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Welcome to Eco World online. I started this website to research environmentally friendly and sustainable products. I feel quite strongly that every individual can make a difference to making our World a better place. That starts with looking after our planet and preserving what mother nature has given us. As an avid hand crafter, I also want to share my own experiences  and showcase some of my own hand crafted items .

At the same time I want to build up more funds for my retirement and want to be able to spend more time with my family that live far away. Affiliate marketing is one way that one can make a passive income online. Please visit my other website, https://passiveincomeearners.com/  where you can find out how I built this website and the tools that I used to do it.  As an-expat and work from home mum for many years,  and now approaching retirement, I want to show you how you can also do it.

It Started long ago….

I was born in South Africa many moons ago and after graduating from university,Me with our granddaughter

I spent about five years working from home, running a small hand weaving studio. I grew up in a large family and from a young age we were made aware of eating healthy foods and having to look after the environment. We used to go to the local farm to get fresh milk, which was organic and had a thick layer of cream on the top from which we used to make our own butter, churning it in a large glass container.

A skill that I learnt as a young girl was to sew and knit and hand crafts have always interested me. I took those passions to university and part of my degree was studying textiles and design. There I also learnt the difference between natural fibers and synthetic or man made fibers.

When working with fabrics, whether making a garment or knitting a sweater, I can feel the difference in working with natural fibers. It is softer and kinder to my hands and skin and as I got older I realised that the more processed and treated fibers and fabrics are, the more harmful it is to ourselves and also to the environment. But many people do not realise this.

It can lead to….

I have a number of family members and friends that suffer from allergies and skin conditions and have seen the difference when they wear organic clothing. Organic cotton and bamboo have longer fibers which make them softer and more absorbent and also non-allergenic. So no scratching and itchiness on sensitive skins. Even cancer patients find that it is far gentler on their skins than treated cotton.

Farmers and consumers benefit from organically grown products. Pesticides and insecticides are harmful to individuals, animals and the environment, often destroying what is good as well. By cutting out harmful chemicals we can reduce respiratory problems as well.

So to guide and educate others to choose products that are not just better for themselves, but also enhances the environment we live in. It is a very satisfying feeling that one gets if you know that you have helped somebody else to learn something or to achieve their goal.

How to Make a Difference  coastal scenery

By making organic products more accessible and also affordable to more people, we can contribute to making the world better and less harmful for our children and future generations. To build a sustainable industry supporting cotton and bamboo farmers that don’t use chemicals or GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds.

We have a big vegetable garden and grow many of our own vegetables, meaning that I can harvest what we need and eat it the same day. It is very satisfying knowing that what we eat from our garden has been produced without any harmful chemicals.

I hope you will enjoy browsing and sharing ideas and comments.

If you need help in any way or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

All the best,

Liné Cowley


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