Organic Cotton Products

  • Best organic cotton underwear is made with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane.
  • Organic cotton Oxford shirts are made with 100% organic cotton and has recycled hemp buttons. To increase longevity, french stitching is used on the inside seams.
  • Organic cotton tees are made with a mid weight, long 100% organic cotton and has a crew neck.
  • Mid weight and heavyweight organic cotton sweatshirts are made with 100% organic cotton. The mid weight organic cotton has a brushed finish on the inside for added softness and warmth.
  • Circular denim is made in accordance with the “Jeans Redesign” principles of the Ella MacArthur Foundation. 100% organic cotton or recycled cotton is used. No synthetic fibers are present, thus enabling denim products to be recycled at the end of their lives.

Tencell Lyocell

  • The eco friendly underwear women range is made with 95% lyocell and 5% elastane.
  • Lyocell is also used to make a classic summer tank dress and a T-shirt dress. Fabric is 95% lyocell and 5% elastane.

Products Made with Recycled Materials

  • Recycled nylon invisible is underwear with a minimal visible panty line. It is made in recycled materials from mechanically recycled nylon. Post industrial waste fiber, yarn from spinning factories and waste Organic Basics is one of the best women underwear brandsfrom weaving mills are used to develop the Class A material. The sustainable underwear women range has a clean cut, non-rolling design for the “invisible” seamless look and feel. 82% recycled nylon and 18% elastane.
  • Recycled nylon is also used to make Re-Tights and active wear. The Re-Tights hosiery uses 3D knitting and has toe reinforcements for durability. Post industrial waste fiber is used to make the Class A material.
  • Invisible underdress with a clean cut is made from 82% recycled nylon and 18% elastane.
  • Recycled nylon active wear is suitable for low to medium impact exercise. The stretchy fabric is breathable and wicks sweat away from the body. It is made in a SA8000 certified production facility.
  • Re-swim is a range of swimwear essentials and made with 78% recycled nylon and 22% elastane. The swimwear provides UPF50+ sun protection and is resistant to chlorine and sun lotion.
  • Recycled cashmere winter accessories are made with 97% recycled cashmere and 3% ultra fine merino wool. Cashmere has a soft luxurious feel and keeps you warm and cosy in winter.
  • Recycled wool from 100% recycled merino is used for winter accessories and sweaters.

Final Thoughts on Organic Basics

More than 2/3rds of the environmental impact of clothes, happens when we wear them. Utilizing processes like Silver Tech and Polygiene reduce the impact that Basic Organics eco friendly underwear women range has.

Organic Basics have received excellent reviews online. The sustainable underwear women collection is available in size XS to XL. Sport bras and active wear bras a re available in up to size XXL (112 cm). Their return policy allows you to return unworn, unwashed items, that are still in its original packaging. They do ship worldwide as well.

If you are looking for plus size undergarments, then Soul Flower has up to size US 26 – 28 (54 – 58 inches). Explore the full range of Soul Flower organic cotton clothes here.

Underwear for men is discussed in this post on 5 Best Men’s Eco Friendly Underwear Brands.

With every purchase from one of the best women underwear brands, you will be supporting a range of environmental causes. You will be helping to restore biodiversity, combat climate change and empower communities.

If you have any comments or experience with organic cotton underwear for women, then please leave them below and I will get back to you.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your article about this sustainable company and its products. I was amazed at how focused they are on using and recycling resources needed. The style of clothes seems nice and there is a huge range and I went and looked at their website and found lots that interested me. I will definitely be shopping here soon, thanks.

    • Organic Basics indeed offer their customers a very big range of sustainably and ethically made clothing. This goes from underwear to yoga wear and a lovely range of basics. I am pleased that you like the range and I am sure you will enjoy wearing it. All the best, Liné

  2. Hello, I believe Organic Basics are fantastic in the fashion industry.
    Preventing clothing from ending up in landfills and reducing ocean plastic debris to protect our environment is a great idea.
    For me, I’d go for men’s underwear. I appreciate that they ship internationally.
    I was also considering passing this piece of work on to my female friends so that they could benefit from Organic Basics’ products.

    Thank you very much.

    • Organic Basics has a very good range of men’s underwear, where I am sure you will find everything you need. All the best, Liné

  3. Thank you for this informative post about Organic basics! I never heard about this brand before but sounds good and I also like their values, as these are close to my values as well. Totally agree that comfortable underwears are the best. However these are difficult to find, so maybe I should check this brand! 

    I hope also that one day organic products could be a bit cheaper as I really would like to use organic clothes and also eat organic food. It would be great choice for the environment. 

    • Hi there, Organic Basics do offer packs, which makes the unit costs much more affordable. And they have a sale at the moment, so you should check them out for some great deals. I hope this helps, Liné

  4. After reading your review I was ready to buy but they don’t carry plus sizes. Is there another brand you would recommend for larger sizes?

    I do like that it is made from recycled materials. That makes me happy when I can get something I want and it helps the environment. 

    Looking forward to your answer!

    • Hi there, Organic Basics have an XXL (112 cm) in the sports bras and workout bras, so that would be the biggest size.  

      Soul Flower is another brand that only uses organic cotton and eco friendly materials in their range of underwear, yoga clothes, baby clothing and much more. They have a complete plus size section for tops and bottoms and the sizes go up to US 26-28 (bust 54 – 58). You can explore the full range of Soul Flower organic cotton clothes here. 

      I hope this helps. All the best, Liné 

  5. Hello Line’

    I am finding your site on organic and sustainable materials so rewarding! I came across it the other day and have found so many products clicking around that I can see being so useful! My wife complains about her undergarments constantly and I will share this post with her. I thank you in advance for helping her! 

    I would also like to mention that you are helping others in doing this, you are helping the environment, and I think it is really cool that Organic Basics Fund is helping give back to our ecosystem!

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    • Hi Chad, thank you for your kind comments. I am sure your wife will enjoy the eco friendly undergarments that are available from Organic Basics. Please let me know if you need any advise, Liné

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    • Hi Steve, thank you for your kind comments. I do hope that I can spread the word about the importance of sustainable clothing and products to more people. All the best, Liné

  7. Hi!

    I have learnt soo much from your article. I really didn’t know we were meant to be cautious about the type of underwear we are wearing. I just wear something that looks or feels nice. I do need to open my eyes about what underwear I use for my body’s sake. I will definitely be looking further on eco friendly materials and organic cotton when searching for a new underwear. Maybe my body will thank me for gaining some sense finally 🙂 

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us and I wish you the best in life!


    • Hi Amzy, organic underwear is certainly better for your body and also the environment. I am sure your body will thank you if you choose organic. All the best, Liné

  8. Thanks so much for sharing a great article that has helped me to learn more about best women underwear brands that use organic fibers, I like to pay attention to what fibers are used when I purchase any new cloths, as I like to wear natural fibers, your article helped me to learn more about this topic, I’ve never thought about finding some underwear made from wook or cashmere, but it sounds like they might be a good option, I like to wear clothing made out from bambu, what do you think about this?

    • Bamboo is another great natural fiber and lovely to wear. Organic Basics use recycled wool and cashmere for sweaters and beanies, rather than for underwear. I hope this helps. 

  9. I think organic cotton underwar feels much better to wear. And I think it is a good thought to know that I support recycling and non chemical products. Very interesting toread about all the fabcrics that now can be produced organically and eco friendly. I have no special brands I buy from, but I look at the fabric and the price. 

    • I also find that organic cotton has a much nicer feel on my skin. We do have a bigger choice of eco friendly and organic materials these days, which is great to see,

  10. Hello Line, I never thought about toxic materials inside my underwear, it`s scary to think about formaldehyde, or pesticides and herbicides come in contact with my body, as they are very dangerous. As Organic Basic ship all over the world, I think I will try out their products. Quality is very important for me when I buy clothes, I rather own a few high quality pieces than many cheap clothes.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Debora, it is indeed scary if you think of chemicals that are used in the production of textiles, that then come in contact with your skin. I am sure you will find the Organic Basics underwear soft and comfortable and kind to your skin.

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    • You are welcome to share the post and I am sure your wife and daughter will enjoy the eco friendly underwear women collection. They also have a sustainable underwear men range. I hope this helps. 

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  15. For many years I used to just buy underwear that looked pretty, seemed to fit well and are breathe able. Recently thought I have been getting more aware of eco living, and choosing organic products over inorganic. I have never thought of underwear in the selection. Let’s say although I have been changing bit by bit, I never thought I would be looking for organic underwear with all these features. I am glad to know about these, and I am sure I would enjoy changing out my supplies and replacing them with organic wear especially now that I know so much about them. Thank you for the introduction

    • I am sure you will find the sustainable underwear women selection to be comfortable and better for your skin, than inorganic fabric, while also looking after the environment. 

  16. Organic Basics sounds like a really great company.  To be honest, I never really paid much attention to the type of clothing that I expose my body to.  But, your article has opened my eyes, and it just makes sense to avoid anything that can be harmful to our bodies, and that includes the clothing we wear.

    I love how Organic Basics supports a range of environmental causes.  You mentioned that they are based in Copenhagen, would you know if they ship their products worldwide?

    • It indeed makes sense to avoid anything that can be harmful to our skin. Organic Basics does ship world wide and have a very good returns policy, so you can confidently shop their eco friendly underwear women range. I hope it helps. 

  17. Wow, there is a whole world just in textiles. I had no idea about all the different ways to manufacture undergarments. I definitely have to re-think my purchases when it comes to underwear or any type of clothes. I really like the idea that the company is an advocate for low carbon emissions. Thanks so much for this in-depth article.

    Much appreciated,

    • Hi Madison, I love the whole ethos of Organic Basics, from looking after the environment, while also making some of the best organic cotton underwear for women. All the best, Liné

  18. Wow, there is a whole world just in textiles. I had no idea about all the different ways to manufacture undergarments. I definitely have to re-think my purchases when it comes to underwear or any type of clothes. I really like the idea that the company is an advocate for low carbon emissions. Thanks so much for this in-depth article.

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  20. After my wife received her Organic Basic underwear package and tried them on; she was ecstatic. And I was pretty happy too, because they looked really cute and sexy; and when I mentioned this to my wife she pointed out, it’s the comfort that she finds valuable. Cotton underwear has changed since the days of my mother and grandmother, cotton underwear (Boy! that’s a bad visual).

    This underwear had a snug fit and was not visible when my wife put on her jeans. There was no bunching under her jeans according to my wife (I’m not sure what bunching is but have an idea). And the waist band did not leave any indents in her hips. Overall, the underwear is very practical, machine washable, approved for the dryer and best of all; my wife loves the Organic Basics underwear. You may think it’s odd I am writing this review for my wife, but she is standing over my shoulder telling me exactly what to write. You may ask why, and the answer is I can type 80 words a minute.

    • This is a great testament for the eco friendly underwear women collection available from one of the best women underwear brands. Very pleased to hear that you have a happy wife.

  21. Hi Line. I like organicbasics’ designs. But most importantly, I like that certified organic fibre is grown without using toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic modification. I sometimes compare it to organically farmed food. You will agree that organically farmed fibre crops are better for the environment. So are certified organic fibres. I believe that most of our activities should evolve to ecofriendly ones.

    • I agree with you Ann that our activities should be focused on looking after our planet. And that includes using organically grown fibers in clothes as well. 

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    The recycled materials are also great for the environment so a win win for both nature and us.

    • Materials used in underwear is indeed important, so it is great that we can now have organic cotton underwear for women. It is better for your skin and the environment.

  23. Organic based products are always more naturally, health based than synthetic manufactured products. For example, when you look at food in stores, people tend to lean towards the organic based brand. Same now with your organic under clothing product for ladies. Anything that lays against the skin for so many hours, should be made from the best organic cotton, wool, nylon, etc; More healthier selections for the health minded cautious woman. 

    • Eco friendly underwear women selections made with organic cotton and sustainable materials, are indeed better for your skin. And also better for the planet. 

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    • Organic cotton underwear for women is certainly better for your skin, and even better that is is also sustainable and eco friendly. 


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