9 Swimwear Brands that are Swimming towards Sustainability

With a climate crisis on the horizon, there has never been a more appropriate time to commit to sustainable fashion. In an industry where trends are always changing, bringing new styles and fabrics to the fore, can seem quite a challenge. Swimsuit shopping can be complicated if you want to be swimming towards sustainability. However, finding sustainably made swimsuits, is increasingly possible.

Whether you are searching for the perfect fit, looking for women’s plus size swimwear or mastectomy swimsuits, these brands have it all. Maximize your summer fun with these sustainably made swimsuits.

1. Aurai

Aurai was created by the Italian / Brazilian designer Natalia Bertolo. It is an ethical and eco friendly swimwear brand that is based in Auckland, New Zealand, but swimwear is hand made in Brazil. The manufacturing takes place at a small family owned atelier in southern Brazil. The collections feature high quality materials, timeless color palettes and silhouettes, exclusive prints and “surf safe” swimwear for all body types. Aurai masectomy friendly swimwear

Swimwear pieces are fully lined using biodegradable fabric, or it is doubled, to ensure durability and to have a long life span. A mix and match concept means you can also use what you currently have in your wardrobe.

New developments in the sustainable textile industry means that synthetic fibers derived from the petrochemical industry, no longer need to be used. They only use recycled and biodegradable materials. Materials include:

  • Econyl – this is a polyamide fiber made from 100% regenerated materials derived from pre and post consumer nylon waste such as fishing nets, nylon plastic scraps and old carpets. This is used for the outer layer of the swimwear.
  • AMNI SOUL ECO – this is also a polyamide fiber, but with improved formulation to accelerate bio degradation in landfills with an anaerobic environment. Swimwear is lined with this textile. This yarn was developed and is produced in Brazil.

This “smart yarn” will only biodegrade in landfill where there is an anaerobic atmosphere, so don’t worry, it will not fall apart while you are wearing it.

Both these textiles are OEKO TEX certified, meaning that zero harmful substances were used during the manufacturing process. Since conception, Aurai has worked to raise the importance of better practices in fashion, supporting fair trade businesses and craftsmanship and the sourcing of materials locally. They guarantee that all items are produced using ethical labor practices and environmentally responsible.

The product range includes one piece swimsuits, tops, bottoms and surf suits, as well as accessories, skincare and eco essentials. Mastectomy swimsuits are also available.

You will be swimming towards sustainability with Aurai, where even packaging is sustainable. It consists of a reusable compostable pouch or a hundred percent recycled paper pillow box, wrapped in a compostable shipping bag.

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A was founded in 2000 by Amahlia Stevens and they are based in Laguna Beach, California. All the swimwear is manufactured in the USA, using recycled nylon and water conservation efforts.

Product range comprises bikinis, one piece swimsuits, beach wear and accessories. Plant based and recycled materials are used and they incorporate other sustainable materials like linen, organic and recycled cotton, Tencel viscose and recycled polyester fibers in their beachwear. Vitamin A ethical swimwear

EcoLux, a superfine matte jersey swimwear fabric that is locally produced in California, is used. It uses recycled nylon fiber and Lycra Xtra Life fiber to extend the life of each swimsuit far beyond that of traditional spandex products. Factories use water and electricity conservation technologies and prints use waterless digital technology. Swimsuit are made with 84% EcoLux recycled nylon and 16% Lycra.

So far they have already saved:

  • nearly 1.8 million liters of water saved
  • nearly thirty-three thousand kg of waste diverted
  • almost 293,000 kg of emissions avoided
  • nearly 933,000 kWh of energy saved

1% goes to the planet to protect our oceans. More than 95% of their items are made locally in California, including their textiles. They work with vertically integrated facilities whenever possible, so that all the processes from spinning to dyeing to knitting takes place in one location. Because it is locally made and sourced, it also dramatically reduce their carbon footprint with shipping and transportation.

Fair Trade artisans ethically produce their materials while providing jobs with a safe working environment and getting paid a fair wage. They are geared to reduce waste and energy.

Vitamin A sustainably made swimsuits are on the higher end of the price range with most bikini tops and bottoms priced at around $100 to $110 and one piece swimsuit from $180 and more

3. Boden

The planet friendly swimwear is designed in the UK. The swimwear line uses Econyl regenerated nylon fibers, obtained from nylon waste such as fabric scraps and fishing nets. Sustainable swimwear from Boden This is used for the outer of swimsuits in a combination of 78% Econyl polyamide and 22% elastane. The lining is made from recycled polyester.

Product range includes swimwear, hats, beach bags, clothing and accessories and also swimwear for kids. The swimwear line has one pieces, bikinis, tankini tops, swim shorts and also rash guards for surfing and sun protection. Will last for far more than just a year, as guaranteed by their 365 day return policy.

They have a transparent supply chain, fair wages, eco friendly packaging and more to help them swimming towards sustainability.

Constantly taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint by using sustainable materials, working more efficiently and reducing waste. Catalogues are printed on sustainable sourced paper.

Do be aware that at the moment not all swimwear is made from Econyl, so look out for the items that say “planet friendly”. By 2025 they want to only use Econyl in the sustainably made swimwear.

They have a policy of zero to landfill at their warehouses, so they recycle plastic, paper and cardboard and use rainwater to flush the loos.

4. Summersalt

Summersalt is an American brand that is based in St Louis, MO. They create what they call travel essentials, that you will be comfortable during your journey, but stylish as well when you reach your destination. Summersalt sustainable swimwearThe measurements of one and a half million women were used to create their perfect fit.

Product range covers swimwear, sleepwear and lounge wear. Swimwear is available as one piece or two pieces and they also have an option for a long torso and women’s plus size swimwear. Recycled textiles are used for the swimwear, consisting of 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane. The recycled polyamide is derived from recycled plastics and fishing nets.

The fabric is five times more durable than the average swimsuit. They truly retain their shape, even after many washes, due to having four times the compression of average swimwear.

Travel wear is made from their own “vegan silk”, which is made from pre consumer waste like cotton linter, that comes from leftover yarn. Items are shipped in reusable bags.

They cut out the middle man from manufacturer to their own warehouse, which means they can have transparent pricing and it cuts down on the operational costs. At less than $100 for a one piece swimsuit, it is good for your wallet too.

Wash your Summersalt swimwear by hand in cold water and hang your suit up to dry. Do not keep wet swimwear rolled up for long times or with other garments.

5. Reformation

Reformation was founded in 2009 by Yael Aflolo and is an ethical brand that is sustainably made in Los Angeles, USA. Reformation ethical swimwear A combination of sustainable and dead stock fabrics, textiles made from renewable plant materials and recycled and regenerated fabrics like Econyl, is used to make their swimwear.

Swimsuits are made from 78% Econyl and 22% elastane. Econyl is regenerated nylon consisting of a hundred percent nylon waste, like fishing nets, carpet fluff and fabric scraps, that is taken from the oceans and landfill.

Product range is the full line of apparel from organic clothing, to dresses, sweaters, jeans, tops, swimwear and much more. The extensive swimwear line includes high rise bikini bottoms, normal bikinis, one pieces, beach bags and accessories.

It is best to hand wash your Reformation swimwear in cold water and soap, or in a Guppyfriend wash bag, as micro plastic particles might be released.

The ethics used include eco friendly manufacturing practices and economic empowerment for women. Choose Reformation and you will be swimming towards sustainability.

6. Bold Swim

Bold Swim is based in Hollywood, CA and make swimwear for unafraid, unapologetic and bold women. The luxury fabric, which is biodegradable, is sourced in Brazil. Ethical Bold Swimwear

The product range of bikinis and one piece costumes are size inclusive with women’s plus size swimwear, up to triple extra large (3X). Prices for one piece swimwear start at $100 a piece.

Their signature fabric is 100% Amni Soul Eco A thread / CO2 light fabric, which is:

  • Soft and comfortable.
  • It has not been tested on animals.
  • It is free of harmful toxins.
  • Certified,
  • Biodegradable
  • Has UV protection

Bold is committed to Fair Trade procedures and wages and ethical production. The slow fashion brand uses a closed loop production cycle. Their shipping is a hundred percent carbon neutral, meaning that any CO2 emissions are offset by supporting projects like planting trees.

7. Jessica Ray

Jessica Ray founded Ray swimwear in 2009 after she went in search for swimwear that wasn’t a bikini. She couldn’t find anything suitable, so decided to make her own. Ethical swimwear Jessica ReyWith friends asking to have the same, she launched the swimwear line.

The product range includes two pieces, one pieces, tankini’s, swim dresses and beach towels. If you are looking for maternity or nursing swimwear, this is where you will find it. The modest looking swimwear is flattering and playful and is also available in kids sizes. In 2017, she added dresses, tops and skirts to the line.

Ray swimwear is based in Los Angeles, CA, where the swimwear is cut and sewn and the sustainably made swimsuits produced. Fabric is Italian, made from 100% regenerated pre and post consumer waste materials like discarded fishing nets.

The swimwear is fully lined and made from 78% regenerated polyamide and 22% Lycra Extra Life. It has UPF50+ protection.

Sustainable fabrics like Tencel viscose and cotton is used to produce the other products in their range. The entire Jessica Ray line is dedicated to ethical production.

8. Peony

Peony is an Australian luxury brand which is named after the flower that blooms at the start of summer. It is an independent family run business. Ethical Peony swimwear

Product range includes swimwear, resort wear and accessories. All the garments are entirely made from recycled and sustainable textiles. They do their textile printing in-house and from main fabrics to linings, they develop their own textiles.

Printed fabrics use Econyl, the regenerated nylon that is made from nylon waste and fishing nets. The lining of the swimwear is also made from recycled and sustainable materials, all contributing to swimming towards sustainability.

They use GSR certified recycled fibers, such as Repreve, for their custom textured fabrics. For resort wear they focus on natural fibers, such as organic cotton, linen and hemp. Innovative sustainable fibers such as EcoVera, which is derived from wood pulp, is also used.

Certified SA8000 approved suppliers are used for the ethical manufacturing of the swimwear and resort wear. This not only ensures ethical production, but also fair wages and compliance for the workers.

Biodegradable and compostable packaging, made from plant based materials like wheat and corn starch, is used. This will break down within three to six months.

9. Araks

The range is designed by Araks Yeramyan and is Made in the USA. Araks ethical swimwearColor is her big driving force and she wants the palettes of swimwear and lingerie to look similar and related, with brighter colors for the swimwear. Fabric is 78% Econyl recycled nylon and 22% elastane.

Product range includes bikinis and one piece costumes and larger women’s plus size swimwear with D-cup sizes. Apart from sustainable swimwear, the range include lingerie, resort wear and sleepwear.

Their mill and factory partners take the same care in the production of their fibers and textiles, as Araks do in their products. They use measurable sustainable practices and with all the necessary certifications for conforming to environmental, climate and textile regulations.

Do look out though as not all the swimwear is using recycled materials, it is only the ones in the “Recycled swim” range.

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Final Thoughts

Sunscreens often contain ingredients that might stain your swimwear, so take care not to get it directly onto your swimsuit. At the end of the day, it is better to cover up and stay out of the harsh sun and not expose your body to either chemicals in sunscreens or the damaging ultra violet rays. Enjoy the sun when it is not mid day, but either early morning or late afternoon.

In case you would like to know, Amni Soul Eco fabric is made by the fabric manufacturer Fulgar, and is increasingly being used by brands that are swimming towards sustainability.

These brands, Batoko, Pura and Vilebrequin are also using recycled plastic in their swimwear.

If you are looking for mens swimming trunks, you will find the best brands in this post on Best Swimwear for Men from Ocean Plastic Waste.

I hope you will find your perfect fit amongst these sustainably made swimsuits, but if you do have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you.


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  1. Hi. It seems that Econyl is a product that is making a great many inroads into textiles in general. I was interested to discover that the company that makes it is an Italian company. I would have thought it would more likely be based in the East somewhere. It is also interesting to note all the terms used, including eco-friendly, environmentally, and socially responsible and now a new one on me, planet-friendly. Anyway, given the sheer volume of textiles we consume on an ongoing basis, it does seem hugely important that this whole industry is put on a 100% environmentally and socially sustainable footing. And it is good to see that so many of these products are stylish and attractive.

    • Hi Andy, I fully agree with you that the fashion industry should be put on a sustainable and socially responsible footing. These sustainable swimwear brands all make sexy and stylish swimwear, while also looking after the planet. 

  2. I just recently started taking an interest in eco friendly products. Years ago I would just choose clothes and food based on how they looked and tasted respectively. I am most pleased to meet up your article. I am studying the great offers here and look forward to choosing one or more of the swimsuits. The only thing that is missing is a price listing. My choice would need to look at the prices. Thank you for the information and the tips.

    • With more emphasis on looking after our planet, more manufacturers and consumers are using eco friendly and sustainable materials, which include these swimwear brands. Different brands have their own prices, so it is best to find the prices from the individual brands. I hope this helps. 

  3. Sustainability is something that everyone should be considering whenever shopping. Most consumers have no idea where to go to find sustainable products so it is good that you have compiled this list. We are planning a beach vacation as soon as all this pandemic stuff is over, I will pass along your site to the ladies in my life. 

  4. This isn’t a topic I would normally be seen commenting on, but it caught my eye about swimwear being sustainable. As materials are developed for swimwear it usually mean the opposite and there is less sustainability in the field of swimwear. I struggle to see how people can have sustainable swimwear and have swimwear that is suitable for competition. However, it isn’t necessary for everyday wear so why do people need swimwear that.

    • These brands are all using sustainable materials and practices to produce swimwear that are eco friendly and also sexy. It is possible to use recycled plastic and other recycled materials to make sustainable swimwear and other products, while also using waste. 

  5. Yay!!! This post makes me happy. Until now, I was aware of only one company that sustainably made clothing, Girlfriend Collective, which makes athleisure wear. I’m glad to see that a number of companies are creating swimwear as well.

    It is so great to hear about companies that are creating clothing with an awareness of the waste that we humans leave behind with our consumerism mindset. I will definitely be bookmarking this post. I will also bookmark Bold Swim for my unafraid, unapologetic and bold self!

    • Hi, It is indeed great that there are more and more brands that are using recycled materials to produce functional and beautiful garments and other products. Liné

  6. Hi Lin,

    Wow, great article and very educational! I’m always interested in environmentally-conscious products. I had no idea there were so many swimsuits made from sustainable materials. I need a new suit and have had problems finding anything I like. The Jessica Ray line looks perfect! I like the idea of a two-piece in a more modest cut.

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  7. Hello and thank you for the comprehensive review.  It’s encouraging to know that there are so many Eco-friendly materials available today for fabrics.  It is especially encouraging that nylon rope is being repurposed.  I have always been one to support local and I really like the business models whereby everything is created on site.  It certainly makes sense to do this in large population centres where there are enough people to support these companies.  
    Hopefully, more people will support companies that are making efforts to provide them with high quality sustainable products.  We are definitely all in this together and only have one planet earth to live on.

    • Hi David, I fully agree with you that we are all in this together and only have one planet that we can all help to look after it and make it a better place for future generations. I love supporting local businesses when I can and if they are using eco friendly and sustainable practices, even more so. Liné

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    I really liked this list but I feel that the brand that matches my personality better is Jessica Ray. I like that they include in their line all these different models and I would like to have 2 nursing swimwear from them.

    Concerning sunscreen, I also agree with you. We have to use it with moderation due to the chemicals in it. It’s always better to get in the water early morning or late afternoon.

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    • Hi Kara, Yes it is amazing how these brands are working on using sustainable materials and looking after the environment while doing it. I am sure you will find what you need. Liné

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    • Hi Elise, Reformation does a great range of apparel. Their bikini bottoms start at around $84 and one piece swimsuits around $122, so it might not be the cheapes, but will last your for many years. I hope it helps, Liné

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    The information you provided was very clear and helpful. 

    However more information about prices would have been useful to know. 

    Do you know if it is possible to order clothing online and what happens about returns? 



    • Hi Cameron, Yes, it is possible to order online. Each brand and store normally has their own returns policy, so it is best to check that with them when you order. Hope that helps you, Liné


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