Best Organic Cotton Baby Clothes: Oliver & Rain Baby Clothes

Anything that you put on your baby’s skin, needs to be safe and free of chemicals. This is why the best organic cotton baby clothes are made from 100% organic cotton. When it comes to your baby, you might use natural or organic care products for them, but do you use organic fabrics for their clothing and linen?

We certainly want to minimize, if not altogether avoid, exposing our babies and kids to toxic chemicals. Harmful chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, thus, it is super important to dress your baby in soft organic baby clothes.

Buying the best organic baby clothing is much more than just a fad. It is a way of life that promotes looking after your health, as well as caring for Mother Earth. Start life for your newborn on an eco-conscious foot, Oliver & Rain baby clothes will help you achieve that. Oliver and Rain make the cutest organic baby clothes. But why is organic cotton important?

Why Is Organic Cotton Better For Babies?

The biggest benefit of organic cotton, is that you are not exposing you baby to harmful chemicals. No toxic chemicals are used, so allergies and skin rashes are kept at bay.Oliver & Rain baby clothes range include swaddle blankets

By using the best organic cotton baby clothes, you will greatly reduce the risk of your baby developing skin allergies or eczema. This is because the soft organic baby clothes are made from cotton grown without pesticides and toxic substances.

Thus, their skin is not exposed to harmful chemicals. So, it is very important that whatever touches you baby’s skin, is organic. So vests, onesies, sleepwear, socks, linen and diapers.

Your budget might play a big role, but it is better to spend money on best organic baby clothing, that will not harm your baby, than spending money on ointments and medication to treat skin rashes and allergies.

Growing Organic Cotton

Growing conventional non-organic cotton, accounts for 25% of insecticides that are used around the world. Chemicals that are used during the production of non-organic cotton include flame retardants, softeners, heavy metals, ammonia, formaldehyde and silicon waxes.

Residues of chemicals from herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are left behind in the cotton fibers. These chemicals are irritants to the skin, so babies should not be exposed to it.

Exposure to even the smallest amount of chemicals, have been linked to fetal damage, sterility in humans and even brain damage.

So choosing organic cotton clothes and care products for your baby, is the smart choice.

The main cotton producing countries are the USA, India, Turkey, Egypt, West Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Australia, China, Peru and Syria. Although organic cotton production has dramatically increased over the past 15 years, it still amounts to less that 1% of overall global cotton production.

Properties of Organic Cotton

  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Organic cotton is 100% natural plant derived fiber.
  • Naturally soft and smooth, making it very comfortable and soothing on the skin.
  • High absorbency properties, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
  • No harmful and toxic chemicals are used, so nothing to irritate the skin and cause rashes and allergies.

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Benefits of Soft Organic Baby Clothes

These are the benefits of organic cotton that makes it ideal for best organic cotton baby clothes and products:

  • Free of harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, as none are used during the growing or production processes of organic cotton. Soft organic baby clothes from Oliver and Rain
  • Organic cotton is a natural fiber that is soft, soothing and harmless to your skin.
  • Because there are no chemicals used, it means there are no irritants.
  • Organic cotton has moisture wicking properties, so will leave your baby’s skin dry and comfortable.
  • Quality of organic cotton is better than conventional non-organic cotton.
  • Organic cotton is a sustainable crop.
  • Growing organic cotton uses 88% less water and 62% less energy, than growing non-organic cotton.
  • There is no damage to the soil where organic cotton is grown.
  • Growing organic cotton prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity.
  • Farmers and their families are not exposed to harmful toxins in the field or in the air., so it provides a safer environment for workers.
  • The air is cleaner, as their is less pollution caused by pesticides and herbicides.
  • By using organic cotton products, you can reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Organic cotton seed oil is a byproduct or organic cotton production. It is widely used in snacks and animal feed.

Producing organic cotton is more labor intensive than non-organic cotton. It also has a lower yield, which makes the production of organic cotton more expensive than conventional cotton.

Unfortunately this means that the best organic baby clothing is often more expensive than non-organic cotton. But, it is possible to have the cutest organic baby clothes, that are affordable with Oliver and Rain.

Oliver & Rain Baby Clothes

Oliver and Rain is Logo for Oliver & Rain baby clothesan environmentally focused company that make the best organic cotton baby clothes. Sustainability is at the core of everything and they use sustainable practices everywhere possible.

Designs are thoughtful and practical, making caring and dressing your baby easier. Stylish styles are parent friendly and baby friendly, making sure your baby always looks the best.

Oliver & Rain are owned by Kanopy Brands and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The cutest organic baby clothes are baby friendly, while also planet friendly. The soft organic baby clothes use natural colors that are easy on the eye.

Only 100% organic cotton is used to make Oliver & Rain baby clothes.

Sustainable And Ethical Practices Used By Oliver and Rain

The mission of Oliver and Rain is to leave this world a better place for their children. They believe to achieve that, it start with sustainable practices that are both baby friendly and earth friendly.Oliver & Rain baby clothes include the cutest organic baby clothes

They have partnered with Sree Santhos Garments (SSG), one of India’s most eco-friendly garment manufacturers. SSG was established in 1986 and was one of the early adopters of the “green” approach to all aspects of business.

The sustainability mission of SSG mirrors that of Oliver and Rain, namely: “To conduct a profitable business in an ethical manner which protects the ecosystem”.

The 4 keys areas of sustainability that they focus on, are:

  • Continuously seek new ways to save energy.
  • Constantly reduce waste from all operations.
  • Products need to be safe for consumers and the environment.
  • Sharing resources and knowledge with employees and communities, and thereby improve their quality of life.

SSG has SA800:2001 accreditation, as well as numerous other ecological and ethical awards. Quality of working conditions and staff welfare are 2 focus points.

SSG is strongly committed to the tenets of the United Nations Millenium Development Goals.

So let’s have a closer look at the eco friendly and sustainable practices used when Oliver & Rain baby clothes are produced.

Eco Friendly Manufacturing

  • SSG factory has a platinum category certification in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  • It is a unique, state of the art, vertically integrated knit composite factory.
  • Skylights and large windows provide natural light.
  • The factory has adopted several measures to reduce energy consumption, such as fully integrated Galvalume roofing for heat reflection.
  • Rain harvesting system.
  • Water recycling, including sewage recycling.
  • For a more comfortable atmosphere, they are humidifying working areas, instead of using air-conditioning.
  • An abundance of natural greenery across the site.

Renewable Energy

Wind Farms

25 windmill installations are generating nearly 23 million power units annually. The electricity produced by the wind turbines, is used at all 4 SSG’s production plants. Oliver & Rain baby clothes are made using renewable energy from wind turbines

The fact that factories and facilities are powered by green energy from wind turbines, greatly reduces their carbon footprint.

Any surplus energy is sold to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

Solar Power

As part of their commitment to renewable energy, SSG use solar heating at their dyeing unit. This caters for the production of steam, as well as for the needs of the canteen kitchen.

Solar heaters are 100% pollution free, whilst conventional boilers cause air pollution.

So, SSG is committed to using solar energy, even if the production cost is higher.

Low Water Footprint

Monsoon rains contribute up to 95% of water used by SSG. The use of rainwater reduces the need of irrigation, and also avoids depriving local villages of scarce water supplies.

SSG has desalinization and water recycling plants to achieve zero liquid discharge of effluent. Salt and water is recovered and reused through a multi-effect evaporator and crystallizer.

Zero Liquid discharge is a water treatment process that is designed to remove all the liquid waste. The aim is to produce clean water, that can be reused. This is far better for the environment, and of course, saves resources.

To recycle water, SSG also have a primary, secondary and tertiary effluent treatment plant with a reverse osmosis system. Together, these plants have the capability to treat 3,000 kg of salt and 6 million liters of water daily.

The processing of dye effluent is carried out in a closed loop purification system. Solar energy is used for treatment ponds, sand filtration and reverse osmosis to convert waste water into clean water.


The safety of textiles and dyestuff produced by SSG, are guaranteed with an Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Class 1 certification. SSG makes every effort to apply eco friendly processes through the production of the best organic baby clothing.Certification for organic fabrics

All SSG products conform to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and are Control Union certified. These organic standards protect the farmers and workers against the effects of harmful chemicals, as none are used.

When you are buying organic cotton clothing, do look for certification labels. Currently there are 2 independent organic certifications for organic cotton:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and
  • Organic Content Standard (OCS).

Certification ensures full traceability of every organic cotton product across the supply chain.

Fair Trade and Fair Wear Audits

Fair Trade and Fair Wear are initiatives to improve working conditions and social welfare of workers.

The global Fair Trade certification means that the farmers received a fair price for their produce. While at the same time, workers also received a fair living wage for their labor.

Through an independent audit, the Fair Wear Foundation enables transparency of the whole supply chain.

Charitable Causes Oliver and Rain Support

  • One Tree Planted: for every order that is placed, they will plant one tree. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that plants trees around the world to reforest the planet.
  • Peach Project Georgia: this is a project that provides comfort to chronically ill children and their families. The Peach Project connects the medical field with the fashion industry. They create innovative products that will enhance the healing experiences for chronically ill children and their families. A portion of the proceeds from the Peach Projects, benefits Boston’s Children Hospital and regenerative tissue research. It is advancing the world of pediatric health. Charitable causes supported by Oliver & Rain

Oliver & Rain Baby Clothes Range

The best organic baby clothing, range from swaddle blankets to sleeps and plays, to adorable top-knot caps. You will find the cutest organic baby clothes and toddler outfits.

  • One-piece: bodysuits, baby gowns, rompers, jumpsuits, unionsuits, coveralls, sleep and play suits.
  • Tops: pullovers, tees, jackets and sweaters.
  • Bottoms: pants, shorts and overalls.
  • Accessories: swaddle and receiving blankets, bibs, caps, socks.
  • 2-piece pyjamas
  • outfits sets

Prints are subtle and the soft organic baby clothes are available in basic colors, making it easy to mix and match. Many of the onesies and outfits have matching blankets and bibs to complete the look.Shop best organic cotton baby clothes by category

Shop by category makes it easy to find the perfect piece for your little one.

Make your gift shopping for a baby shower or new born baby easier with a newborn gift bundle. Gift registry for Oliver & Rain organic and stylish baby clothes

They also offer a gift registry. Customers can create an all-in-one wishlist for all their favorite organic items. You can then share the registry name with family and friends.

Through the reward program, guests are rewarded with 1 point, for each $1 that they spend.


  • Baby: newborn to 24 months.
  • Toddler: 2 years to 5 years.

Caring for your Oliver & Rain baby clothes: Products are machine washable.

Items are packaged with recycled materials, including biodegradable coat hangers.

Returns Policy: Items can be returned withing 30 days from ordering, with all labels attached, unwashed, unworn and in the original packaging.

At the moment they do not ship internationally. But fortunately they are available on Amazon if you need international shipment, so order on Amazon using this link.

Oliver and Rain were selected and featured in a celebratory album, Our Royal Baby, about the journey of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

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Final Thoughts on Best Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

You might eat organic food and scrutinize food labels to avoid additives, preservatives and colorants, but do you wear organic clothing? If you eat organic, why not wear organic? The best organic baby clothing allows you to have safe clothing for your baby and kids.

Get the cutest organic baby clothes from Oliver & Rain  here.

Please leave any comments or questions about Oliver & Rain baby clothes below, and I’ll get back to you.

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    I was particularly interested in the section on the sustainable practices used by SSG. It’s clear that they’re committed to reducing their environmental impact, and I think it’s great that Oliver & Rain is partnering with a company that shares their values.

    I think your article is well-written and informative, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for information on organic cotton baby clothes.

    • Brands like Oliver & Rain that are providing safe organic clothing for babies and kids, while also being sustainable and responsible in looking after our planet, is the way for the future. 

  2. I really appreciate this article about organic cotton baby clothes.

    Here in the Balkans is not that easy to find organic cotton in general. That’s why many of my friends who are young parents now are looking for something like this online. I don’t know from where exactly they are purchasing clothes for their babies, but I know they buy online because they’re 100% aware of the benefits of soft organic baby clothes.

    I’ve visited the Oliver and Rain website, and I’m in love with those clothes! I don’t plan to have kids soon, but I will need this when I decide to become a mother. Haha

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    • It is good that your friends are aware of the benefits of organic cotton baby clothes. The best organic cotton baby clothes can be obtained online from brands like Oliver and Rain. All the best, Liné

  3. I love this website! My partner and I are having a baby and we are so excited to welcome this bundle of joy into the world. However, this is our first.. and we are panicking at all the things we need to do and remember to ensure we keep this little one safe! Having clothing and products free of harmful chemicals and materials is SO important to us.

    Oliver and Rain will be a site I’ll be visiting ALOT over the next little bit. Thank you so much for this article.. I knew certain materials could be not good, but I wasnt really sure where to start.

    Thanks again!

    • Congratulations and you certainly want to keep your bundle of joy safe and use products that are free of harmful chemicals. All the best, Liné

  4. Thank you for sharing these great baby clothes made from organic cotton. Parents want to give their children the best, but often it’s hard to find organic options. Also, they can be cost-prohibitive for new parents who suddenly find themselves with countless new expensive. Since new parents don’t always have the time to find organic options (or the extra money to spend on them), I like to purchase these as gifts. I find that the thoughtful care and attention to a high-quality and safe product is always well received.

    • Organic cotton products for babies and kids do make the perfect gift and I have always found it to be very well received. All the best, Liné

  5. Babies have the softest skin and I always pay great attention when I purchase some clothes for them. Good to know that Oliver and Rain and SSG both are jointly producing some of the best bodysuits, baby gowns, rompers, jumpsuits, union suits, coveralls, sleep, and playsuit made from organic cotton with zero harmful chemicals and pesticides. Baby skins are more prone to rashes so using organic cotton fabrics is very beneficial for them. Oliver and Rain are partnered with SSG which is a trusted brand in India and follows Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and Organic Content Standard (OCS), so their products are 100% legitimate.

    • Oliver & Rain baby clothes are produced by SSG in India and the soft organic baby clothes are perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin. 

  6. You make a very strong case for using only organic baby clothes. Maybe even for adults as well. Your point that by wearing organic cotton clothes our baby will be healthier makes me wonder why we even considered not getting organic cotton outfits. Yeah, they are a bit more expensive but my child is certainly worth the extra cost. I like that Oliver & Rain provides so much detail on their supplier that you can make an informed decision to buy from them. I will put them at the top of my shopping list and share this research with my friends who have kids as well. I just love the effort these companies put forth to provide safe and comfortable clothes for our children.

    • There are several factors that affect the health of our children and ourselves, it is not just the clothes we wear and what we put on our skins. But using the best organic cotton baby clothes, will reduce the chance of allergic reactions and skin rashes associated with harmful chemicals. All the best, Liné

  7. Hi Line. I found your article on organic cotton growing very interesting. I lived for a number of years in an enormous cotton growing area of Australia and witnessed first hand the destructiveness of growing cotton in an unsustainable way. Not only did they use chemical Sprays and fertilisers they used up a phenomenal amount of water. Australia us a dry, very large, country . It is also the fourth biggest cotton producer in the world, yet I noticed it wasn’t mentioned in your list.. Much of the cotton is grown on massive properties about 500 klms ( 300 miles) inland. An enormous dam has been built there on one if the few flowing rivers in the region. This dam has a flow on affect that is felt thousands of kilometers south, where much  needed water supplies that feed important wetlands is often left to dry out, killing vital flora and fauna. 

    its good to read about clothing companies that are using sustainable, chemical free, organic cotton. The products from these businesses are the ones we should be using, thus way we will reduce our environmental footprint. It’s also important that our children start life as healthy as possible. I love the idea of chemical free clothing that won’t damage our children’s skin. Jim

    • Hi Jim, thanks for sharing your experience of conventional cotton growing in Australia. I will add them to the cotton producing countries in the post. Using organic cotton is certainly better for our health and the environment. All the best, Liné

  8. You are certainly correct in saying it is best to spend a little extra on good organic clothing and blankets than spend another fortune on medication and ointments for allergies.  That being said, I wonder how we ever survived childhood with no organic produce or materials around and we mostly turned out fine. Maybe it is just that the world has a bigger pollution problem now than ever before in history, which is making things worse.

    • Hi there, I think the pollution problem is bigger, but I also grew up in a time when far less plastic and synthetic products were available. As a child, fresh produce was purchased from the local green grocer, with most of it natural and organic. Fabrics might not have been organic, but they were certainly natural. 

  9. Thank you so much for this article on the Best Organic Baby Clothes and introducing the Oliver and Rain baby clothes  company. I really enjoyed reading it, and I am so happy to see you spreading the word about the benefits of organic cotton for baby items.

    As a mother and grand mother I have always believed in the importance of keeping chemicals and artificial clothing materials away from a baby’s skin. This clothing line makes it one less worry new mothers have about keeping chemicals at bay. I also love the eco friendly and sustainable practices of the Oliver and Rain Company. This sounds like a company I could trust.

    • With Oliver & Rain baby clothes you certainly will not need to worry about harmful chemicals lurking in the fabric. They make the cutest organic baby clothes, that are good for babies and helpful to the planet. 

  10. Thanks for taking the time to write such an extensive review of Oliver and Rain. I was looking to buy my best friend’s daughter some clothes for her first birthday and I was so anxious about finding baby clothes since the baby has very sensitive skin and suffer with eczema. Thanks for taking the time to write about all the benefits of organic cotton. I’m confident this clothing line will not be too harsh on her skin.

    • Hi there, I am sure you will find the Oliver & Rain baby clothes are soft and soothing on the baby’s skin. All the best, Liné


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