Best Sustainable Shoes from Allbirds

Allbirds is one of the eco friendly shoe brands that make merino wool sneakers and waterproof wool shoes. They have a sustainable sneakers men range, as well as sustainable sneakers women collection. They use natural fibers and sustainable materials for shoes, such as merino wool, eucalyptus and sugarcane waste.

Allbirds women shoes and merino wool shoes men collection, are machine washable and very comfortable. Allbirds merino wool shoes are made out of a renewable resource and sustainability has been a top priority with Allbirds since day one.

Let’s have a closer look at the Allbirds walking shoes women range and merino wool sneakers for men and women.

Allbirds Best Sustainable Shoes

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Allbirds was launched in 2014 by Tim Brown and Joye Zwillinger. Tim Brown, a native New Zealander, observed that the natural wool fiber that is abundantly available in New Zealand, was basically absent in footwear. Joey Zwillinger is an engineer and renewable expert, and together they created a revolutionary wool fabric that is one of the sustainable materials for shoes, and perfect for shoes made with wool. Allbirds sustainable brand logo

Allbirds is a certified B Corporation and is privately owned. The lightweight and soft eco friendly shoes are backed by Leonardo di Caprio, amongst other big names.

They work with the leading organization ZQ Merino, to ensure that wool is produced to high standards of farming, land management and animal welfare.

Sustainable Materials Used by Allbirds

Wool Runners from Allbirds are the merino wool sneakers that put the brand on the map.

  • Merino wool are 20% the diameter of human hair. Wool is breathable, moisture wicking and temperature regulating, all without the irritating scratchiness. Allbirds work with ZQ Merino to ensure wool is held to high standards of farming, animal welfare and land management. Castor bean oil used in insoles
  • Eucalyptus trees – Tencell Lyocell from eucalyptus trees are sourced from South Africa. The trees are grown relying on rainwater only, not irrigation, and it uses 95% less water than cotton. It cuts their carbon footprint in half. It has FSC certification, which means protection to forests, animals and the people that depend on them. Discover more about cellulose in this related post on What is cellulose pulp and with is Circulose?
  • Sugarcane Sweetfoam – outsoles are made from sugarcane Sweetfoam and FSC certified natural rubber. The sugarcane used to make the Sweetfoam, is sourced from Southern Brazil. Sugarcane grows with only rainwater, no irrigation, and is a fully renewable resource. It grows quickly and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while it is growing. Sweetfoam from Brazilian sugarcane is certified by Proforest. The sugarcane byproducts are used to power the mill and fertilize the fields, so it is the first carbon negative EVA in the world.
  • Castor bean oil is used to increase the natural content in the insoles.
  • Recycled plastic bottles are used for shoelaces. One bottles = one pair of laces.
  • Recycled nylon boosts the durability of knits and keeps old nylon out of landfill.
  • Trino = trees + merino. The natural, light and breezy knit is made from largely eucalyptus tree fibers and a small percentage of New Zealand ZQ Merino wool. It is spun into a yarn for knitting.
  • Trino XO uses pure chitosan fiber, obtained from discarded snow crab shells, as a natural odor fighter. It is the second most abundant polymer on earth.
  • Bio-TPU – thanks to unique microorganisms that consume plant sugars, eyelets on shoes are created.

Interesting tit bit about wool is that sheep consume organic carbon that is stored in plants, and convert it into wool. Half the weight of wool is pure organic carbon, which is much more than in cotton and viscose. Atmospheric carbon that was sequestered by plants up to two years earlier, will be contained in the wool.

Sustainable Practices in the Supply Chain

  • Merino wool is sourced in New Zealand and spun in Italy. The wool mill in Milan is the only wool mill in Europe that isWRAP logo for sustainably produced apparel and footwear sustainably certified by the European Commission.
  • The tree collection shoes are made with South African eucalyptus trees and the Tencell Lyocell is made by the Austrian company Lenzing.
  • Assembly of finished fabrics take place in South Korea and China in factories that have been WRAP certified. WRAP is the acronym for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. It is the world’s largest independent certification program and focuses on the sewn, apparel and footwear sectors.
  • Packaging is 90% recycled cardboard.
  • You can return your lightly used shoes and through a partnership with Soles4Souls, will donate the used shoes to people in need. This also helps to reduce waste and thereby look after the environment.
  • By offsetting all business operations, Allbirds is carbon neutral since 2019.

Allbirds Carbon Footprint

The eco friendly shoe brands measure the carbon footprint of each of their products and shoes made with wool. These are the components that make up the carbon footprint:

  • Materials – this, like with most products and companies, make up the largest part of the footprint. They use natural and recycled materials, as the natural carbon absorbing ability in natural fibers, can potentially make the number go down.
  • Manufacturing – energy is required to make things. Through efficient use of energy and resources, number can be significantly reduced.
  • Product use – shoes need to be cleaned occasionally, so products are all machine washable.
  • End of life – unfortunately most products end up in landfill. Greenhouse gases are emitted while it breaks down. This is not ideal, so ideally needs to be recyclable and compostable.
  • Shipping and transportation – from growing to factory to distribution to customer, every leg of the journey plays a part.

Allbirds Product Range

The range for Allbirds, known for their merino wool sneakers, include running shoes, everyday sneakers, slip-ons, boat shoes, high tops and waterproof wool shoes.

Allbirds, one of the best sustainable shoes, now have more than a dozen styles of Allbirds walking shoes women and merino wool shoes men. The range of footwear, made from wool and eucalyptus pulp and a dual density midsole, is for men and women and include these:

Allbirds Wool Runner

Wool Runner is the original creation and are cosy fit merino wool sneakers. It is suitable for jogging, hiking and cross-country running,Allbirds Wool Runners sustainable shoes while also great to team with chinos and jeans for lounging. The famous silhouette is comfortable, breathable and lightweight with decent support.

  • Upper is made from merino wool which is itch free and soft on the inside, while durable on the outside.
  • Sugarcane midsole
  • Layered castor bean oil and merino wool for an insole that is cushiony, moisture wicking and reduce odors.
  • Shoelaces are 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. One plastic bottle makes one pair of laces.
  • The women wool sneakers are available in many colors.

Like all Allbirds shoes, it can be worn without socks. If you do go sock less, specially in the summer, you might want to wash the insoles more often. Although the shoes are machine washable, a color shoe will hide scuffs and dirt better than white.

Priced at $95, you can shop sustainable sneakers Men Wool Runners here, and access the Women’s Wool Runner range here.

Wool Runner Mizzles

Wool Runner Mizzles are waterproof wool shoes that have a water repellent finish against rain and puddles. Allbirds wool runner mizzles with water repellent finishThe mizzles are splash proof, so suitable for all weather conditions. Reinforced soles give your feet a better grip on slippery surfaces.

  • Upper is made from thick merino wool for the cold. It has a bio-based water repellent shield.
  • Wool is treated with an Eco certified fluorine free water repellent coating (OEKO-TEX certified)
  • Insole is merino wool layered with castor bean oil for an odor reducing and moisture wicking insole.
  • Sugarcane midsole
  • No slip natural grip sole is sugarcane with FSC certified natural rubber.
  • Laces are 100% recycled polyester from post consumer plastic bottles.

Wool Runner Mizzles are priced at $115 and you can shop the Men’s and Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles here.

The Wool Loungers

Wool Loungers are minimalist slip-ons with wool uppers and soft wool throughout the lining. It is a far sturdier version of aAllbirds wool lounger slip-on shoes slipper and can be worn indoors or outdoors. The body feels like one long comfortable sock that seamlessly moves when you do. They are ideal for cooler days and are designed to be slipped on and off easily.

  • Upper is soft merino wool and is itch free on the inside and durable on the outside.
  • The mid sole is made from Brazilian sugarcane SweetFoam and is contoured and bouncy.
  • Castor bean oil and merino wool insole is moisture wicking and odor reducing.
  • Allbirds women shoes are available in a range of colors

The price of the Wool Loungers are $95 and you can shop the shoes made with wool Men’s Wool Loungers here and use this link for Women’s Wool Loungers.

Allbirds Wool Piper

Wool Pipers are merino wool sneakers and is available in the sustainable sneakers men version and women wool sneakers.Allbirds Wool Pipers sneakers With the low tops, they are more versatile and the cozy material has a soft feel. It is a classic made with natural materials, and good for daily wear.

  • Merino wool uppers
  • Sugarcane midsole
  • Castor bean oil insole with merino wool
  • Sweetfoam soles.

Wool Pipers are priced at $95 and you can shop the Allbirds merino wool shoes range here.

Wool Dasher Mizzles

The Wool Dasher Mizzles is the same style as the Tree Dasher performance shoe, but made with a merino wool upper Wool Dasher Mizzle water repellent sneakersthat has a water repellent finish, called Puddle Guard. It is a weather ready running shoe with reinforced wool.

  • Uppers of the waterproof wool shoes are made from thick merino wool for the cold and it has a bio-based water repellent shield.
  • Wool is treated with an Eco certified fluorine free water repellent coating (OEKO-TEX certified)
  • Insole is merino wool layered with castor bean oil for an odor reducing and moisture wicking insole.
  • Sugarcane midsole
  • No slip natural grip sole is sugarcane with FSC certified natural rubber.
  • Laces are 100% recycled polyester from post consumer plastic bottles.

Priced at $145, you can get the sustainable sneakers men Wool Dasher Mizzles here.

Wool Dasher Mizzles Mid

The Wool Dasher Mizzles Mid are also waterproof wool shoes and has all the features of the Wool Dasher Mizzle, but with the added feature of a mid cut sock Allbirds wool dasher mizzle mid water repellent running shoes collar to keep you warm and keep debris out. The sock is applied with a beautifully crafted single stitch line going all around the shoe.

  • The upper is thick merino wool for the cold and it has a bio-based water repellent shield.
  • Wool is treated with an Eco certified fluorine free water repellent coating (OEKO-TEX certified)
  • Insole is merino wool layered with castor bean oil that reduces odor and is moisture wicking.
  • Sugarcane midsole
  • The sweetfoam sole with FSC certified natural rubber treads has extra traction for wet conditions. A flared geometric design adds more stability.
  • Laces are 100% recycled polyester from post consumer plastic bottles.

It has the added feature of Hi Viz reflective highlights that help you to be seen by motorists when running in dark and stormy conditions. Shop Men’s Wool Dasher Mizzles Mid here, and access the merino wool shoes Women Wool Dasher Mizzles Mid here.

Allbirds Tree Dasher

The Tree Dasher is a great everyday running shoe with supportive design. It is made with the sustainable materials for shoes, merino wool, sweetfoam soles and eucalyptus pulp. Allbirds Tree Dashers running shoes

  • The upper is one-piece knitted from eucalyptus pulp, allowing the foot to move freely. It has good cushioning and solid stability on various terrains is provided by the wide platform.
  • It has a wool heel liner and
  • a dual-density sugarcane mid sole
  • removable castor bean sock liner emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam and is contoured to provide flexible and anatomical support.
  • new outsole geometry combines SweetFoam® and natural rubber traction pads
  • available in several colors

It is priced at $125 and you can shop sustainable sneakers Men Tree Dasher here, and use this link for Allbirds walking shoes Women Tree Dasher.

Tree Runners

Tree Runners are part of the tree collection and is made from sustainable mesh-like textile from eucalyptus pulp. Allbird Tree Runners trainersIt is a light and breezy sneaker and is basically a breezier version of the Wool Runners, with a sturdier build that keeps its shape. Low maintenance and comfortable.

  • Upper is knitted from FSC certified eucalyptus tree fiber.
  • Brazilian sugarcane midsole
  • Insole is castor bean oil and merino wool which is moisture wicking and reduces odors.
  • Laces are made from 100% post consumer recycled polyester.
  • Allbirds women shoes are available in a big range of colors.

Tree runners are priced at $95 and you can shop eco friendly shoes brands Men’s Tree Runners here, and use this link for Women’s Tree Runners.

Tree Skipper

Allbirds Tree Skipper is a boat shoe with 2 lace holes that flexibly conform to your movements. Made with eucalyptus, Allbirds Tree Skippers boat shoes they are ideal for warmer days and perfect for summer, as they do not trap the heat like merino wool sneakers, and are less restrictive. They are designed for everyday wear.

  • Upper is made from eucalyptus tree fiber.
  • Low density sole is their proprietary foam with an S curve tread. It is the lightest sole possible and mimics the anatomical flexibility of your feet.
  • Castor bean oil insole with merino wool.
  • Laces are 100% recycled polyester from post consumer plastic bottles.

Price is $95 and shop Men’s Tree Skipper here and view Allbirds walking shoes Women Tree Skipper here.

Tree Toppers

Allbirds Tree Toppers is a classic high top made with eucalyptus tree fiber. Toppers sneakers cover the ankles and celluloseAllbirds Tree Toppers sneakers fabric from eucalyptus trees is used for the upper. The light material has a breezy feel. It is made for everyday wear and ideal for warmer days.

  • Upper is made from eucalyptus
  • Sugarcane midsole
  • Castor bean oil insole with merino wool means it is moisture wicking and odor reducing.
  • Shoe laces are 100% recycled polyester from post consumer plastic bottles.
  • It is available in a beautiful range of contemporary colors

Priced at $115, you can shop the full range of the best sustainable shoes for men and women here

Tree Breezers

Allbirds Tree Breezers are ballet pumps for women. The breezers are a classic fit, available in lots of fun colors. Allbirds Tree breezers are ballet pumpsIf you are looking for a shoe that is more appropriate for work than a sneaker, then Breezers are perfect. The flats are breathable, flexible and lightweight. They are not as supportive as sneakers, but still with good padding.

  • Uppers are eucalyptus tree fiber
  • Castor bean oil insole with merino wool
  • Sugarcane outsole is contoured and bouncy
  • Like their other shoes, it is carbon neutral
  • Available in a beautiful array of contemporary colors

The ballet flats are priced at $95 and you can shop the entire range of Allbirds women shoes here.

Tree Loungers

Tree Loungers is a casual slip-on made with eucalyptus tree pulp. It is the breezier version of the Wool Loungers. Allbirds Tree LoungersThey are perfect for the summer, but if you want more warmth, then go for the Wool Loungers.

  • Upper is made from eucalyptus tree fiber responsibly sourced from FSC certified forests.
  • Low density sole is light and with an S curve tread.
  • Castor bean oil insole with merino wool is moisture wicking and reduces odors.

The selling price is $95 and you can shop Men’s Tree Loungers here and Women’s Tree Loungers at this link here.

Tree Dasher Relay

Tree Dasher Relay is a performance sneaker with a laceless, slip-on design. It descends from their iconic Tree Dasher running shoe and has a low impact on the planet. Tree Dasher Relay running shoes

  • Upper is a one-piece made from eucalyptus tree pulp that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Perfect fit is snug, yet flexible, lightweight and breathable.
  • Midsole is Sweetfoam carbon-negative green EVA material, helping to ensure the shoe is completely carbon neutral.
  • FSC certified natural rubber grip outsole, has a flared heel for added stability and provides traction.

The upper of the Tree Dasher Relay has a three tone heather knit, which is made from leftover yarn from their sampling process. This leftover yarn would otherwise be thrown away, but instead it is used to make one-of-a-kind sneakers, thus making them even more sustainable and one of the eco friendly shoe brands. Each pair has slightly different variation in color. Perfect for outdoor jogging and short runs.

Shop sustainable sneakers Men Tree Dasher Relay here.

Caring for Allbirds Footwear

Allbirds shoes, including merino wool sneakers and merino wool shoes men, are machine washable to remove dirt and sanitize them.

  • Take out insoles and laces
  • Put shoes in a wash bag and put them in the washing machine
  • Use a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent
  • When the cycle is complete, shake off excess water and let them air dry
  • Hand wash insoles and laces on their own.

Never put your Allbirds shoes in the tumble dryer. Shoes will go back to their original shape when they are dry.

Allbirds offer free shipping on orders over $50 and have a 30 days, no questions asked, returns policy.

Final Thoughts on Allbirds Merino Wool Shoes

Wear a sustainable sneaker to walk towards a better and greener world. From waterproof wool shoes to merino wool sneakers, the Allbirds walking shoes women collection and sustainable sneakers men range, has the best sustainable shoes for everyone.

Allbirds underwear made from Trino, is discussed in this post on 5 Best Men’s Eco friendly Underwear Brands.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Allbirds merino wool shoes. If you have any questions or suggestions, then please leave your comments below, and I will get back to you.

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    • Allbirds indeed combines sustainability with style, while also providing affordable solutions for the eco-conscious consumer.

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    What are some of the challenges that eco-friendly shoe brands face when trying to scale up their production and make sustainable footwear more accessible to a wider audience?

    • Sustainable and eco friendly materials and practices unfortunately often has a higher cost, so keeping the prices at a level that more consumers can afford it, is often one of the biggest challenges that sustainable brands have. 

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    • Allbirds indeed make affordable shoes, that are eco friendly and sustainable, and keep your feet happy and without unpleasant odors. 

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    • Allbirds indeed make footwear that are next level when it comes to sustainability, durability and environmentally friendly. At the same time it is also easy on your wallet and easy on our planet. 

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    • Hi there, Allbirds do offer a range of eco friendly and sustainable footwear and clothing that is suitable for everybody. They are compatible with orthotics, but not being a medical professional or being familiar with your situation, it is best to ask you health professional. I hope it helps, Liné 

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    • Allbirds certainly have some amazingly stylish, and comfortable shoes that will keep you on your feet all day long

  11. I own a pair of the Allbirds Wool Runners. They are very comfortable, breathable and look good. I feel good wearing a pair of shoes made from renewable sources like wool, sugarcane and plastic water bottles. I have washed my Allbirds a couple of times now, avoiding the dryer. My only complaint is that the side-to-side support declined after a year or so. Do you know if they have changed the Wool Runner design at all to provide more lateral support? Or is there another Allbirds men’s shoe that is more supportive?

    • Hi Garin, the Dasher range of Allbirds shoes, so the Wool Dasher and Tree Dasher, are running shoes with a flared geometric design which adds more stability. I would suggest you have a look at them. The Wool Dasher Mizzles are waterproof shoes for running, so you might want to look at them as well.

      I have asked Allbirds if they have changed the design of the Wool Runner, and will advise when I hear from them.

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    • You do not feel guilty buying footwear from eco friendly shoes brands like Allbirds. The Allbirds walking shoes women collection and sustainable sneakers men range are made with the best sustainable materials for shoes. They look after the planet and your feet. 

  15. I really enjoyed reading the “sustainable” section of this post and learning how they make their shoes. If all the claims made by allbirds are confirmed they are truly an amazing company and should be supported. I am a runner, so I am pleased that they make some running shoes. I will have to give them a try. I wonder if there is a way they could make shoelaces without any plastic at all?

    • Using a material like organic cotton for shoelaces would be an option that is plastic free. Using recycled plastic for shoelaces does mean that it is sustainable and every pair of laces reduce the plastic waste with a bottle. 

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    • They indeed have good support for tired feet and the insole with castor bean oil added, also means that it is odor reducing, so your feet and shoes will not be smelly. Have a look at the Allbirds walking shoes women range as I am sure you will find a pair that are suitable.

  22. I found this article to be very interesting.  I love the way the company chose every possible avenue to create a sustainable shoe.  Amazing!  I wonder how these shoes would be for people who’s feet get too hot in regular shoes.  I need to wear sandals all summer because I cannot stand to wear a full shoe.  What are your thoughts on that?  You mention shoes for the cold weather but not for hot weather.  I know wool is very warm and cozy in the cold.  They are a very attractive looking shoe.

    • The range of shoes made with eucalyptus tree fiber, are suitable for hot weather and summer days. So all the shoes in the Tree range, like Tree Dashers, Tree Topper, Tree Skippers, Tree Beezers etc, are made with eucalyptus fiber which is very breathable and breezier than the wool shoes. 

      I would suggest you try the ballet pumps Tree Breezers, or the boat shoes called Tree Skippers. I hope this helps, Liné

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    I looked to see if we are able to get Allbirds shoes in South Africa.  With customs duties they work out really expensive.

    However, it is really fantastic that they are eco-friendly using natural fibres from merino wool and eucalyptus and sugarcane waste. Super cool that the eucalyptus trees are sourced from South Africa.

    Amazing that they are machine washable and look superbly comfortable.  I would really like to try them out on my walks.

    So interesting that one plastic bottle provides one pair of shoe laces.

    These deserve to be the shoes of the future.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Sheen, it is a pity that South Africa has high import duties, but hopefully at some point you will be able to get one of the pairs in the Allbirds walking shoes women collection to use on your walks. All the best, Liné

  24. Thank you for such a wonderful article- Best Sustainable Shoes from Allbirds. Allbirds is new to me, it is certainly a positive way for us to more forward. Why should we continue to purchase shoes that has a negative effective on the environment. We should all choose footwear that has lowest negative impact on the planet

    • I fully agree with you and Allbirds, one  of the eco friendly shoe brands, is certainly making it possible to have a negative carbon footprint.

  25. Who would have thought they would use sugar cane to make soles for shoes. This is the last thing I would think of to make shoes with. Does it make for a soft flexible bottom to the shoe? I love having flexible soles, as I teach dancing and I like to be able to show the movement of my foot within the shoe to my students, without having to remove my shoe the whole time.

    Even the laces of some of these shoes are made from recycled plastic which is great. I wish more companies were so pro-active with their manufacturing processes.

    • The soles are super flexible and lightweight. If you want to use them for dancing, then I suggest the Allbirds women shoes in the Tree range, made with eucalyptus tree fiber. There is a ballet pump, Tree Breezers that I would suggest, which should show your foot to your students and can be slipped on and off easily as well. The Tree Skipper is a boat shoe that is also very light and breezier than the shoes made with wool. I hope this helps.


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