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How to Build your Green Wardrobe: 5 Eco Sustainable Fashion Companies

Can fashion be sustainable? The fashion industry and designers are known for creating trends that are very quickly taken up and followed by consumers. The industry is starting to realize that consumers are looking for more eco-friendly fashion products, so the trend is towards eco sustainable fashion.

On the one hand the interest in sustainable products and brands are increasing, but on the other hand, there is no decrease in the production of fast fashion items. So can two apparently distant worlds support each other and coexist?

The vicious circle of most consumers is to buy, wear it sometimes, throw it away and then buy again. This is a circle that is not good for our planet at all. Continue reading “How to Build your Green Wardrobe: 5 Eco Sustainable Fashion Companies”

Latex vs Rubber: is it the same thing?

Rubber and latex are not the same thing, but many people use the words as if they are the same. Latex is the milky white sap of rubber trees, which is found beneath the bark of a mature rubber tree.

So how is rubber made and does rubber contain latex? Yes, it certainly does and we will look at the production processes of how is rubber made. Continue reading “Latex vs Rubber: is it the same thing?”

What is Compostable Plastics?

The truth about what is compostable plastics and what is biodegradable plastics, is a complex area with lots of misleading information and contradictory advice. It is important to understand the basic differences between these terms and types of plastic, so that you can make informed decisions on product purchases.

At the end of the day, you want to know what the environmental impact is that you might have.: Continue reading “What is Compostable Plastics?”

Upcycled clothing projects: turning a shirt into a girl’s dress

When my husband tore a brand new shirt, I decided to turn it into an upcycled clothing project. It was only the second time that he wore his new shirt, so there was nothing wrong with the fabric. Normally he would have worn the damaged shirt when working in the garden or doing dirty jobs around the property, before I would finally send it off to textile recycling.

But I thought: Why do you want to waste a lovely cotton shirt if you can upcycle it?Upcycling a damaged shirt

So the shirt was going to become a dress for our granddaughter.

But before we get into my project, I can hear you say “but what is upcycling?”

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Mechanical vs Computerized Sewing Machine: an easy guide

I have been sewing for nearly fifty years and the question I often get asked is ” should I buy a mechanical sewing machine or an electronic or computerized model?

So let’s take a look at a mechanical vs computerized sewing machine, the main differences between them and what to keep in mind when choosing a sewing machines.

Considerations when looking at sewing machines

  • Your budget is often the first thing to keep in mind. Budget constraintsMechanical machines are normally cheaper than computerized machines, but with fewer features and options.
  • I suggest that you take a good look at the type of sewing that you do and also how often you do sewing. This should give you an indication as to the type, and also the features, that you want in a machine.
  • One of the biggest decisions you’ll make, is between a computerized and a mechanical sewing machine, because it directly affects the features and the price of the machine. Make sure you are not paying for features that you don’t need and / or won’t use.

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Fish skin leather – is that really possible?

Leather can be made from almost any skin and that includes making fish skin leather. It might be difficult to imagine fish skin as leather because the skin is very thin, but it is very strong and has good water resistant qualities.

Fish skin leather is made from skins of non-endangered fish species including salmon, shark, carp, bass, sturgeon and catfish. The art of making leather out of fish skin, is an ancestral craft, which has almost been lost due to industrial techniques that have taken over in leather production. Continue reading “Fish skin leather – is that really possible?”

Fabric Dye: How eco friendly is it?

Fabric dye and fabric dyeing techniques have a very high environmental impact. The use of harmful chemicals in fabric dye and the high amount of energy that is used and waste water that is produced, it leaves a big negative footprint.

With an increasing number of consumers looking for more sustainable and eco friendly fashion items, manufacturers and retailers are exploring alternative processes. We will first look at the traditional ways of dyeing fabric and then at the latest developments in new fabric dye. Continue reading “Fabric Dye: How eco friendly is it?”

Hand Crafts – is it a dying art?

Is hand craft or handicrafts a dying art or craft? I sincerely hope not and with the selection of yarn for crafts that are available nowadays, it is more exciting than ever to have a handicraft as a hobby.

What are Hand Crafts?

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Viscose fabric – the textile made from cellulose

Viscose fabric is made from cellulosic fibers which might make you wonder, what is a cellulose fiber?

To get a better understanding of what is a cellulose fiber, we will look at what cellulosic fibers are used for and how is viscose made. We will also explore the types of natural cellulosic fibers and man-made cellulose fibers like viscose and rayon, as well as the difference between rayon and viscose.

So what is a Cellulose Fiber?

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Fast fashion and slow fashion – which is best?

You have most probably heard about “fast fashion and slow fashion” and wonder what it actually means. Here we will look at what is fast fashion and the problem with fast fashion and also the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion. At the end we will also make suggestions about sustainable slow fashion brands.

What is Fast Fashion?

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